MAKING MY OWN TRADING CARDS?! | Drawing my OC’s on ATC’s | Artist Trading Cards

MAKING MY OWN TRADING CARDS?! | Drawing my OC’s on ATC’s | Artist Trading Cards

Oh what are these? so these are artists
trading cards I bought these back when these things
were popular so… I was a teenager I never really used them so I thought
would be fun to finally do that ♪ I guess I did use them interesting I’ve brought
together a few tools I thought would be useful for the job you know including this
sponge…. the sponge isn’t important. I’ve actually never read this [reading:]
“artist trading cards are miniature pieces of art that “are traded around the world. Artists
create, trade, and collect art at “organized swap events either in person or
online. The only official rule for ATC’s-” (Artist Trading Cards) that’s the cool
lingo for artist trading cards) “is that they are 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches” [stops reading:]
which these are so if you’ve ever wanted to make your own all you have to do is just cut
out a piece of paper or apparently there’s no rule you can cut out a piece
of wood – you could draw it a sponge but not the sponge it’s the wrong size – it
breaks the rules!! and I have quite a few of these left so I thought it would be
fun just to draw like some of my original characters on these and create
like Trading Cards I think it’d be fun to put like you know the name of the
character and make it look I don’t know like a card? a trading card situation. I’ve also got my sketchbook here cuz I think it would be handy to
make these look better if I have like paper I can go off the edge with and
also to thumbnail! I think the first one I want to do is Weelz – let me try and
create a little box that’s similar proportions to this card and I actually- I
guess it wasn’t in this sketchbook must have been in my last sketchbook. I was
actually planning out some kind of like cards and I was having wheels kind of
bent over tying her rollerskate because then it kind of fits inside these
dimensions and also shows like one of her most recognizable attributes which
are her roller skates what would be cool is if the card comes out this way and
then it says her name in- oops can’t spell mm-hmm something like this and
then maybe I’ll make some more for like her gang kind of want to keep them
simple because obviously this is a very small canvas we’re working with what if she has a backpack so it can show her skateboard and then lastly, we have Skoot – I’m not sure how to incorporate her rollerblades… this one might
be a little tricky… we could do a sideways card and kind of fit something
more like this what’s cool about creating thumbnails
that kind of like roughly outline the shape of your canvas is that you can go
outside of them so if you realize: “oooOoo you liked this area better” I can
kind of move it and then I can get a good justification of what its gonna
look like whereas if you actually draw directly on the canvas for your first
sketch and you realize “oh I want to move them up” it’s too late you know? you have
to erase the whole thing what if she’s holding her rollerblades
hey look like I was saying: we can move it over here and then you can have a better
view of these skates so now we know we want the face further to the left on the
page when we draw directly on the paper by the way these aren’t their real names, it’s
their nicknames this I really like this pose so I kind of want to deal with that
one I think I’m also-wait… if I turn the body a little so I can see the skates
more like this does that look any good? which one do I
like better? because right off the bat I like that one better because it just turned
out better faster but that doesn’t mean it’s the better idea I think this one
showcases her face a little bit more so I kind of want to go with that route so now all we have to do is since we did all the groundwork here so I know the
face kind of goes here and we want those skates here and then we want like the
name here I might shrink the name down some more
so that there’s more room and I also kind of want a border of some kind – it
doesn’t have to be thick I just want it to kind of be there you know do you guys want a second camera angle? now all we have to do is kind of just replicate the
pose make sure we lay down the same groundwork so that the pose isn’t too
flimsy – the body would be there head is here Skoot has kind of a
heart-shaped face is how I would describe it and each of these characters
actually are based off of a shape she’s based off hearts,
she’s based off a star but her face ends up being kind of more of a rectangle and
then Weelz is based off of circles I don’t know if you’ve noticed it but it
helps me kind of keep their characters separate and I feel like it helps make
them each look like their own individual so she has like a heart -all her
accessories are heart shaped, see I like having this paper behind it cuz I can
kind of go off if I need to and then I can also figure out where this arms
gonna go then we can draw skate – Shoes are hard enough to draw on feet
we’ll see how this goes now there’s a lot of weird space here so I think I’m
gonna try and turn the skates a little bit more to fill the space – also her body
seems really small compared to that one and she also has a heart on her shirt
hopefully can squeeze that in there it really comes down to those skates
doesn’t it? I wanted them included in the card this is this is my fault I want the rollerblades kind of filling up this area ,I’m kind of trying to break it down
