Making Saturn from Wood – Art, Sculpture, Woodturning

Making Saturn from Wood – Art, Sculpture, Woodturning

A repeat patron asked me recently if I could
make the planet Saturn. I thought that is a very interesting and fun
challenge. Of course, I could not say no. I was looking around the garage to see what
I had available. I found this ring that I glued up, I do not
know, maybe two years ago. It has just been sitting around because I
have not had a use for it. I glued it up for another project. I just never used it. I thought this could make the ring of Saturn. However, I do not recommend that you glue
up segmented rings like this and just use one individual ring. This can fail due to wood movement. I had problems with other pieces I made. A noob mistake on my part. This one has been sitting around for quite
some time. It seems fine so far. This is about the biggest piece of dry wood
I have left here in the shop. I am going to make the actual planet from
this piece of reclaimed heart pine. Let us have a go. I am going to attempt to use my cole jaws
to turn this, very carefully. I do not recommend doing this either. If I tighten these too tight, it will force
the pieces apart. That would not be fun. It would certainly be exciting! Obviously, I will not be able to do the inside. I can flatten both sides and make the edge
round. For the inside, I might have to just use the
angle grinder. It seems everything turned out alright. No mishaps. Not a perfect circle on the inside. Oh well. I think that is OK. Now, I just have to start on the planet. I have a half-circle template here that I
just cut out of a piece of cardboard. It is going to represent the profile of my
sphere. It is slightly bigger than what I need for
this piece of wood. I think it will be OK. I attached the ring to the planet with these
bamboo skewers that I blacked out with a marker. I have not glued them in or anything. I am not really happy with how delicate that
is. I wish I had something just a little bit thicker. I turned a couple of ash dowels. They are about slightly less than 1/4 of an
inch. I am going to drill a 1/4 inch hole in these
holes I already drilled. I am just going to open them up a little bit. I want to make a base for it. I have this scrap of walnut sitting around. I cannot even remember what I made with this. This is the right size to fit in the chuck. I can just hold it in the jaws and make a
little egg cup-like thing.

8 thoughts on “Making Saturn from Wood – Art, Sculpture, Woodturning

  1. Who has a glued up segmented ring hanging around their shop for years? ๐Ÿ˜ฒYou do ! ๐ŸคฃI turned out really nice Gammie, I hope you patron apreciated it – I'm sure he did – 5โญ's

  2. Cammie, appears that life is turning around. Nice to have people value your work. Noticed a face shield??? How does it work for you? I fog up my glasses wearing a dust mask. Not too safe. Nice save on the supports for the rings and great to not have a blow out??? Murphy must be visiting me now. LOL!

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