43 thoughts on “Michael Bublé – I Believe in You [OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO]

  1. I needed a cry. This song was dedicated to a woman I loved and didn't know how much I loved her until she chose another man. I'm craving a cry and this song is very powerful to me.

  2. I believe that Michael is VERY happily married! His words are those that every woman in love wants to hear from the man she loves. He meets her heart,
    that loves and believes in him, sooooooo much!

  3. Dear my future to be, I believe in u and hoping together both of us will cherish our days like we've dreamed of 😊

  4. I just love Michael Buble's music! He is the only artist that I really listen to. I feel good and it makes me happy listening to all his music!

  5. Voice Michael is amaiznig 💞I listen his songs every day and that song makes me better day~ greetings from Poland

  6. Beautiful!!!! I sing this song to me and my daughter! Been hurt enough in life! Now it’s our time to shine ♥️

  7. I believe in you and love you with all my heart….so grateful for my sexy man….forever in love with you…xoox #YLK

  8. @MichaelBuble this song so beautiful meaning. I love this song ever.
    And i want you do something, that is "can you duet with #MariahCarey in a duet live song?" i hope you make it cometrue. God bless you 😊

  9. I couldn't get a hold of Delilah from 98.9 on the radio but YouTube will do. Lol. I just wanna give a shoutout to this one girl who I've cared for, for so long. I know you've been through a lot and the last thing you need is someone trying to walk in your life or replace another. I recently heard this song and first person that popped up was you. I know things can't buy love, or to get someone to feel for you. I care for you because it's in my instincts. My guts tell me to and it's just natural. Anyways, I hope your day was great and just know that I care. Hope you like this song. Good night😴

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