hello everyone and welcome back to in the pan with Joe and Diane cool where no I just had a pony and that's a real a professional dancer anyway today we were doing something new on this channel we are recreating food that have been found on Pinterest that's gonna really annoy me that's annoying yeah I didn't hear that fire alarms going off it's not it's like the battery's running out before it what you want upstairs now it's this one no I'm a voice time I'm your toaster I'll fix it Oh Oh do you know what it's like you know how when you go to light hotels in Bali no I can't relate and they stuff okay air freshener okay let's get it that's like really dangerous Jose you never put a knife in a toaster it's not a toaster don't be a beer all day should be a Cooking Channel on how to channel get down gonna hurt yourself just get off smash it well we could have absolutely good I put your tongue on that put your tongues to test it test it do you do you do honestly what if I put it on your tongue that's not my pants my kneecap bloody idiot get it nah no where were we at right where were we anyway welcome back to in the parmigiana and we are recreating the foods from Pinterest now we've never seen any of these images were about to see Joshua's gone out and found the images and also the three that we need to recreate these Pinterest masterpieces are you ready for this yeah we excited you redefined the first one its finest let's see what we've been given right the first image we'll be making today is a watermelon fruit pizza that's cool that's awesome okay so I'm guessing we're gonna need from this a watermelon watermelon cool I got the watermelon I would say yes normally but I'm really worried you better cut your hand off now let me do it can you get me a knife please will you please be careful there yes you got a cut no Mike you've already gone wrong what you wanna get the wit widest band as the peaks base but please be careful it's not fruit ninja because it was slight it was slide enjoyed and please be careful oh my god it's going through like lose it what would you not take the label off oh that is cool and this is a cereal bowl what do you mean what you're doing think about what you're doing yeah I am I used to cut watermelons as a kid almost cut your fingers off stop stop I'm taking over I did it okay so have you done that look cakes are meant to be like cake it's a watermelon piece it's a take Jones look no it's not good with your hand stop cutting towards your hand listen to me I hate this episode I love it still do it a little bit any other in here yeah a little bit just do it Oh little bit more yeah okay right it works it works and I'll spread won't be put on there that was a coincidence what do you mean to do that watermelon in cream oh I love do you like cream okay and then like we'll put it down oh no you I hate this kind of cream that looks correct leaves the wrong cream for it now we need loads of it on Josh that he wanted oh I think I can hit you somewhere really bad right now right back to our eye you stink like cream sorry Josh got to see that so now to make it look more like a cake one it's not it's a pizza yeah I'm saying it's more like a cake okay yeah that's quite good I told you when I said now you need a strawberries on the outside chopped up another chopping board I'm gonna put one on each of these you're not following them the thing I know Wow just making it a bit more creative we're trying to reap the harder the videos of recreating okay from now on we'll do the same sure she's bought some ranked strawberries I think your strawberries are such an underrated fruit at the pizza communion times but oh no what grapefruit are you following the thing Joe I told you I'm doing a bit I'm getting creative you said just after that that okay yeah that's the last thing I do then I'll stick no I mean like out other creative you can do it you can freeze on this one but when it comes to where a xanax yeah I do know on so many things Joe you is cuz I think too much fruit saying you should have stuck to the thing maybe blamejosh should have stopped rush was the word haven't got it so good a minute look good there you go no I know what else we need because it's like a healthy cake why don't we put like somehow you know you've got hundreds and thousands yeah that you guys pick up it's not cake it's a cake it's not that's gonna make it overflow you're doing too much it's gonna go it's gonna go it's gonna go it's gonna go Alex okay go right where's that big knife now let's cut it in the middle yeah move out the way Make A Wish Make A Wish might wish to my cut I will okay good carefully cut one slice I'm gonna eat tips we have to go in the pan ready okay breeze pull away get away oh that's not too bad hey good one don't put a sharp knife do you not like cream no that was tip number one we quit oh you can smell your head from here that's right next up we have Oh Apple peanut butter tea I love that that job that looks very easy but we'll see should we do one each I reckon it's quick less than one each apple with peanut butter holes nice peanut butter marshmallow well I'm gonna use these ones cuz that's like the government in that slightly – oh my god yeah that's cool yeah it's almost like we're gonna make one each yes let's make one each alright one's got that knife out cuz that's the knife I chose to use thinks what I need to do is go you need like a nice precision Apple you mess up ready Anya no cut yeah pull here – that's what I reckon you need I'm gonna have like lips I've had injection fillers before I'm already way I'm already well ahead of your schedule this is a great idea yes cool isn't it it's gonna cut your Apple like this so anyone app alerts it watch this ready abracadabra alakazam turn this into mini bits food that I think your lips are too thin no seems to be all wrong yours that isn't it like the mouth now yeah mine I told you might have had fillers yeah and I want the gum on mine I'm actually chopping a bit out of the Apple it's got a carve-out the Apple let's give you my new calling in life I thought it'd be a really good Apple Carver how do you stand up how do you cut yours at the complete wrong thing you've actually gotten way too heavy-handed what do you mean like you'll see what I mean I find it fascinating how your brain works in time why you've missed an absolute trick well the teef sorry the it could be teeth yeah but I wanted gums yeah but you just took him in the top so you got a bit of pink can you cut it so you got a bit of pink and the rest is too for that tell you have it then that would have worked way better you've completely messed up Aven it's gonna be it's gonna be a one-nil lead to Joseph go quite gently we were at a party Eric and mine will get taken first I think people would think that's a bit too much to me they see my amulet oh my god dadless is made from Pinterest doesn't Pinterest food Joey you're cool how are you so good at stuff a mess after that's the one question I hate being ass Joe why are you so good at stuff still I am I'm would be easily talented first it's a lot of peanut butter as well just like granddad's false teeth I don't really normally like to say you're right Joseph said it yet I knew it I never said it yet I knew it that is for Josh to figure out whose looks better I wonder if I could put braces on mine as well as a 1 set the input one set of teeth in oh damn you tried to Phil you got Boyd oh my god dad you guys killed any minion you forgot licorice for braces we do remember Zoey had a party if you're gonna put too much stuff on there no or I could put a roll of Vegemite you ready for this the big reveal a thing waiting for Joseph so you ready for this dead dead dead dead Oh drats mine's more of a Halloween special gonna try and add a strawberry tongue just to get more points they cut down the chocolate and looks good tongue as well looks so much like a tongue oh we're on to win a hit look at that for a tongue that is cool we're doing just trying something different oh look at that 0:06 that is