Meet the Artist: Devon Fay

Meet the Artist: Devon Fay

I work in this industry because games and movies have always like really influenced me as the young kid like the creativity and the work and effort that go that went into them I always kind of appreciated that so I just knew for me it was like a really good path alien is like my favorite movie I saw a Glee and when I was like way too young but it's just always kind of stuck out is one of my favorites and then as far as videogames like I grew up on things like Super Mario and Megaman and specifically like computer games like missed is like my number one like videogame influenced the path I took to kind of get to where I'm at now was pretty interesting so being influenced by movies and videogames is one thing but actually swinging on that inspiration is actually really important so I've actually always been really into drawing that was kind of my like a lot of us that was kind of my gateway drug into art so I drew a lot I wanted to be a cartoonist and stuff like that so it's really once I found videogames that I realized that I could actually combine those two things together and once I kind of had that click in my head then it was just kind of pursuing that that idea so my skill sets where I have now I actually I did go to school I went to school at Noma and school of visual effects which really helped but early on I actually had a lot of help from my family my uncle for instance Ted Fey was actually in the visual effects industry so as I was a kid he was working on things like Deep Space nine Star Trek Independence Day Godzilla so I actually knew that this kind of industry existed early on and I was able to kind of make my path towards that so there's a lot of challenges in this industry and as an artist some of the biggest ones I feel like is knowing when your stuff is good enough and being okay if it's not good enough so I know there's a lot of people who don't they'll see some really amazing artists and I think that a they can never do that which is not true and be that they just won't put the effort into getting there basically so for me like one of the main things I always talk about is just doing it like if you want to be a character artist if you want to be an environment artist it's just constantly doing it over and over and over again I get better as an artist by really taking in other artists that I like but also trying to branch out into other influences things like like I said still movies are a big influence videogames even like fine art now like I really try and take in as much as I can and parse through that and just inspiration is huge and trying to stay inspired is really important but that being said practice as I said before is super important so not only do I work for a living doing environment art and art I also come home and I work a lot on my own personal art to try and push things in other directions so to get noticed by recruiter that's that's a good point because there's working hard is one thing but knowing where you're at is another thing so it's important to be able to really self critique yourself and understand when you're at a point where you can start putting yourself out there for work and when you need to to continue working on yourself so I think self critique and knowing looking at your heroes looking at your inspirations and really picking apart where am I at compared to where they are at and anywhere on that gradient is really important so like a pivotal moment for me is was more along the lines of when I first got into the into CG and into making video games and movies and stuff I was really into everything I wanted to do characters and animation and and all of that and actually going to nomen and seeing the people who are really good at character art made me realize that I was not very good at character art and it actually helped guide me more towards what I was passionate about which was environment art and I realized that I was actually better at environment art because I was more passionate about it so I was able to actually focus a little bit better in that way originally I discovered art station because there's a bunch of badass artists posting on Facebook on how they got their invite for arts like their beta invite for arts station and we're just uploading their stuff at the time there was a pretty big hole for posting that sort of like portfolio work and so seeing these kind of influential people posting actually brought me to the site pretty regularly to check it out I use it as I originally use it as like just a portfolio site so I put up all my work from work and my personal work on there but lately I've been posting more blog posts and work-in-progress and just kind of anything that I create I've been putting on there yeah the community and art station is pretty insane it's grown so much from the days like I said that was more like an exclusive thing it's like it's so huge now so I'm constantly looking up the front page that picked things all of that trending stuff I look at that stuff all the time for inspiration to see where other people are at how far people are pushing stuff and kind of what what stuff's trending and what's not I'm on there all the time just perusing like even I'm way into environments but I'm still just find myself looking at character stuff and prop stuff and matte painting and all sorts of stuff that is just beautiful and awesome I just so my favorite part about art station is just the pure amount of badasses that are on there there's so much good work on there and the fact that people post a lot on there is really cool because you can see growth and people as well which i think is really inspiring and important

4 thoughts on “Meet the Artist: Devon Fay

  1. this dude is probably really cool, but his path to his career is hysterical. his uncle works in the industry and he went to GNOMON . just like your average Joe.

  2. u know what bums me out….he was exposed to vfx from childhood. fucking uncle worked on gozilla n shit i mean i never had that. i worked from age 16, then at 22 realized i wanted to become an artist in this industry. i dont blame him or being a bitch about it but when i see people get picked from gnomon to teach online courses or do interviews i get a feeling of "unfairness". is it just me? im just being honest here. hes amazing and i watched his gnomon course. still i see so many people having those luxuries just because they were at gnomon and i struggle for 2 years after graduation just to get a 1 fkin internship. maybe its me, maybe not….life is hard and shes a bitch indeed 🙂

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