Men’s Grooming Tip – One Shaving Change That Will Improve Your Daily Shave – Male Grooming Tips

Men’s Grooming Tip – One Shaving Change That Will Improve Your Daily Shave – Male Grooming Tips

Men’s Grooming Tip – One Shaving Change That
Will Improve Your Daily Shave – Male Grooming Tips Hi! I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real
Men Real Style. Today, I’m going to give you one simple tip that you can take to start
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check it out. So what is this quick tip? The quick tip is
to simply upgrade this. I don’t know about you, guys, but for most of my adult life,
I have used some type of canned shaving cream to shave. I think the story I was telling
my wife as to how I learned to shave, basically I was 15 years old. I was at a boarding school.
It was actually a seminary in San Antonio, St. Anthony’s High School Seminary, and I
had one of the priests there come up to me and just say, “Antonio, you need to start
shaving.” And so, I didn’t know exactly what to do.
I asked a couple of the guys and they said, “Hey, get a razor, get some shaving cream.”
So I walked to the local store and looked through. I grabbed a can of shaving cream
and I grabbed a disposable razor. I haven’t really received any advice on it since. Everything
I’ve learned, I’ve had to pretty much learn for myself, but now there’s tons of great
information out there, most of it free. I’ve formed a friendship recently with a gentleman
down in Texas known as Mantic59. I link to his website. He’s on one of my favorite other
YouTube guys down below, but in any case, he’s got a great blog called the Sharpologist.
I met Mark in Milwaukee. He was up giving a talk and one of the things that he said
is to stop using anything that basically propels lotion out. So you’ve seen it, you put it
out there. This stuff shoots out, well, for it to propel the shaving cream out. He was explaining how it takes a number of
different — basically, they’ve got to put a lot of chemicals, alcohols, propellants,
things that shouldn’t be on your skin to get it to actually do that, to preserve it. And
what you should look to do is to upgrade to something more like a shaving lotion, something
whose goal is solely to lubricate, not to be propelled or to smell a certain way. So with that and knowing that, I recently
upgraded to Jack Black and they’ve got this great Beard Lube Conditioning Shave. I had
this sample sent to me and since then, I’ve become a convert because I can tell you this
one simple upgrade — I haven’t changed my razor. I haven’t changed the way I shave.
I haven’t changed really anything else in my system of shaving except I’ve upgraded
the lotion. And yes, this is going to cost three to four times as much, but then again,
this one’s three ounces. I think you can get much bigger containers of this, but what you’re
looking at here, guys, is something that’s going to allow the razor when it moves along
your skin to actually glide and simply cut the hair off instead of with the shaving cream,
especially anything again that’s being propelled. It is just not doing as great of a job as
something that is designed — its whole purpose is designed to lubricate the razor as it’s
moving across your skin versus these. Well, there are more than half the ingredients in
this. Unfortunately, they’re just not there to lubricate. They did that for the smell,
for the look. So that one simple tip, that one simple upgrade,
yes, it’s going to cost you four to five bucks more perhaps a month every two months, but
you’re going to get a much better shave. I can tell you that I’m having less razor burn
and it just feels better. I like the smell better. Definitely look for the upgrade. Jack Black is the one that I’m most familiar
with. I’ll link you guys down below to Mantic59, to his channel. He goes over a lot more and
is more of an expert. I’m hoping that this is a continued series. My idea is to bring
you one tip so that every couple of weeks, you can change one part of your shaving routine
so that at the end of the year, you’ve got an optimized shaving system and you’re having
less nicks, you’re feeling better, you’re getting a better shave. Shaving and grooming is a huge part of men’s
style, so I’m going to touch on that stuff. I’m not going to go deep into it, but let
me know what you think in the comments. I look forward to hearing from you guys. If
you’ve got a question, make sure to reach out to me at Men’s Style Q&A. Guys, that’s
where I’m answering a lot of questions right now. We’ve already got close to 200 questions
and answers that we’ve put on there. Go check it out. I think you’re going to like what
you see. Take care. Bye-bye.

100 thoughts on “Men’s Grooming Tip – One Shaving Change That Will Improve Your Daily Shave – Male Grooming Tips

  1. I understood that the most important role of shaving cream is to make the hears wet as this softens the keratin.

    In my personal case, I find that even just water will work well, if you have a good razor.

    Gilette Fusion with shaving soap and brush is the preferred method for me.

  2. I just want to say that I appreciate this tip and will definitely try it out when I get a chance. As weird as this sounds, I don't have to shave my facial hair all that often; however, I have a receding hair line so I shave my head. If I can make my shave more comfortable for only $4 or $5 more, it is definitely worth it my case lol.

