MFA in Applied Arts and Design, Metal Art

MFA in Applied Arts and Design, Metal Art

Something really special about the metal programme is the workshop space. It is really big. It has all the functions that you could possibly want to create your work. You have your own sketch space and your own work bench so you can have all of your tools and your work there. And create fantastic pieces of metal art. The programme has three directions: wood oriented furniture design, metal art or textile-body-space. Although those directions are separate you work very closely in the group. You have lectures together, the only difference is that you would use different workshops. It is in the middle of the woods, far enough away from the town so you don’t get too distracted by city living but close enough so that you can go and experience that. After I’ve finished my studies, I had the opportunity to work for a black smith in Skåne, in the South of Sweden. My plans for the future are staying in Sweden for now. I’ve kind of fallen in love with the place and I’d like to stay.

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