Meet Renly Synthesis 27! – An Introduction | Sword Art Online Wikia

Meet Renly Synthesis 27! – An Introduction | Sword Art Online Wikia

Meet Renly Synthesis 27, one of the youngest
Integrity Knights in the Human Guardian Army. Renly is one of the supporting characters
of Alicization’s second half, the War of Underworld. He is one of the few Knights to possess a
Divine Object, a weapon with potent abilities that can be unleashed by resonating with the
memories sealed within. Renly was once a young prodigy swordsman in
the Southern Empire, unmatched by anyone in the region. Since his early childhood, Renly had a friend
in his village with whom he shared a close bond. Like a pair of birds, the two would both compete
against each other and rely on each other for mental support. After earning the right to participate in
the Four Empire Unification Tournament, the two childhood friends both reached the finals
of the tournament and had to once again compete against each other; however, their grand battle
ended in an unexpected manner with Renly accidentally taking the life of his dear friend. Although he was granted the status of an Integrity
Knight following his victory at the tournament, Renly was burdened with a great void in his
heart at the loss of his dear friend that would not subside even when he lost the memories
of his past life by undergoing the Synthesis Ritual. As a result, Renly lost the courage to fight
and the joy of connecting heart-to-heart with another. Although the young knight still displayed
awe-inspiring talent with the sword, becoming a high-ranked Integrity Knight at an exceptional
speed, he was rendered unable to invoke the special abilities of a Divine Object bestowed
to him personally by Quinella herself, despite his strong resonance with it. Having failed to invoke the power of his Divine
Object, Renly was soon forgotten by the ruler of the Axiom Church, especially when Alice
Synthesis Thirty became an Integrity Knight soon after him, quickly overshadowing the
former prodigy with her astounding talent. Branded a failure, Renly had not been able
to accomplish any significant feats as an Integrity Knight and was forced into cryostasis
for five years by Chief Elder Chudelkin. When Eugeo and Kirito defeated the majority
of the knights stationed at the Central Cathedral five years later, Renly was released from
his cryostasis by the Chief Elder to assist in quelling the rebellion. However, Renly was unable to fulfil his duty
to defend the Axiom Church, as Chudelkin and Quinella had already been defeated in battle
by the time he had fully awakened. Seeing that all the high-ranking Integrity
Knights shone only brighter despite their defeat, Renly agreed to Integrity Knight Commander
Bercouli’s request to participate in the upcoming battle to defend against an invasion from
the Dark Territory, believing that this might help him understand what he was lacking and
why his Divine Object would not respond to him. When the impending load test had arrived with
the Great Eastern Gate crumbling apart and the Dark Territory forces flooding the ravine,
however, the answer Renly was hoping to find was nowhere in sight and all he could do was
all he had done before… Renly Synthesis 27 abandoned his post at the
Human Guardian Army left support flank and fled to the support tents behind the ravine,
completely unaware that the circumstances he was running from were chasing him all along. For more information on Renly Synthesis 27
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  2. I hope he doesn't kick the bucket right after he started being awesome. It's funny how one episode is enough for going from not liking an character to really liking him ^^

  3. One of the dumbest Integrity Knights*
    You're broken. You lack something crucial. WHAT did he lacks? Oh, right. A fucking Kirito. Again. How many times does characters gonna do something because of Kirito? He's in coma, but he still the characters around which all plot spinning. What's the point of put him in coma, if he still IMBALANCE?

    If Renri's memory was wipedsealed then there's not gonna be this bullshit "Void" or whatever. Wanna know why? Because his memory was wipedsealed.
    And what's the point of Cryostasis punishment?
    You can't activate perfect control. So: you can train, I can wipe your memory again OR I WILL PUT YOU IN CRYOSTASIS. Logic: Kawahara Reki.

    So Renri and his friend were fighting not in the death duel, but with a REAL SWORDS? Why? Why is it so stupid? Damn, instead of answering the questions, they just make everything worser and more complicated. Don't know how it was in the novels
    The more i watch SAO the more I hate it, but I still want to see how it ends, since I'm not gonna read novels. Also I'm jealous of you, since I can't love SAO like you do. There are many good characters, but man, the plot, and the villains are so crappy…
    The only few things about SAO that I like is OpEd(they always awesome), games(not the whole plot in them, though. Just some parts. Gameplay-wise they're all good), and your videos.
    Also, was there some major cuts from novels this time?

  4. (Spoilers)

    My guess for when Kirito sees asuna is that he will drop both the blue rose sword and the night sky blade and then start crying like crazy

  5. This is why i couldnt post a video on renly cuz this is the duplicate of the video. Its all good though i love your videos and your twitter page

  6. So in the end even quinella's mind raping couldn't help him forget his mistake
    And it ultimately killed his ability to perform basically making him
    A powerful benchwarmer

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