100 thoughts on “[Medibang] Soft painting + Brush settings – TUTORIAL + SPEEDPAINT

  1. Why the heck can I color decently in real life drawings but when it comes to digital art it all turns to crap!?

  2. The thing i wanna mimic in my own piece with your's that i can color as well as you could, just how smooth this is, how well it was made, and you did this on a free application just shows overall skill. This will be my inspiration and i hope i get to follow your foot steps.

  3. I watched this because i wanna draw my mom. ( today is mother day sooo i wanna do something special :> )

  4. Sorry for asking, but what is the time of any blending brush or something like that. I can't catch settings

  5. Can I just say this is awesome first. Second, you are very, very quiet. I had the volume at 100 percent through my headphones and could barely hear you. This doesn't take away any of my admiration or appreciation of the beautiful art. It just means that the audio could have been a little better. Like I said, the piece itself is amazing and I like that you are helping walk people through the process to get a good result. I love the painting and you are a very skilled artist. Keep up the beautiful artwork.

  6. really love how you do the skin!

    i'm still learning how to colour skin right now and Idk why it looks flat

  7. I love your artwork! I’ve been using medibang app. How can i download the brushes to use it in my phone? Your tutorials are amazing

  8. Can you make a tutorial on colouring? Like shading and all that because I have difficulty picking colours to blend with

  9. I am clearly not using my tools to their potential. Thank you very much for doing this. Keep working on speaking and I’m sure you’ll be as proficient as your drawing.

  10. All artists have different artstyles

    It's just that other people look down at theirselves forgetting to know that they can improve yearly

    Can you please give well-detailed tutorials on sites like Skillshare, from 0 to 100 / pleaasseeeeeee

  12. I am a bit confused about the FurTexture brush is that self made or ? I have been looking for at least half an hour and couldn't find it. Is it a computer Medibang brush and that means it's not available to phone users like myself?

    Edit:Nvm I read the Description I figured out how to get it😅😅😅😅

  13. My problem is that I use the darker tone to paint darker area. But when i zoom out to look at it, god the color is weird. I hope maybe you can make another tutorial about choosing the color and its placement. Thanks in advance. Keep up the good work.

  14. hello! I really like your videos, and I have to say you're the one who made me want to try MediBang in the first place 😀
    I have a question though. Where did you get the "Bitmap Watercolor" brush type?? I tried to copy your brush setting for Fur Texture and Oil Pastel, but there's no "Bitmap Watercolor" option on my MediBang. I also checked the Fur Texture link that you put on the description box, but it seems like the link directs me to a brush pack for a different program.
    I'd be really grateful if you could reply this. Thank you!!

  15. This is a masterpiece and I feel so lucky I got to see its creation! Thank you for the wonderful tutorial – it taught me so much on coloring and how you achieve that luminous, shimmery skin texture.

  16. wait– how do you color over your sketches and still be able to see the sketches? i know that clipping the layer/changing opacity works? kind of? but u always keep your opacity at 100 how do u do it T.T

  17. It was fun to draw alongside your tutorial, beautifully done! I was in awe at first then determined to get something right. :/ Here's to getting better!

  18. Sorry, but how do you get to able that "Bitmap watercolor", my Medibang only has Watercolor and I don't have as many configs as you D:

  19. God this art is absolutely beautiful. Your talent and hard work has made something amazing, I hope I can one day paint like you. Thank you so much!

  20. Your voice is as soft as your painting. It's pleasant to hear you ^^
    Thank you for this amazing tutorial! 😀

  21. i dont understand why you marked clipping at 1:45 can someone please explain I've been struggling since yesterday😘😘

  22. I have such a hard time using medibang for painting. I usually am able to just do cell shading in medibang. The watercolor tool just doesnt blend as well as it seems to for you which really confuses me

  23. My medibang isn’t making my ink showing up, I can see the white diamond that it gives off but it doesn’t show the ink??

  24. I can imagine all the amazing artwork in my head, but I just can't color like this just yet. I shall try this out one day because I strive to actually one day make art like this. I just love the softness of it all!

  25. Watches video
    Hm… I kinda want a drawing tablet for christmas.. I wanna try to draw like jyundee >.>
    fast forward time
    tries out tablet in krita on christmas day cuz that's free
    Eh, I suck
    gives up
    Throws tablet in closet and never uses it

  26. I am a new subscriber to your channel and I just want to say I think your work is very beautiful and so thoughtful created. It really inspires me to create more of my own work as well. Thank you for sharing your talent, and tutorials!

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