Menhirs Painting Guide – Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon // Tabletop Hub

Menhirs Painting Guide – Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon // Tabletop Hub

Today we’re creating a dark and earthy painting
tutorial for the Menhirs from Tainted Grail: Fall of Avalon, right after this. Hey everyone Sam here from the Tabletop Hub,
your one-stop shop for all things tabletop and I received the eagerly awaited Tainted
Grail: The Fall of Avalon this week in the post after backing it on Kickstarter last
year (not that I needed yet another game with even more miniatures to add to my backlog)
and I have to say I was pretty excited to crack this open and get stuck in to painting
the mini’s. Every time I tackle a new game I always start
off with painting what I see as being the easiest mini’s first or the ones whose paint
scheme is going to be more obviously apparent to me. I guess the best way to see this is as a ‘primer’
before diving into the much trickier models and paint schemes, it helps me feel like I’ve
achieved something and motivates me to tackle the next one. So with that in mind, I began by painting
the three Menhirs from Tainted Grail. Menhirs are in essence great standing stones
used for a variety of purposes throughout history, so knowing this I wanted to go for
an ‘earthy’ feel to my paint scheme and make it look like the Menhirs had been crafted
and made out of materials that would or could have been sourced by the people living in
the world of the game at that time. Now before we go further I am going to be
using my airbrush quite a bit in this tutorial, if you don’t have an airbrush at home a lot
of the same finished I’m trying to create can be achieved through some tactical dry
brushing. So, first of all, I gave the models an undercoat
in Army Painters Matte Black, making sure to get the paint evenly coated in all of the
nooks and crannies that these Menhirs have. Next, I wanted to start adding a more weathered
look to the stone in stages so I began by giving a zenithal coat of Army Painters Dark
Stone. To do this I basically pointed my airbrush
at the model angled about 45 degrees. The point here was to pick out some of the
highlighted areas leaving the matte black to the recesses. Finally, for the main base coat of the model,
I added a final zenithal layer of Army Painters Uniform Grey. This was sprayed on very lightly to the model,
I still wanted the Dark Stone and Matte Black to show through so if you drybrush or airbrush
this on, start sparingly and add to it if need be to get the final effect you want. Next, I got Army Painters Oak Brown and began
painting what looks like the body of the Menhir. The models have these sculpted legs and arms
and rib-cages and I liked the idea that these had been crafted from the trees around the
villages the characters lived in so that it kept to that earthen look that I was going
for. I wanted to add to this idea with the metal,
instead of painting what looked like cloth that was wrapped around the Menhirs arms,
perhaps it was metal in order to keep the wood in place while also looking like clothing. So I mixed some Army Painters Weapon Bronze
and Army Painters Gun Metal at a 1:1 ratio to create a weathered and crude looking metal
tone and added this to all the swords and metal banding that I could find. I equally added this to the carvings of warriors
on the backs of the Menhir but as I wanted it to look quite subtle I dry brushed the
paint onto these areas, painting it straight on would’ve made it stick out like a sore
thumb really and I wanted it to just blend in with the rest of this rocky structure. Next, I gave the entire model a wash with
Citadels Nuln Oil before then dry brushing the stone sections of the models with Army
Painters Uniform Grey just to pick out the highlighted areas. Once that was done I began painting the bones
on the Menhirs with Army Painters Skeleton Bone. You’ll see one Menhir that has what looks
like whale bones coming out of his sides, I decided to paint these as well instead of
leaving them the stone colour, I was worried that they wouldn’t look right but in the end,
I think it adds more character to the model. Add some Citadels Agrax Earthshade to these
bones when you’re done and if you like, highlight them with some Skeleton Bone or white afterward. One of the Menhirs will have cloth on it’s
back, for this I painted the cloth with Army Painters Chaotic Red, the wood with Army Painters
Oak Brown and the ropes with Army Painters Leather Brown. Then we’re on to the experimentation stage
of this painting guide. So I’ve never done any Object Sourced Lighting,
or OSL, before and I wanted to give it a go here with these models. I was super nervous about doing this because
whenever you try something new, there’s always a worry that you’ll ruin everything you’ve
done. So on the Menhirs, there are a number of candles
and I wanted to give the impression that these were generating some light that radiated onto
the model itself. To do this I used Vallejo’s Sun Yellow and
airbrushed onto the model where I believed light would be cast. Now in order to be cautious, I tried adding
little bits at a time and just adding to this little by little. In the end, it definitely communicates the
effect, it’s not perfect but it’s definitely a starting point for me to try this again
in the future. For some final effects, I added some of Citadels
Nihilakh Oxide into some of the crevices of the metal on the Menhirs to give the impression
that it had begun to rust and oxidise and I equally added some grass to the base of
the models as well just to help give a more aged and weathered look. And folks that is all there is to it, this
is a relatively quick and easy paint scheme to achieve, even if you don’t have an airbrush
at your disposal. I’m going to be coming back to Tainted Grail
to finish off the three heroes we get in the core box so if you want to be kept up to date
of when those guides go live hit the subscribe button on our YouTube channel and/or sign
up for an account here on In the meantime, I hope you’re all having
a great week and I’ll speak to you all soon!

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  1. Absolutely brilliant. Love love love the treatment of the menhir body with the brown to contrast with the stone. Then you add the metal elements … What an amazing story your paint scheme tells! Thank you for the inspiration.

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