cool wait ones that one's working – don't mind working on my new calling in life look mine's working – but you can't you're just you're just cheating now no no no could Caban it's recreating pinterest foods yeah but I told you you're allowed to get creative that looks awful doesn't it what would Chris Lilly say if he is here mm-hmm yes say don't put me down hold on your face that's quite cool you make me come in yeah isn't that scary it's it's messy and horrible it's not as neat as mine but I would say yeah not bad not bad cuz then you could go extreme you could get that eyes so there we go that was Pinterest food recreated number two that one's sick here we go which are you gonna try I just tried this one yeah I think I should try that one okay ready that's good about 2,000 calories right there choose it okay I keep the time say let's start I don't eat it when it's too good when I stick it it does I didn't even five hung up it was on a bit more time oh I'm gonna to come out oh my tooth come out get it you know what you get it okay Appling um they're well together not sure about them though well I'll have to say Joey's been way better but I do like this one okay so last up for reacting to pinterest foods we have oh that's amazing I love that that's a bit of you that was just off frankfurters hey whatever no we got us we cocktail sticks okay come on fix this hole it was in here we got a toothbrush oh let yours cheers – oh we got wieners hot dogs sausage how about that sausage is ill got cucumber as if I saw six pungent it in a jar what as if the sausage comes in a jar so I'm coming tins or jars yeah it's very good I love those yeah you like that Patrice black peppercorns obviously a little bread and a little low kind of Pinos after that I think the headlights on the car and I lettuce is this Oh quite quite used to make I think's okay all right let let me sort the bread out what can I do then Joe oh oh so I sort the bread out you're gonna be my sous chef on this one no yeah I wanna I'll do that I'll do the sausages cuz I want to make sure that no yeah let me do one at least let me do one whilst Diane's making order the sausage family you're gonna get for that one are you yeah I'm gonna get the bread oh they smell so rank and get a bread and I need a bread knife so we're gonna cut the front off his car is so cool and I meanwhile I'm gonna cut the mouth out here's the front of the car it's a square car and then we need to make Oh something smells so good oh my god that's the most perfect mouth of it right with that film sausage party Oh Frank a wedge out I think that's good look we should test out look at that yes so cute never thought I'd say bread was cute making two cuts in it they're pricey this is actually really tricky ok say ok if we make it to a bus yeah he's got more sausages yeah we got so many sausages yeah this is fun I could beat up I got because we have a party house we're gonna say can we have children's we can make this for a packed lunch we have a party at your house so we can just do like like this look at that free person car oh so cool we're gonna put mini a road in the seat that's his name can be sown except got a little I'm gonna have some hair as well no no don't go too crazy next time we need a lettuce leaf to use as like seating to the cars and tear it off and place in there like so there we go there's one this is my new favorite thing in life I love it I shall make I just want to make sandwich art the rest of my life let us know down the comments which one you thought was best and also let us know who you thought did a better job of each one in there for the teeth let us know who do the best for the teeth let us know what you think was the best one in jail I'm making up with this sausage man yeah yeah it's good oh my god I'm giving him hair like it's gonna have a little black curly afro okay so you gotta let his seat I mean the only thing with this is a don't think peanut butter really goes with the Frankfort ah you know what happens this stick goes through it holds all the sausages in no it wasn't white on the end that's cool so whilst I'm still making her sausage people I'm gonna create the wheels for the car getting a cucumber chopped there and chopped yeah that's one wheel I've got the funnest job you have yeah I'm definitely gonna have a go at making one of these people you could get as well because it was a very important part that show yeah I guess come on hear that Oh huh lost a wheel imagine if your mum and dad you come downstairs for school and you come down to find out that your mom and dad have made you a sandwich like this for school you would become the most popular kid in school I know if you won't be popular at school kids this is how you do it trust me look at this car it's like a rose it's like an old Rolls Royce oh my god I'm here we done better than the actual original I think so too oh my goodness I mean you could probably use instead of peanut butter use something that goes to the sausage more where we always use the hotdog toss d'azyr so that can be mum and dad sat in the car okay there's no need to cut their legs I can't believe you're eating mum and dad yeah that's for now oh no you gotta save them stick your dick in a my favorite corner making a decision here yep coming through now gee your hair smells like cream do how don't skewed obscured the dad a fishy skewered the dad is that hold him in yes Oh everyone's going right yeah he's loving life so right now I'm just doing the mom skew the mom and we got to make kids we're gonna make kids show where the kids Joe users little ones put them in half oh let's make the babies before we do that yes mum and dad are in no no dad's what dads having it probably yes okay oh it's amazing yeah the kids haven't developed yeah they're bold little bold kids yeah and the vibe and I reckon a shorter one the coolest thing ever I love it that is so good you put the jalapeno eyes headlights on the car yeah a bonnet this is oh oh it's right oh my god that's the baby of the group Joe it's had kids no we absolutely have not there we have no hearts no stop it cause one maryberry little little jalapeno headlights in the car oh this is Mary Barry and Michelangelo in the back what the let's move random names for a kid this is one I'd marry Barry in a Bakula okay yeah she's crying anyway yeah oh she lost by four eyes she's asleep very good we did two more kids they would probably be just normal guys they would probably be wearing a cap I reckon as well I think you come back yeah you come back no you can't you can you wait too heavy you would have strawberry in your sandwich that's anything you're kind of ruined it there oh you wouldn't have been a buttery that will Jenny would peanut butter sandwich with a Frankfurt you haven't given him eyes Joe fine he's asleep it's not fine it's fine seriously Joe I can't deal with you and look at this he's rushing everything that is so cool they need eyes they look scary out that is amazing right I know exactly what I'm gonna do Oh bread head Bradbury at the back you put way too much on to be way too much bread head buzzer no that was me Nardo look at that oh my god it is so cool I'm in love with it right so there you go that I think I lost one thing you really think we may have them set in the actual original I feel like we've succeeded very well he's so impressive guys give it a try oh no no no no no not Freddie Prinze jr. free Bruce jr. say them I love this this has been my favorite thing that we've ever done in the pen guys I hope you enjoy this video let us know which ones you like the best give it a go yourself at home try it out send us in your photographs and your attempts of this get creative with it try make a helicopter out of crap so I'll make a boat or make one and take it to school you for lunch yes you see what the reaction teammates reactions to it anyway I do this episode if you did give it a thumbs up subscribe the channel for more stuff like this and we will see you again very soon with another episode Cheers goodbye you


