Meet Eldrie Synthesis 31! – An Introduction | Sword Art Online Wikia

Meet Eldrie Synthesis 31! – An Introduction | Sword Art Online Wikia

Meet Eldrie Synthesis 31, the most recent
addition to the Integrity Knight Order, who was also part of the Human Guardian Army. Eldrie is one of the supporting characters
in both the Human Empire and War of Underworld sub-arcs of Sword Art Online Alicization. His primary choice of weaponry is his trusty
Frostscale Whip, a Divine Object created from a two headed snake that was once the lord
of the largest lake in the eastern empire. Less than a year before the battle of the
Central Cathedral, Eldrie Woolsburg was one of the trainees of the Imperial Knight Order
of the Norlangarth North Empire, who had the honour of being its representative for the
Empire Swordsmanship Tournament. There, he earned the right to represent the
Norlangarth North Empire at the Four Empire Unification Tournament by defeating formidable
opponents, such as the top two ranking Elite Disciples of the Swordcraft Academy, Sortiliena
Serlut and Volo Levantein. Following his subsequent victory in the Four
Empire Unification Tournament, Eldrie was invited to the Central Cathedral and synthesized
by Quinella to become an Integrity Knight, forgetting his past in the process due to
the piety module installed in his head. His past completely unknown to him, the recently-synthesized
Eldrie Synthesis 31 was ordered by his mentor, Alice Synthesis 30, to wait at the Cathedral
Garden in the middle of the night to intercept two criminals, whose escape from the Cathedral’s
prison the female knight had foreseen. The young knight was surprised by the accuracy
of his mentor’s predictions, but he was not one to underestimate his opponents. Despite the tactical ingenuity of his opponents,
it was clear Eldrie was not intimidated by a possible failure against the criminals,
although he was forced to resort to utilizing the Memory Release function of his Frostscale
Whip in a moment of desperation. Although Eldrie was not threatened by the
attacks of the criminals with their flimsy chains despite all that, he was not prepared
to be confronted with his unknown past. The knight in purple completely broke down
upon hearing the words of the flaxen-haired criminal, who called him Eldrie Woolsburg,
a name he did not recognize but one that carried a sense of nostalgia for him. Despite being saved by Deusolbert Synthesis
7, he was unable to stabilise his condition enough to return to battle, which resulted
in him regretting his failure that contributed to the fall of the Axiom Church for months
to come. As the Great Eastern Gate disappeared in a
big lightshow 6 months later, Eldrie promised himself that he would not fail this time.. He would fight to protect the Human Empire
and what remained of the Axiom Church. Above all else, he would do everything to
protect his mentor, Alice Synthesis 30. But Eldrie was not the only leader on the
battleground with an ideal. And he would come face to face with failure
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