Making Secret Artisan Soap 1 | #SecretSoapSeries2019 | Royalty Soaps

Making Secret Artisan Soap 1 | #SecretSoapSeries2019 | Royalty Soaps

(laughing) (baby talk) (laughing) – He’s lookin’ at me
like, where am I going? Hello everyone and welcome
back to Royalty Soaps. Can’t even contain my excitement. It has been four years since
I’ve done a secret soap series. Four years, why did I go so long? I don’t know, but the past, she’s history. And we move forward into the
future with joy in our hearts. And mini guesses in our brains as to what the secret soap series could be this year. There are eight soaps in this series. We will be releasing
a video every Saturday and Wednesday per usual, and then one special one on a surprise Monday. Because of the way that this month fell, we have an extra day. So for those of y’all who
are new to the concept and you weren’t here you
know, (blowing raspberries) four years ago whenever I was
doin’ the secret soap series, essentially what I do
is I create a collection and I don’t tell you guys
hardly anything about it. We’re changing a little
bit of that this year, because in the past, I didn’t
tell you the fragrance. I didn’t tell you the colors. I didn’t tell you the name,
the theme, the nothin’, and then at the very
end I had a puzzle piece where very slowly, parts of the puzzle would come together
and give you guys hints until at the very last video,
all of the puzzle pieces were in place and the secret was unveiled. This year I am going to
tell you the colorants and I am going to tell
you the fragrance oils. This is mainly to help other soap makers who would like to make
soaps, either with the colors that I’m using or with
fragrance blends that I’m using, because I do have quite
a few custom blends in this month’s lineup, so
mainly that’s just to help them. It won’t give away too, too
much for those of you all who aren’t soap makers and are just here for the entertainment value. But I’m still not gonna tell you the name and I’m definitely gonna try to keep all of the hints to a minimum. Kenny did design two of the
eight soaps for this month. And then, your job throughout this month is to leave your guesses
down in the comments below. I’m not going to be telling you anything in the comments below, so
don’t try and tag Royalty Soaps and be like, “Could it be this, girl, “how about a little hint
here,” ’cause you aint gettin’ nothin’, that’ll ruin the surprise. You do wanna stay tuned to the
very end of the video though, because we will be putting
a keyword on the screen and they will add up and hopefully, those keywords will
help you piece together, maybe by the end of it, what
Kenny and I were inspired by and what the theme is this year. If it was confusing,
it will all make sense at the end of the video. (laughing) Well I think that’s about it. I’ve talked your ear off, I am so, like when I sat down to film
this, I was like almost giddy and I’ve had to calm
myself down a little bit because I was like, four years, it’s been four years, it’s
finally happening again. (screaming) So without further ado, let’s make our very first secret soap of 2019. P.S. the secret soap series hashtag should be at the top video,
even above the title. If you would like to
make a fan art inspired by the soaps created here, or
you want to share your guesses on social media, use that hashtag. You might get retweeted or
something, I don’t know. Also at the end of the
series, there will be an entire collection
giveaway to one lucky winner. It will be open internationally,
so there’s that. And without further ado, we can now make the very first soap in the
2019 secret soap series. Let’s get started. Can y’all even believe
that this is the first secret soap series soap,
can y’all hear my lisp? (laughing) That we have made in like
three years, I’m shook. I’m gonna pour in the lye water
while I’m talking about it. Y’all have been asking for
another secret soap series for so long and I just didn’t
have a good enough theme. I didn’t have a good enough theme. I didn’t have a good enough
design to all fit the theme. It was just no, it was a bunch of nope, but we’ve finally done it. We’ve pulled ourselves together. Now let’s take this
beautiful stick blender. It’s brand spankin’ new. It’s from Amazon. Let’s blend on high until
this is just past emulsion. (gentle music) Now, let’s split this up
into four equal portions. I gotta pour. – [Kenny] You gotta wait. – [Katie] Oh this soap is heavy! See, all the people that don’t talk when they’re doing soap
making, they’re wheezin, they’re breathin’ heavy,
they’re huffin’ and puffin’ whenever they’re dumpin’ these things. You just don’t know it
because their beautiful music is playing in the back. (laughing) (Kenny humming) – [Katie] I’m talkin’ to you
Julie from Ophelia Soapery. I know you’re wheezin’. It’s hard to lift these big buckets. (laughing) So the first color that I’m