  1. Diane you ruined it by not following thatโ€™s why it failed! ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

  2. "I just wanna do sandwich art for the rest of my life"

    Couple goals ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ never a dull moment with these two. Young at heart โœŠ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜˜

  3. Dianne looks like she is wearing an Amazonian headband, with that whipped cream. All in all, she looks like a red-haired Wonder Woman. Joe looks like he had a turban, at one point that shrank quite a bit. Love you both very much. <3<3

  4. Last one was the best๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ joe 100% won the apple teeth one๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. I can't get past the lack of consideration for the practicality of taking that bread car to school for lunch it's just impossible LOL

  6. I think my favorite part of this video is how excited you guys are about making the hot dog family bus ๐Ÿ˜†

  7. Aaawww In The Pan Dianne you be you because you are so cute and funny and I love it when you do things differently and the way you're brain works. Keep going over the top and Joe never say Dianne has got anything wrong. ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’™ love you both.

  8. Dianne "you shouldn't put a knife in a toaster" Joe (serious face) " it's not a toaster Dianne" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚love her ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’™

  9. They are so cute ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
    Joe cares about her so much!!
    Although โ€œletโ€™s make kids, joe, letโ€™s make kidsโ€. I donโ€™t think she realised
    I canโ€™t stop laughing this whole video ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚xxxxxx

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