into a really simple shapes then that’s where the wheels would be then we have the thing that holds the wheels together usually have like you know the buckles do they have one here? maybe. and then ties there you just need to kind of add enough
details to where they look like skates little section that like goes over the
wheels like this heyy!! I like it! how often do you say that? we just need the
other one but the other ones in the background so we could probably get away
with it being kind of um what’s that called? when you fill it in? kind of like
that So now it looks like there’s two skates but I really only had to draw one so
I’ve got some Ohuhu markers for some nice really bold saturated things and I have
my Copic markers for some lighter tones now her design is kind of like pink and
turquoise probably gonna go with the ‘turquoise
green light’ if the turquoise is gonna be bold we’re gonna need a more pastel pink ooh I like that so maybe these two next to each other just need to erase
everything lightly goodbye sketch it was nice knowing you add some quick line art I’m gonna give her a little heart earring for her face I
kind of want to use a more subtle color that way hopefully it won’t look so crazy and
maybe it’ll blend into the lips a little more — I just need to erase some of these
pencil so we can do the marker on top of it –oh!! I forgot elbow pads can I make
that work without looking really dumb? not really I’m gonna have to it’s too important so I’m gonna color her first and then I’ll
choose the colors for the rest of the card after that – try not to go past that
edge where the text is gonna go her skates are mostly white actually except
for some green and some pink and this is actually gray – I need a gray it’s a nice neutral
gray mm-hmm it’s going well so far and we can use that pale turquoise light
for the turquoise-y-bitts I guess it was kind of dumb to color those in pink.. oh well she looks a little mad, I don’t know where I went wrong there probably
the eyebrows bright green wheels and then the laces can be green – this
heart’s supposed to be green but I think I’m gonna leave it white for now I’m
gonna use raw umber for the hair it actually gets lighter on the end so I’m
gonna switch it over to the potato brown when we get to her ends be careful and
try to color this in try not to go outside the lines this is where those brush tips
come in really handy that blended really well and go back to potato brown potato brown is just that perfect orangey red brown and I love it and then
we can use raw umber for her eyebrows Oh the cool thing about dark colors is you can kind of fix
where you messed up with the line art, try layering some colors I don’t have the exact color I’m looking for so it’s up to me to make it I could
start with that and then maybe use one of the more saturated browns for like–
see that’s becoming more gray as I watch it
fade so that’s not gonna work either that one might work I’m gonna take E25
and we’ll start with like some of the areas you won’t notice as much
that’s kind of a tip don’t start with the face if you’re unsure about the skin
tone because everyone will notice it actually that might okay – actually
working really well I don’t think I even need to mix that now sometimes even in
swatches you can’t really get a good idea of what it’ll look like until you
try it in the actual drawing I think I’ll use this same color layer it again for
blush probably even… not sure let me try it on this- add a little pink to around the eyes
and blend that out keep even around the nose okay I really like that that works
that worked way better than I thought it would, I’m gonna add pink to the ends of
the hair too cuz they’re like the only part of this drawing that looks orange —
now looking at it I kind of want the border to be this turquoise so I’m gonna
try and actually use the chisel tip for this I’m trying to get a perfect
straight line voila mm-hmm! now I think I’ll color in this whole section with it as well and then draw
with a white gel pen: her name I just need to fill this all in it’s kind of like a
slanted Polaroid it’s kind of cute This is one of those markers I have that’s running low now
let me try and use a white gel pen for some accents and such it won’t be super
obviously because I used such a light color for the background but we can try outlining
her here we go I kind of wanna if once
dries repaint the heart with the dark turquoise – yes I do like that better (good thing because its permanent) here is the first one, I want to go ahead and do at
least another one here – and since we still don’t know what Weelze is going to look like – we
can do Dex I want to keep in mind that her face is a little bit more
rectangular I don’t wanna give her pigtails Weelz has pigtails – helmets now
there’s a lot of extra space up at the top so I wonder if I can just make the
helmet bigger does that solve my problems? we need the strips for the backpack she has a two-tone mullet which is why this
little floof coming out from the helmet is going to be a different color than
the rest of her hair all right so just need to follow the same steps obviously
now her color scheme is turquoise and yellow [meticulous lineart] I feel like I always draw
her the worst kind of sucks to be Dex because I have the least emotional
attachment to her maybe it means it’s time for a redesign? not my best should
have spent a little bit more time on that but let’s just quickly color her in
