"Max and Ruby 0004" (Re- Written) by Kimberly_playe (+ Literary Review)

"Max and Ruby 0004" (Re- Written) by Kimberly_playe (+ Literary Review)

[Applause] it was just this Christmas that went by and things were getting busy I had to start buying presents for the family I had finished shopping but I still needed to grab a present for my little cousin she wasn't very hard to shop for since she was only four she liked things like Peppa bacon My Little Pony she really liked and I say like for a reason Max and Ruby so when I decided to go looking for a present I figured something like a Max and Ruby DVD would have been perfect since she liked to watch it on a daily basis however Christmas meant that most of the online DVDs were sold out in most places I went to look on eBay as well but figured I couldn't trust what condition the disc would have been in so I was stuck in a rut for a while until that package arrived I was still at home still searching for that stupid DVD until I heard the sound of something being pushed and in my litter box I caught ahold of it before my dog did and looked at the package it seemed to be wrapped fairly badly with what looked like Greek start and it looked like grease marks and stains on it I was a little reluctant to open it but decided why not not like it'll bite inside was something that I really couldn't explain it was a Max and Ruby DVD but I had not seen one like it online it was like some little kid had drawn on the front cover with a marker the title was just Max and Ruby with what looked to be a poorly draw an illustration of Max and Ruby on the front there were no names or anything but on the back it had a list of four episodes all with Blunt titles episode zero zero zero one episode zero zero zero 2 episode zero zero zero three and episode zero zero zero four I was wary about the disc I was worried about the disc it was apparent that someone somehow I tracked my browsing history while I was searching for a DVD for my cousin and tracked it back to my house after giving him much thought I figured it wouldn't hurt to give the DVD a watch over the area where I lived out was usually rather peaceful but there is a police station about a block away if I turned out to have a potential stalker problem on my hands or some sort of prank I could have had I could have the cop in my house in a moment's notice to my surprise the episodes were on all high quality and seem to have no flaws It was as if it was a real DVD just with the homemade cover the only thing that I thought was odd was the episode selection screen the episodes had name but they were all called Max and Ruby n with the numbers being changed as I went down the list the actual selection screen was just a plain white screen with black text with the episode list and nothing else I decided to change the cover to something a little nicer by printing out a DVD cover that I had found on Google and tracked down the names of the episode so they were they were labeled correctly I left the episode lists cream alone because I figured it was self-explanatory Christmas went by and things were fine I gave my little cousin her DVD and she was happy with it all throughout Christmas but that was only because she hadn't watched it yet on Boxing Day my family had gone out for a meal and left me to babysit my cousin I wasn't too bothered about being left at home I figured now was a good time to put on the DVD for her I put the disc in and let it play while I was in the kitchen eating my dinner from what I could hear she had just watched episodes 1 2 3 so far I was just about to finish off my noodles when I heard my cousin's screaming from the other room dropping everything I ran into the living room and saw my cousin curled up on the floor screaming I had looked up at the TV and felt my heart in my throat what I caught a glimpse of was one of the most horrifying things I had ever seen honestly was pretty ghastly – it was what appeared to be a frame of Max and Ruby's standing next to each other and complete and utter darkness but what it made so but what a minute so horrible was her lack of faces they had lost our noses and mouths and their eyes were replaced with big black holes the colors were a myriad of black and dark reds in the picture was slightly do obscured by static the sound was replaced with what I assume was the Max & Ruby theme albeit played backwards with the faint sound of static in the mix of it all above the picture set a caption that read death is our only release after having gathered my wits I quickly turned that the DVD player off I was able to call my cousin down telling her that it wasn't real and she had just had a mayor as she had fallen asleep in front of the TV however I knew in my mind that it was completely real my parents had rung me up and told me that we're going to be out all night so this was going to be the best opportunity to look at the DVD more closely I didn't mention it to them and as soon as they had hung up I grabbed the disc and stuck into my laptop as soon as it loaded I selected Max & Ruby zero zero zero four since my cousin was now asleep I plugged in my earbuds so that she could sleep without having to hear anything normally an episode of Max and Ruby would have three short stories but this episode only had one it started off quite lightheartedly Max and Ruby were playing tag in the garden and a pair of older rabbits I assumed Max and Ruby's parents were on the porch watching them play something was off first they never mentioned nor showed Max and Ruby's parents so far as I was aware that however was the least of my concerns the sound was messed up and the look on the parents faces suggested that they were for Lord ape and to the mother and father and in a voice of deep sorrow the father spoke it's such a shame he sighed it then cut short to the sound of static and a loud scream followed by the sound of two people choking they sounded less like voice actors or someone pretending to choke it sounded as though it was actual audio recording of two people