  3. I've went through a lot of trial and error, trying to find something that complies with my overly sensitive skin. Until one day I used my girlfriends hair conditioner and Soleil (by Bic) razor out of frustration. The conditioner gave it a very smooth glide and the razor has 2 lotionized strips that make it even more comforting. Sounds dumb, but I get an amazing shave and great looking skin without any irritation (especially afterwards) every time. I hope this can help some of you, too.

  4. Hello. Have you tried straight razors? what are your thoughts on getting a shave verses doing it yourself. Thanks Derek .
    P.S. great videos.

  5. Couldn't stop staring at your 5 o' clock shadow developing around your mouth and chin as you were talking..

  6. For sensitive skin get the neutragena sensitive skin one, I get like no more burns or cuts anymore it's awesome

  7. Having tried all 3 methods being discussed here, this is how I've experienced each.

    1 – Safety Razor and foam shaving cream – Quick, decent shave, not likely to cut self much after a little practice. Quality of shave depends a lot on the razor itself.

    2 – Straight-edge with shaving soap and brush – Brush does a good job of giving an even coat with the soap, and also feels good. The soap dries the skin, but the straight edge exfoliates (removes dead skin) it summing up to an overall benefit…

  8. 2 – Straight-edge continued – The shave itself is very time consuming by comparison, and the razor needs to be periodically sharpened. Additionally, a cut from a straight-edge is usually worse than a cut from a safety razor. As cool as it is to use a straight-edge, I think these are the reasons why our great-grandfathers abandoned them in the first place. And now with modern-designed safety razors that will give you just as close of a shave, straight-edges are becoming just an affectation.

  9. 3 – Safety razor with lotion – The lotion is good for the skin, and with a quality razor you get a quick, excellent shave. The man in this video understated things when he said the razor glides along the skin. It's a huge difference in the slide of the razor on your skin. It's my opinion that the superior lubrication of the lotion is actually the reason you get a better shave with it than you do with foam. This is my recommended method as well.

  10. I live in a country where we only have shaving creams and foam. I find the cream more bearable. We do not have anything like lotion.

    Is it possible to use other lotions as a shaving product? does it work?

  11. I've always used an electric shaver, my dad uses electric too, so I never learned how to use a blade. I feel like i would get a closer cut and not have the shadow as early in the day if i used a blade. So where do I start? Best blades? Technique?

  12. what are some good ways to look sharp(er) in a military uniform? to me, my uniform just makes me feel plain.. (Air Force)

  13. really enjoying the videos so far. back in 2010 i finally learned to properly shave at 24yrs old lol now i use a double edge razor, badger hair bruch and taylor of old bond street shaving cream. cant tell you how much more enjoyable shaving has been since

  14. Interesting. I could never figure out why some guys get so much of a closer shave than others like me. I use Gilette PowerGlide. It's a very smooth shave with the battery operated device, but even with Gilette's new technology it never gets really close. I can't use any shaving cream with fragrance in it. I have sensitive skin. I don't like that strong smell anyway.

  15. I'm an athletic built male, only 5 ft 3. I have a hard time finding button downs I can wear untucked. Recommend anywhere good to purchase clothes for short men?

  16. Or if I got the time I put got water in a bowl put a towel over my head, leave for 2-5 minuets and not only is your poes open but your skin is ready to have a close shave, I fact you'll have the best shave if your life, I use bio oil on first, this can also kill warts if u put it on the warts day and night, it will die and drop off good tip, then normal shaving cream and I must say I do have sensitive skin so I use Gillette, but the new wilkinson sword is also excellent now too, best of shave.

  17. I started off using that Barbasol spray foam as well, but pretty quickly stepped it up to Van der Hagen puck soaps and a bush. I've discovered that a local shop has C.O. Bigelow and Porasso products, and I've started using those, along with a DE safety razor. I can use a straight, but honing and stropping is a pain in the rear… 

  18. The Art of Shaving products are incredible 🙂 Since I watched this video, I threw away all my shit stuff and went to higher end products and razor (safety). What a difference!!! 🙂

  19. Pff I never would use barbasol spray or anything canned to shave my skin. Not only those things cause razor burns, some of them can cause blemishes and also allergic reactions which is gonna cost you not only cheap shaving cream but also doctors bill.

  20. Use a washcloth and soak it in warm water, then use it on your face. For a cream I found the very cheap tesco spray can does the job, and a new Mach3 razor. The trick isn't in the number of blades, but in the distance of these blades to each other. Too close, and it clogs up pretty soon with shaved hair. I shave before the shower. This way the soap in the shower treats any nicks and I won't get any blood on any shirt or towel.

