Meet the Couple Building a Literary Empire

Meet the Couple Building a Literary Empire

people try to place you in a box when you're a black writer as if other audiences can't enjoy your material it's like you just put our head down and written 44 books over to span like 11 years we lived up in where the young is african-american officers that's a couple of make the New York Times it changed our life we from Flint in particular I'm a fifth wheel in this one there's a breakfast neighborhood this doggy boat but I love you because it's all me either come from the bottom our city is dark but once you figure out how to utilize that darkness that's what the concrete we're writing about the things that America covers up the neighborhoods that you don't see and that you never hear about our books are us it's black America and in that sugar well when we met you said that our mutual passion was writing I was 15 years old below a nun she ended up becoming my wife we just wrote we barely slept we barely ate we definitely didn't leave the house there was no formula for it now we use systems we have a system where we write every single thought on post-its and we stick them anywhere around the house we feel like our words our work dollars so anytime you forget something your is like flushing money down the toilet so we don't want to ever let a thought passes five I love when I walk into a bookstore and I see the cartel sitting next to a James Patterson book because that's where it belongs I remember in the beginning I will go in the bookstore and move the books to the front it's important to erase that street fiction moniker when you label something street fiction you immediately put it in a small section in the bookstore and only certain people will go to that section we're very fortunate to have working out of that box and we hope that now that we've opened the door that other black writers can come through that door behind us we don't want to be great for this lifetime you want to break the five generations dial I can't we just chasing chicks now we're chasing ASD

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  1. I watched the video because I thought it involved someone collecting books or writing so many books they were building an actual "Literature Empire". However, it was about something else but I wasn't mad. I was unaware that "Street Fiction" (as a label) even existed. I revolve around a certain area in the bookstore and I actually avoid books that look like they're only about the ghetto/hood, drama and so on mostly because its not my forte. I know some people who do read them and I think that's cool. I wasn't a fan of the movies art style but I still respected it because a lot of people think black people can only write about the streets, drugs, bad neighborhoods and stuff. But I also know you can't write about something you know nothing about. So this section is definitely just as important (as the rest), for people who live this reality to write it… it gives an insight to the outside world. My only issue with this is mostly related to movies/games and shouldn't be connected to this — I could go into many reasons why but it mostly boils down to the misrepresentation role or the we're just a token piece for John/Jane Doe to achieve their goal(s). So I still say congrats, I like to see anybody succeed on their own merit because succeeding is hard. And people will try to drag you down no matter what. What I hate are the negative comments. Its a married couple who both do the same thing support each other and are trying to make change to help better not just themselves but the world. Never disregard the little things in life because they make the biggest waves.

  2. BRAVO! You have shifted the trajectory of your lives by utilizing the creative power within you. In doing so, you’re changing the world because you’re breaking through barriers and refusing to be boxed-in. Not only have you ascended the grips of poverty; you’re inspiring others to follow their dreams. You’re leaving your imprints in a positive way. Write on! Much success to you guys.

  3. Those guys are segregating themselves by saying "black authors" or writing about race related topics. I mean it's trendy in these days but it would be better call themselves just authors, race doesn't define your abilities

  4. Every single one of my English teachers in high school and college has told me I should write Dam it I Will!

  5. im sick of this; why do they need to mention they're black? Why the fuck do they need to mention they're a different race than other writers? and its not like all the other writers are white anyway.

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