mixing in is Green Oxide from TKB mixed with Snake
Island Green from Mad Micas. Just gonna pour me a little. Now we have some Aztec
Gold from TKB Trading mixed with some Orange
Oxide from TKB Trading. The orange is in there to sort of anchor the gold a little bit. Brown Oxide mixed with a
teeny tiny bit of Orange Oxide is next, both of those
are from TKB as well. And finally, some Black Oxide
from, can you guess where? Did you say TKB? You’re right, now I’m not 100% sure that the amount of colorant I just put in is gonna be strong enough,
so I might have to add some more later, but we’re
just gonna mix this up and see how we like it. (gentle music) The fragrance oil I am using
today is Fountain of Youth by Nature’s Garden Candles. It’s a very complex fragrance,
so I’m gonna go ahead and leave you guys the scent description on the screen right now. And again, as you can
see, very complicated, but it’s so nice and I think would be appealing to a large audience. With the fragrance oil all blended in, it is time to pour these
into our large container. We’re going to start
with the brown container. I’m gonna pour about half of it in. We’re gonna move to the black container. Once again, pouring about half of it in. Now now the green container. And then the orange gold container. Now for the final pour, we’re
not gonna mix anything up. We’re just gonna pour it into corners. Brown on this side, black on this side, green on this side and
orange on this side. And then very quickly,
I’m going to scrapey, scrapey out these
containies, it doesn’t matter where any of this color
falls, it’s not gonna affect the swirl at all in the slab mold. All right, everything is
in the large container. So let’s pour it into our
brand spankin’ new slab molds, after this quick commercial break. This beautiful slab mold
is from Workshop Heritage and they so generously gifted these to me, even though I was going
to commission them. They are the only company I
have found that would make me custom wooden molds the size I wanted and would make silicone liners as well. They’re absolutely beautiful. This is my first time using it, so I’ll have to let you
guys know how it goes. Okay, we need to pour this now. (laughing) You can see the colors
are staying pretty marbled and pretty separate,
which is what I wanted. Can’t tell you why, but
it is what I wanted. Look at that, it looks like natural rock. Ooh, so pretty. Now I’ve got to scrapey,
scrapey my big containy. And then we’re gonna tap
this down on the ground. Ooh, look upon it, I’m going to place the new and improved (laughing) grid here. I placed the grid on this particular soap because I have to put these embeds on. These are antiquated gears
and old rusty metal pieces. They don’t have to be perfect and is okay if they get chopped. In fact, these big ones, I’m gonna place so they do get chopped
right down the middle. I just wanted all of
the pieces I’m inserting to get cut in such a way
that it doesn’t look bad. (laughing) Some of these pieces are
more broken than others, some are a little more put
together, it’s all varied. In my opinion, this is
Shelly’s most impressive embed work that she’s done yet. I was originally supposed to
make these, but she was like, “No, no Katie, let me
try, let me try to do it.” And she ended up doing an
absolutely perfect job. I hope you guys are enjoying
the color scheme for this soap. I have been experimenting
and learning a lot recently, about color theory and how
to mix colors properly. I’ve been looking at the
Pantone color wheels, which I think are so
fascinating and would be, honestly, such a super
handy tool for me to use when coming up with designs. The only thing that’s kept
me from purchasing them is they’re so diggity-dang expensive. I mean, I can see why. It’s just such, oh man, it’s faint-worthy. They’re like, “Hey, you want
some curated paint swatches? “That’ll be 300 bucks.” At this point, I can remove the grid and we’re just gonna
keep placing these in. Some of the gears and
some of the little keys I have here, I’m trying to sort of overlap onto the other bits so
that they’re poking up a little bit from the soap. Last little gear, all right. The next thing I have to
place on are some rose petals. We’ve got just a little bit of Calendula, not a bunch of this, just a small handful. We have some red safflower
petals and I’m hoping that this on top sort of
pulls out those red tones in both the brown and the
orange within the soap. And I know a lot of the
gears are getting covered up, but remember, once we cut the soap, a lot of these flowers will fall off. And finally, a few lavender buds on top. Not very many, maybe a
quarter of a handful. So now I’m taking a clean spatula. I am just going to gently
tap all of these flower buds into the soap design so
that they don’t fall off and I’m gonna try to get