  21. So far you are right on the mark! What do you think about electric shavers like Norelco rotary? I have never been nicked by it and although they recommend replacing blades every 12 mos., mine has lasted 6 years and still shaves very close!

  22. Thankyou , by the way for the VERY informative videos. Stuff you would only learn from your Father, If he knew!

  23. been through all of your videos, as im from the UK some of the style is a little different here, but on every video i find something i can relate too and it helps me here and there. Great videos 🙂

  24. Ehhhhhh guys facial hair must be different.. But I doubt it, just shave in the shower using shower gel, I even used my dads once just to test my theory, super hot pores + cheap razor = clean cut, no problem. Weird, always watch these vids just for a nicer shave but meh.

  25. This is totally true. I did this change a few years ago and the improvement is easily noticed after the first shave. The skin is softer and the smell is much nicer. Also (in my case at least) it lasts for more. I don't use the cream that he uses but the idea is the same. And it doesn't have to be more expensive, because on the long run the cream will last longer than the can and the razor lubricant band will suffer less, thus changing it less often.

  26. The best shave without irritation or ingrown hairs requires softening the whiskers which is accomplished by a hot steamy shower. I use edge or gillette shave gel and Mach 3 and never get irritation or ingrown hairs. Always shave after a shower. I've used shave creams, but chose to switch back to canned gels because they are cheap and effective. Burt's Bees shave cream is my preferred cream but it is $8 and your only get about 15 shaves out of it.

  27. Antonio, I enjoyed watching this video and I am glad you chose to address the topic of shaving. As a Barber, male grooming is how  I make my living. And you totally right, upgrading to quality shaving products can make a world of difference. Just a few points I would like to add here. Firstly; pre-shaving oil, a simple product used for an added layer of protection for the skin. A good pre-shave oil can also help keep the skin moisturized and prevent drying. The next thing I would recommend would be to later with a shave brush. A shave brush will help to exfoliate the skin, raise the hairs of the beard and create a rich later. Now, concerning lather, I choose to use a good quality shave soap. Finally, finish off with a post shave balm or lotion. Just a few extra steps to really take your shave to the next level. 

  28. I learned various things over the years to get the best shave, cheaply.

    1) Hot shower with soap, to soften the facial hair. (facial hair is as hard as copper wire of same diameter prior to this, making shaving more difficult and painful, also ruins razors faster.)
    2) Use skin lotion to shave with for lubrication (As bonus improves your skin. Sometimes I mix hydrogen peroxide into lotion in this step also to account for using a older razor but to also keep the natural bacteria from getting into any micro or macro cuts in the skin that typically always occur when shaving.)
    3) Finish the shave with hydrogen peroxide on skin. (Helps a lot, with various stuff and its less painful than alcohol based after-shaves.)

    My razors last much much much longer and don't rust or anything. I've managed to get half a year out of a single razor before it started getting too dull to shave decently with…but I am still tempted to check out Dollar Shave Club, which is another potential tip, seems legit, but I haven't research them much yet.

  29. A few other shavers pointed out that puck soaps are available and they do a great job. I'd also like to point out that puck soaps are actually exceptionally economical in the long run. You'll end up spending a couple of dollars on enough shaving soap to last you much longer than a can of Barbasol, and you'll end up shaving better and smelling better to boot.

    A safety razor will also normally shave closer and with less irritation than a modern cartridge razor, and replacement blades are astoundingly cheap, but that's a subject for another video I think.

  30. So I am a subscriber to Dollar Shave Club, and I know the razors are pretty decent but I also use what they call, their Shaving Butter. And it has been a way different feel than barbosal. It took some getting used to but I do understand the difference as its so good at lubricating that i have to wash my hands before grabbing the razor in order to hold it well. 

  31. Thanks Antonio, I shave my head almost every day and a good cream is essential to a clean cut; the investment is definitely worth it and I get to use a razor almost twice as long. Awesome video.

  32. I have a sensitive skin together with really strong beard (I don't know if it is the right expression) and it took me almost 10 years till I found the right combination.
    1) wash thoroughly your face with hot water and soap
    2) apply the lubricant. Gel is better than foam but shaving soap is better than gel (that depends on brand)
    3) shave
    4) thoroughly clean your face with as cold water as you can resist
    5) Use lotion if you want.

    The only issue is that all this ritual can be 3 times more longer than a standard shaving but your face will fill great.

  33. Good day,
    I am from the Netherlands, I just wanted to say that a good replacement for the shaving cream is a shaving-brush. With the stuff that comes with it.
    It gives less irritation, your hands do not get all sticky and it is much better for your skin. I am using it since I started shaving and I can truly see the difference with my friends who used shaving cream.
    Anyway, thanks for the video.

