Meet comic book artist and author Paul Rivoche

Meet comic book artist and author Paul Rivoche

my name is Paul turbo and I'm a commercial artist and comic book Illustrated I've worked on a lot of different titles or Warner Brothers TV cartoons Batman Beyond Superman animated Iron Man comics and because of the enormous amount of work to reduce all the drawing inking and coloring lettering would be done by a separate person and so on down the line till got finished and you don't have control over what happens the great thing about the digital age is the freeing thing is that you could really do it all blur but it's helped me bring my own vision just directly to people and fairly seamlessly it's very exciting it's almost like for that child within you and then we go back to being a kid with your brother like in my case you're drawing comics in the kitchen table with pencils you put our own little publishing you know seal on it copying the real comic books and take them around and sell them to people you know this is just a later version of that to make my book for story I use the tool I was most comfortable with which was Photoshop and then using book-smart it was kind of drag-and-drop it was very easy and with a delivery platform or glare you can put it out to the world so there's the whole pathway now that didn't exist at all before self-publishing gives me great freedom I enjoy that because the page is the final incarnation of your story idea you have in your head and you have to control all the elements so people were excited to see that it was a high quality product and cool color and also the different formats so I got some great reality that's the best feeling because blurb offers the opportunity to shape the product put your logo on it

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  1. I love this video! I have my first e-book which I self published with Blurb and inserted my own drawings, poems and photos. I  have more too! Your work is so impressive! How do I get a job in that awesome factory????!!! I do ANYTHING! If you are looking for someone please contact me NOW! and if you want to check out my e-book search me under Poetikaliz 😉 

  2. Last month I had difficulty finding a way to respond to a 90 second video by Blurb showing a Canadian artist, Kal Barteski. Today, I find this great layout and opportunity to respond. The comic book layout is already clipped and can be sustained in a 90 second time frame. Of course, I'm rushing to order the book.
    Jeanne Poland

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