MAKING POLAROID INSPIRED ART | 3 Christmas Watercolor Mini Painting Ideas for Beginners

MAKING POLAROID INSPIRED ART | 3 Christmas Watercolor Mini Painting Ideas for Beginners

Hello guys! How are you? I hope you’re
doing well. Today I’m feeling a holiday vibe so I’m
going to show you my step-by-step tutorial to create this little and cute
Polaroid inspired artworks using watercolor. So this is my second video
from my Christmas inspired tutorial series. The first one was the one with
the Christmas wreath tutorial. If you haven’t seen it then after this video is over, go ahead and watch that one. I’ll link it in the card somewhere on the screen. Now let me explain you what I’m doing
here. I’m using a combination of Payne’s Grey and Cerulean Blue, a light
combination, mixed with a lot of water, to create the shadows on the Snowman. Also I want the right side to be more in the shadow, and I intensify that color by
adding more Payne’s grey. I also soften the edges of the paint on the inside of
the Snowman. I’m painting the snowman’s hands , and by hands
I mean sticks, with my burnt umber and I also use my Payne’s grey again and I’m
taking it right from my palette because I want the color to be darker,
almost a black color, which I’ll use for the snowman’s eyes mouth and buttons For the carrot / nose I’m using my cadmium orange and because I decided that this little watercolor Polaroid painting will have a blueish theme, I went for the blue hat and you will see
me less later having some blue background as well. For this one I used
cerulean blue. I’m adding a thicker blue paint to
create the shadows on the head and also on the scarf. And let’s not forget to
create just a little tiny bit of a hint of this fake fur on the hat and on
the tassel. And I just realized that my snowman doesn’t have enough shadow on it so I am adding more gray or darker gray. Now I’m creating my shadow for the
carrot / for the nose, and for this I’m using my cadmium red. This little tree
baubble needs some color as well so I go with the same blue as I did on my
snowman. Now guys, I have to ask you, it is
November I know it’s not even December but do you think about Christmas? Do you
think about the present that you will get or that you will give to your loved
ones? Well I’m thinking about it and that’s why I included this present right
here. And at first I started with a darker
blue, my Prussian blue, but I failed because I didn’t like the contrast and I
switched it up as you have already seen. I continued with that part of the baubble
that you get to wrap around the twine and also the twine I don’t really make details on it because I will paint later the tree branch and that
twine will not show so much under it Now, if you’ve already seen my Christmas
wreath tutorial in watercolor you may have already seen how I am painting these
tree branches. I use three steps for this. My first step is to use my Viridian
green for the base color of the branch, of these needles, and then I am using a darker green to create a shadowy effect in the middle of it, and
after that I am using a combination of Viridian green and Indian yellow to
create a mix of yellow green for the highlights and I put it right on
the margins of the branch. And of course let’s not forget the presents bow. And if I told you I’m going with the
blue for this Polaroid painting and I am adding it on the margins and then
softening up the edges on the inside part. And this is it. I just finished the
first little painting of my Christmas Polaroid series. The second Polaroid
artwork in this tutorial series is a Christmas cookie inspired one so you’ll see here a House cookie and a heart cookie filled with white cream on top. And I am first
painting the pine branches because I want to get rid of them, if I am being
serious, and I’ve already shown you in the last painting, in the first one on
this tutorial, how I am doing this branch If you want to recreate my
tutorials please tag me in your Instagram and if you are posting your
recreations. Because I I truly truly want to see what are you doing, what are you
guys and how are you approaching my tutorials and my style. And I also want to see
if there is something that I need to improve in my content. I would be so glad
to see anyway what you were up to and what you are creating. So after applying my base layer of burnt
umber on the cookies and after painting the twines using my payne’s gray, I’m
starting to add the shadows on these cookies, and for that I’m using a thicker
paint of the same color burnt umber but being thicker it will be darker. Also for a little texture on the cookie
I am using my yellow ocher and I am dabbing it on the cookies just to create
a little bit of texture on the dough Let’s not forget the shadows on
the white cream and we’ve come to the finish line for the second painting in
this series. In this tutorial and for that I am recreating the background as I
created it on my other painting, on the first one, by applying a yellow ochre and
softening the edges on the inside of the painting. Now, my next painting looks a
little more hard, a little more difficult, but it is not. Trust me. It’s just a
rectangle with some shapes in it and this is actually a fireplace with the
socks that our Santa Claus should leave the gifts in, and I also tried to add a
fire there. That’s a first for me. So after finishing painting the pine
branches I started to add my cadmium red on the socks and on the bulbs from the
sides of the fireplace. And then I mixed a combination of burnt umber and the
yellow ochre to be a little more lighter and I’m adding it on the sides of for
the fireplace. For these bricks here, I’m using burnt
sienna, and for this bricks here if I am using the lighter payne’s gray and you
will see me later adding the shadows on these bricks using
a darker Payne’s grey with not so much water. I am now painting the fire using
the cadmium Orange and I am lightening it with water and I’m using
it as my lighter color. And after, for the shadow. For the darker part of the
fire I am using a cadmium red, and right now I am suggesting the four on the
socks.And right now I am using my burnt umber to draw some lines on the sides of
the fireplace just to suggest some forms on these parts. By drawing out these lines I’m
suggesting the shapes of the firewood. Now, let’s apply the same finishing look
on the background using the cadmium red. And the last painting in this series of
tutorials is done! Now let me show you some pulling of the
tape. I know you’ll love it so much. I get requested so many times to show this on my videos and here it is! And these are my finished pieces! I hope you loved
it and I hope you really enjoyed my tutorial. If you were recreating my
artwork please tag me on Instagram. I would love to see your
recreations. And until next time, I hope you have a great day, a great day week,
and I will see you in the next one. Bye guys!

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  1. I'm back with more polaroid inspired paintings, and I hope you'll like these 3 Christmas Watercolor Mini Painting Ideas for Beginners. These polaroid watercolor paintings are easy to paint and I hope you'll want to recreate them yourself.

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