  34. i've been wearing Shirts and nice clothes for months, but my neck keeps getting this annoyed red rash, under my cheek, it doesn't make sense, because my shirts are always open on the top button, so it shouldn't be bothering my neck, have you had any annoyed skin? 🙂

  35. It doesn't even have to cost more. There are much better creams or soaps that will last for months and months on end while saving you money.

  36. I wonder how much Jack Black paid this guy to advertise for them. Albert Einstein would use regular soap as a shaving cream.

  37. Would totally recomend the Dollar Shave Club. I used the spray form for years, when I got a sample of their "Shaving Butter" it changed my life. Also they have good razors. And its a buck a month. 

  38. Hey Antonio, you went to a seminary? Did you also have a long sleeve day or you just had collars all schooldays? I'm just happy a fellow ex seminarian is still in pursuit of high ideals, which fashion is for one point or being a smart dresser. 

  39. Nothing like a DE Razor or a STraight + Proraso Soap … the best shave you can get. Classic cartridge razor cant even compete jsut a slight…

  40. Makes me crazy, and this is to the guy in the videos, just watched your public speaking tips also, first thing you say of importance, And that I want to know is, who is the guy talking to me. He says his name and I didn't understand what he/you said. It went by quickly and softly rather than, for instance, I'm a professional musician and I introduce myself in a way that people remember. I hear so many damn near mumble their names and most importantly, I would think, when you say your website, I didn't catch one word of what you said. Speak slowly and clearly with power on what you  want ME to remember. YOUR name and your website. Then I can tell my buddy about you at the gym later.

  41. Just tried a non-canned shaving gel today and it does shave better.  Thanks, Antonio. Will look forward to more of your videos.

  42. You don't have to buy the designer metrosexual shaving gels/lotions. Get an Omega 10066 boar brush for around 12 bucks and you can buy a case of Arko shave soap sticks for about 15 bucks online. The boar brush will last about five to ten years with a little care. A case(12 sticks) of Arko will last most guys around 2 years. Arko has superior performance to canned foams and by mixing up the lather yourself you can adjust how wet and thick it is and tweak it to what works best for you. You can go a step farther and buy a bottle of pure gycerin from CVS($6 for 6oz) that will supercharge the Arko's slickness by adding a couple small drops to the lather as you mix it with the brush. The glycerin will last almost as long as the case of Arko. Its cheaper and better than the designer goos/gels/lotions for most men.

  43. Great advice. Keep it simple. Hot shower, shave cream not from a can, decent razor. Purists claim you can't get a close shave unless DE or straight razor: disagree. I use a modern 3-5 blade cartridge and have great results. Tip: shaving at least every other day significantly prolongs razor life. Pre- shave oil works wonders for thicker beards. Olive oil is fine, just a few drops is needed. Cold splash/towel to finish diminishes burn: a wet ice cube works as well. Moisturizer of your choice.

  44. I find your story amusing… I didn't realize there was much point in the shaving cream until I passed 30, cuz there's the aloe or whatever on the razor itself… Yeah, I had to learn it myself too. lol. So this is useful to learn more about.

  45. Hi, Antonio. I find your videos informative and well-presented. I love hearing your style advice.

    As a transwoman, having facial hair gives me dysphoria, and even the act of shaving is uncomfortable as the ritual is very much connected with masculinity. For these reasons, I've never really tried hard to improve my shaving routine, from when I was fifteen finding a clean disposable razor and some aresol shave creme in my dad's bathroom, until a couple years ago when I invested in a safety razor and I found it a little easier to get a close shave. I then upgraded a shave cream to non-propelled shave creme (haven't decided on my favorite yet) and boar bristle brush,my shave is much smoother.

    I make sure to clean the blade before, during, and after my shave. I still have issues with skin irritation though probably because I'm shaving every morning.I was wondering if something like this could work for someone with sensitive skin.I tried some lotions, but it doesn't help very much.

  46. The razor I using and the shaving cream I used , is because at my summer job while I was working I ask this gentleman and he siald he uses blah and I just copy him 😂😅 was 17 now I 18 😅😅😅

  47. just start working with proper shaving soap and a brush. You spend a little more at the start but a bowl of shaving soap can last for years if you measure correctly

  48. Everyone should try out WSP (Wet Shaving Products) shaving soaps. The best lather and shave I have ever had in my life, not to mention that the scents are all divine. Best of all, its made in the USA (Arizona).

  49. Great video as always! I didn't realize you were a San Antonio kid, i had a bunch of friends that went to St. Anthony's. Keep up the great work!

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