in these little cracks here around the gears, make sure
that everybody gets a little. It’s like a little hug with a spatula. The soap smells really, really good. So, we are gonna let this
soap sit for 18 to 24 hours and then we’re gonna come back,
we’re gonna split this slab into loaves and cut the loaves into bars after this quick commercial break. – [Kenny] Something else that
I really love about this soap is that it almost looks
like leaves have fallen and covered up broken gears
of a past civilization or something like that. I don’t think you intended that Katie, but it looks really good. (spraying) (upbeat music) – Ooh, you guys, look at the top of this. I like even better the next
day because the greens are doing the right thing
now, they’re not lookin’ as yucky as they did yesterday. Also, hello, oh my gosh, I can’t believe how swirly this got. We do have a little bit
of muddying in this area, but overall, it’s pretty precise and these lines just look like marble. I’m gonna turn it towards me so that we don’t get any drag marks. Line up those sample bars correctly. This is still a pretty fresh batch, so it’s relatively easy to cut as well. Okay, let’s take one out of the middle. Come this way my friend, out the middle. And this is what it
looks like on the inside. So you can see, every
single bar is going to be very, very different,
that’s one of the reasons why I like a thick in-the-pot swirl. There’s also a little bit
of a wood grain pattern here on the bottom, and then,
when you look at the top, you’ve got all the
flowers and then you have all of the gears embedded. And every single bar is going
to have multiple gear pieces. I also really love the
color palette with this. Kenny and I were a little
bit afraid that it might end up lookin’ like
camo, and if it had been a lot thicker, it might would have. But, because it was so
runny, now it looks, well, a little bit rusty. The question of the day is do you prefer the steampunk style or the gothic style? And there is a difference. (laughing) Ah, I’m going with gothic, I think. Why are you laughing? – It’s funny.
– Why? – [Kenny] Because you’re
not gothic at all. – [Katie] Well I’m not steampunk at all. (laughing) – Well.
– Well what? – [Kenny] You got big
goggles and you’ve got gears on your high heels, I
don’t know about that. (Katie laughing) – [Katie] Oh he lies, anyway,
(laughing) if you would like to vote on this question
of the day, you can do so in the upper right hand
corner of the screen. Check it out, it’s like a nebula. – [Kenny] Higher, yes. That looks like Cthulhu or something. Two eyes, the Dark Lord! – [Katie] What’s Cthulhu? – [Kenny] He’s a big ol’ octopus guy. – [Katie] Oh, look at the
tops, look at the tops, wee! – [Kenny] It makes you
rethink you’re answer to that question, doesn’t it? – Yes, (laughing) no, okay. Do you have your guesses
lined up and ready? Leave them down in the
description box below. We will be looking, but we
will not be giving any hints. If you would like to follow
us on our Instagrams, you can. We have one for me and all of my things with my kids and whatever. We got one for Kenny and
all of his single self. And of course, we have
one for Royalty Soaps which just recently hit 100,000 followers, I never thought that was possible. YouTubers like to say that
all the time, they’re like, “I never thought this was possible.” But it’s soap, y’all,
it’s soap, that’s crazy. There’s a difference between
being like a bikini model and going, “I don’t
know how this happened,” and, I literally make soap for a living. I don’t know how this happened. So we’re doing a giveaway over
there and if you wanna enter, you have to go follow us on the Instagram. Once again, this soap will be available on October 5th, 2019, 3:00 p.m. Hopefully this helps some
people who are international and they’re not having
to stay up all night just to get some soap. I’m legit so excited to see you guys in the next video on Saturday. I have had an illustration
of a soap design like almost exactly like the
one that I make on Saturday for, I think, six years
and I’ve never done it. Y’all are gonna love it and until then, have an absolutely royal day. Do something for yourself today, whether that is changing which weights you use in your workout regiment, I was using five pounds, now I can use 10! Or maybe trying to do something that kind of intimidates you a lot. As an example, I did
Lily’s birthday party. I really wanted to make
her a balloon garland because that girl loves balloons so much. I’ve never done it before, it looked like such a massive undertaking
and yet, I did it. I was able to do it, I just needed to take the leap of faith. Take your leap of faith today. And I will see you guys on Saturday. So until then, have an
absolutely royal day and bye for now. Duchess of Suds, out. (train chugging) (gentle music)

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