Me getting frustrated with paint: MY FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO!

Me getting frustrated with paint: MY FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO!

*struggling noises* Hi :D. So, today I woke up and I was just, like, not feeling it ;-; So I’m just gonna paint something. I don’t know why. I will be painting this image. -3- I don’t know who took it, and if you do, please tell me. Apparently, it’s possible for me to just completely miss the bottom right-hand corner of the photo and not see that the photographer clearly put a watermark with his name on it So if you’re Steven Miles, thanks for the photo, but I’m sorry for not doing your perfect work of art justice. Wait, I need water. Be right back! We have the water. Let us begin. *aRtiSTiC MusiC* So, I don’t know if you can tell, but um- I’ve already messed up. My painting is crying, so, um… *mOrE aRt-sY MuSiC* I don’t know why I’m posting this really, like I’m totally not gonna be like a Bob Ross, you know. Oh look at that. (wOaH wAtCh OuT) *MoRe MusiC -.-* Wait, can you even see that? …Hold on. *floor scraping noises* *MoRe MusiC* I mean, it looks like a hairless eye because there are no eyelashes, BUT HERE’S THE DEAL. I’ve got quite the problem with eyelashes. Once I add them to a painting it just goes… They look wrong, they look out of place, they look like a toddler drew them. So… I’m just gonna tackle them head on and we’ll see what happens. I have my itty-bitty little brush and we’re just gonna go for it. *cough* aaAAHHHHH!! :0 Okay, it’s okay! Oh no, OHHH NO )::0 And two, her chin looks like a failed plastic surgery. So we’re going to fix that today! I’m also gonna see if I can finish the hair and the water, which is quite something if you ask me. If you remember, um, I have a problem with eyelashes And one: hair is just long eyelashes and, water is really complicated So I’m low-key, high-key, mid-key, side-key kind of terrified. So yeah! Let’s get painting! *music ;-;* So, now’s the time that I’ve been dreading. It’s time to start the hair. I’ve already drawn in, *paint brush end scraping the painting and making a REaLLy GroSs NoiSe* ):

100 thoughts on “Me getting frustrated with paint: MY FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO!

  1. Hello John Cena. Hopefully you see this, I thought you would like/be interested to no that the other day I had a dream…. and YOU were in it, it was our first day of 9th grade and i was in art class, and you were there, you helped me with my schedule and then we became friends, and at lunch we FaceTimed mother goose and I said “oh look it’s the famous mom” and then you said “THATS A VIDEO IDEA” and after that I woke up and watch Brandy Mono (the hairdresser guy idk how to spell his name) reacting to you dying your hair:) have a good day LOVE TOU

  2. Joanna:Don't expect me to be 'Bob Ross' or anything proceeds to paint amazing painting
    Me:*draws stick figure* WHY ARE LINES SO HARD?!!!
    I can actually..kinda…draw but,i mean….who cares if i can draw if you exist,right.
    I like you…😃

  3. You don't appreciate your work joanna
    It is beautiful I would mess up in the water itself
    Bottom line :
    You are an amaaaazing artist and BEliEvE in yourself 😉

  4. So I found you from Brad Mondo's react video. You're first video made me belly laugh and I immediately liked it and subscribed the moment it ended! Time to Joana binge!

  5. 6:05–6:20 is actually the best thing ever I’m currently dyeing😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 also anyone else here in 2K19

  6. Hello I am fellow time traveler I must inform you that you are going to dye you hair yellow next year and yes, it was a disaster. Thank you for seeing this other fellow time traveler

  7. It made me pretty happy to come across this. The models name is Lauren Loudon and this photo was made in Hot Springs National Park, AR about 10 years ago.
    Beautiful painting by the way..

  8. Joana: I've got my chubby brush here

    Joana editing: I'm totally putting that James 10% thing on…GET HE DISCOUNT SISTERS…

  9. Hey, uh. I watched the whole thing. I just wanted to say. You pant better than me. I can’t even start anything with paint except on GIVING UP

  10. i first watched this video when she only had 8,000 subscribers, now she has over 2,000,000, where did the time go?

  11. August 27/2019 Subscribed when you had 2 million subscribers

    Just wrote this comment for when joanna has reached 100 million subscribers 🌚

  12. Hello joana im from the future 2019 you have 2.8 million subs, you cut your hair(twice),you start a riot at vidcon,you bleach your hair,you meet brad mondo and you get your hair done by him and you get a makeover,so good luck joana with your journey.

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