being choked to death the scene then switched to Max & Ruby standing in front of what looked like a gravestone labeled rest in peace mommy and daddy the two of them had no faces at this point there was also no stat no sound apart from faint static the scene remained on screen for about a minute and a half before being cut away into black it then changed scene once again now showing them now showing Max and Ruby's sitting in Ruby's room the both of them were sobbing once more they sounded like a recording of a child actually crying than it did just a fake-out what happened next was probably the most disgusting thing I had witnessed in this video the cena changed to max sitting in his room he was standing on a chair with a noose hanging from the ceiling he had brought it down upon its neck that seemed faded to black in the static got louder almost instantly and then cut to Ruby walking in on her brother the screen cut to black with loud static when the scene returned ruby was standing now on her own in the garden behind two gravestones one of them labeled at rest in peace mommy and daddy and the other rest in peace brother and the scene had faded to black afterwards at this point I had already been sick and was shaking all it was sitting all shaken I couldn't help but wonder what kind of sick freak would make something like this the episode seemed to have come to an end at last as a Max and Ruby theme song played over the regular end credits I was about to eject the DVD when the same image came up like it did on the TV this time and it failed too scared me I almost immediately returned to ejecting the disk i sat there trying to contemplate what had happened it was obvious that this was fake and whoever tracked down my location made this to scare me or whoever else watched it but why was this some sort of threat or they stalking me I called the police down and explained everything when they arrived I showed them the episode though the initially suspected that I had made this just a mess with them they took the disk for further investigation anyway before they left I found a note inside the disc case that I hadn't noticed before death is our only release it read needless to say they took the note too before the police showed up I kept a few screenshots and saved them to my laptop the next couple of days went past without anything unusual happening I had a few mild nightmares about the video but luckily that was all my cousin had gone back home along with the rest of the family I have not had anything like this happened to me since but I still think about this incident a lot and that my little shadows was Max & Ruby zero zero zero four rewritten by Kimberly play my final thoughts on this queer pasta this people is how you make a remake a full on how you make an honest remake of a curry pasta that was pretty flawed to begin with I read the original story not this one but how you can manage with a little bit of time a little bit of effort and a lot of and a little bit of time you could actually create something amazing people by far this is you know this is actually something I genuinely can say was amazing I mean where do I even begin now given the fact that I've already given much of my review about Max & Ruby zero zero zero four in the past and given the fact that with the exception of a good portion of the changes the entire thing really wasn't that different I'm gonna give more of a summary of well give my own final thoughts on the whole thing rather than breaking it down overall this Korea pasta was honestly a great remake and I actually have to say that it managed to correct a whole lot of the mistakes that I had with the original creepypasta honestly it wouldn't surprise me if a fan or somebody who watched my video with the rant and everything that I had for the original Max & Ruby zero zero zero for creepypasta and actually took the opportunity in time to fix up many of the mistakes and the errors and even the inconsistencies that were in the story like for example I love the fact of the matter like compared to the original story there was no explanation as to why we're exactly the disc came from and why exactly was there and this story in this reversion revision of the story there's actually a good explanation as to the possibility of where this disc came from specifically would it be made a mention that you know that it very much likely could have been somebody who probably wind up tracking your browsing history and then wind up sitting there and set in finding the person and then putting the disc in there that right there is a better explanation and then of its own self with everything that went by I mean very very very good and actually pretty realistic as well even the mentioning of the police station and everything you know being like less than a block away was also a nice little touch to another major positive I can say about this Korea pasta is that the episode itself you know compared to the problems that I had with the original creepypasta everything that went on in this disc and of its own self didn't just magically you know change or pop up or whatever it more or less just kind of well it seemed a lot more believable however I will admit though the mate a little bit of a nitpick I guess is that there really wasn't much of an explanation as to how exactly the episode itself kind of went the way that it did I mean like I had a bit of an issue with the last crew with the original Max & Ruby query pasta how exactly is it that all the episodes are perfect perfect quality and everything but later on whenever you play it again the episode itself the max know be zero zero zero four winds up becoming this extremely crazy spooky episode that's something that the pasta itself didn't exactly really explain too much I mean it's a bit of a nitpick you know honestly but still something I kind of wish was explained a little bit better perhaps or maybe you know something along well then again it is a disc so I mean it's not really that much of a surprise but continuing on