21 thoughts on “Meeting . Spray Paint Art . Creative Art. by Antonipaints Art

  1. Really love your style!! Can I ask what fluid are you using for the Nebulae and also the clouds of the planets please.

  2. Für die Kunst!

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  3. Is there anything you can't do that comes out awesome! I know I have told love your color schemes, but it's the ideas that kick up a notch and much more…. awesome job!!

  4. Your work has inspired me since I ran across you a couple months ago.
    As a spray artist I understand the vision you have and how it can change in the process. Keep up the great work. Currently Im Preparing For A Art Event Here In My Home Town.
    My channel is.nit as well.out together as yours. Still in its infant stages and painting way more than I can capture with film of any sorts. Keep it up man.

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