with the rest of it I don't think I can actually say I genuinely liked was that the ending was was that the UM with the original story the end scream had actually showed up when the cousin watched it but there was no death as our only release in this version however it's automatically there and it does freak out the protagonist just a little bit not a whole lot but definitely there so I actually like that little inclusion right there you know that way just didn't automatically pop up now another now getting back to the rest of the story itself and I naturally noticed that some parts of the original story were cut out for the sake of realism and I have to commend the author for really you know putting the time and effort into actually doing that that's actually a really good thing of this person did because it in core because it incorporated a much more realistic feel to the episode as well now and also I love the fact that it wasn't changed to our IP mommy and daddy I like that I like that it just remained Max & Ruby zero zero zero for personally I think that was a good inclusion as well another thing is well they also found to be enjoyable is the fact that there's actually a better explanation with the cliches you know like the choking and everything with it actually possibly being just a simple recording of two people choking you know again something I can say is believable and really good to be honest and another thing too that also kind of gets that also works out pretty well with this cream pasta is the fact that you know there was no like automatic ejection or anything like such the protagonist was the one who actually just removed the disk from the player itself which again you know it's a small it's a small different detail but it's a good detail that incorporates realism into the story itself which makes it a million times better another thing as well is the ending I loved it I genuinely can say that the ending in this story was a million times better compared to the last one especially given the fact that it explains you know what exactly could have happened and the fact that you know there could have pasta there there's a good reason for why the police were called in this one you know it very much could have possibly been a crazy person sitting there and hacking the person and finding you know their location and then sending it so of course that that being incorporated was definitely a much better way of ending the entire thing and the whole mentioning of the note being placed there I like the fact that it just wasn't just it just didn't sit there and just happen it was actually included into the DVD and at the DVD case and everything instead of it just being randomly posted on the / on the protagonist door I mean again it's a minor thing but it definitely is a lot better compared to the other story as well but I also like the fact that the ending itself was also very very very satisfying the whole thing about you know the protagonist thinking about the incident and everything and ultimately just trying to figure out what in the world what went on with the whole thing again this was a but overall this was a very well made remake people take as many notes with this as possible there are ways you can make great remakes and there are ways that you can make bad remakes this one is a great remake and honestly it deserves every ounce of love possible and if anything I think that this version should be on the career you pasta Wikia why because it's a major improvement from the original story this is a lot more believable a lot more realistic and actually a lot more freaky when you think about it too but of course like I always say with these creepy pastas and like what I always will continue to say this assembly my own personal opinion and if you disagree with it that's perfectly fine too we're all entitled to our own opinions in regard to these query pastas and this is simply my own personal thoughts my final rating and the story would have to be a full-on 10 out of 10 a beautiful improvement I love the fact of the matter that you know despite the fact that this was rewritten the the main gem parts of the story of the original story were still included into it and not changed a whole lot which is great the cliches in the story were wiped out and changed with something that was a hundred percent a lot more believable and lastly everything was just really good this is a very well made remake of an original crea pasta and I genuinely do believe that if creepypasta wiki were to include one more lost episode in their Wikia this revert this revision of this original story would definitely should definitely be included to be honest it's a beautifully well-made revision of anima creepypasta that we all know and like and I genuinely believe that it's perfect it's perfect people but of course what did you guys think about this creepypasta did you guys enjoy it did you guys not also what would you have personally done to help make the story a lot better and do you think this is a great remake do you think that this is a this is honestly a better version of it let me know your thoughts down the comment section below I'm the shadow reader thanks again for watching today's episode and if you're brand new here to this channel make sure to LIKE comment and subscribe because I make brand new videos every single day and of course like always roll the outro because I'm out you try to scream your mind dates to these new to you woke up you test me the give us a smash run tapes my head crash the cartridge apart will be your final walk the regions of meat will seal your fate the tears it will be from my fear gripping or trip nightmarish or field terrorizing people burning violent rage inducing knife slashing blood splattering tight eat I will tell if you will escape this online your horror build-up sessions will come with its own regressions your pathetic screams will not behave in any way because your nightmares will come at any day

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