as well as her bottom layer of hair which we might have to layer up a couple
times cuz it’s supposed to be black then we need that turquoise so I got this
shirt maybe i’m gonna use one of those lighter turquoise/green mist or whatever
‘moon white’ color getting some more the green sections — huh! I meant to color that
in yellow! what was I thinking ?! uhoh but I like to not use straight black
for anything because it can be really harsh let me try this Neutral Gray 6 some reason there is green on the actual
ruler so it left lines there… yeah I can’t do anything about that alright I
don’t really like this one so I could kind of feel myself rushing myself with
this one and I really don’t like the way it turned out and instead of pushing
myself to make the Weelz one I think I’m going to take a little bit of a
break and come back to it and try it with some fresh eyes and maybe get
something that looks good like this one I’ve learned that when I’m
feeling “art blocky” it’s because I’m rushing myself and I can have weird
expectations for myself and that’s when it kind of looks mehh so yeah I’m gonna
come right back rejuvenated and ready to draw Weelz whoo okay so I think where I
went wrong know that I’m looking at this with fresh eyes is that I think I spent
half as much time on this as I did on this and that made a huge difference you
can kind of see this one’s just a lot better planned out and this one it’s
kind of like hiding a lot of the anatomy mistakes with hair so what we need to do
I’m gonna actually trace this so we can work exactly in the right dimensions and
I think that’ll definitely help me out maybe these are random streaks will
inspire me I’m gonna make these little pigtail holders circle things bigger
this is such a popular girl pose and I’m not sure that suits her personality [keeps drawing it anyway] oh
yeah I’m getting back on track here this doesn’t really suit Weelz but it was
fun to draw really like the kind of flow of the drawing ♪ think I got distracted ♪ it all started I was trying to just kind of block out some of these strokes so you
could see her face better and then I just went on the Posca pen frenzy! let me see see if it fits in there oops I’m making a mess and I’m having an
absolute blast I use this messy one so we’re just gonna have to try and copy it
ourselves I think I actually want to like tilt her head a little though, her
fists up here her other hands down here try to use a
guideline for the eyes even though when does that actually help me line them up? I don’t like this face as much as that one so I need to try and see what the difference is okay it’s definitely not the same drawing but that changes things up makes
it more fresh right just? lightly erase the face trying get these proportions I
really like the ones up here…it’s getting really stiff — I don’t know if it’s
because I’m trying to keep it all contained but it needs to be free! maybe
with that in mind if I lightly erase it and then draw overtop again I’m gonna
just kind of try and do a little bit of that it looks like she’s dancing make
sure I’m allowed to draw outside of the frame — this has a lot more movement to it
which I really like letting myself be messy with this I think is definitely
helping I feel like it’s becoming looser as I go and when I get really stiff is
when the art turns out a little bit more like that one I just need uh let
myself breathe yeah I think this is gonna work okay I’m getting excited
that’s a good sign let’s go ahead and lighten up the lines
again that’s better for now and since I spent so much time on this sketch this
should come really easy hopefully someone asked the other day
“why do you always draw the two middle fingers as one piece?” and that’s because
five fingers is just too complicated for me I liked it simplify it down into four
and one just really big one so it doesn’t look like she’s missing a finger
and sometimes I’ll even draw a little line in there to kind of hide my
problems for this hand I have one good hand so the odds of me getting two good
hands in one drawing are very slim hmm it’s not terrible i’ll take it the other day when I
drew her and I used only Ohuhu markers I didn’t really have the right skin tone
for her but I love everything else so I’m gonna use those same colors which I
believe was potato brown for the hair yusss such a beautiful color ♪ I love
potatoes and I love this color ♪ I’m adding some extra
light little streaky-deaks to make the hair look more like hair you can let me
know if you think it’s working – I’m gonna use sunflower for the shirt yeah it looks about right let’s start
light I feel like I’ve always drawn her with a really really light skin I mean
not always I’ve experimented obviously I think it just suits her because she
wears such bold colors this might be a little on the too light side just
realized how far to the right her nose is – i’m so sorry [reads marker:]
this is ‘barely beige’ I could like blend it out with the other skin tone I had that might look kind of cute redden up her skin tone a little bit bring a little life oh that’s not the color I wanted I’m sorry I wanted this one i almost just ruined it add some lips marigold for the smiley face thank you
brush tip! just a little shading to the white now I definitely want to use a
pink border I can use pastel pink use the chisel side make sure this is
not got any green on it …this time actually gonna flip this over and use this
pink for her blush – it fits into the color scheme better – do I have like a pastel pink
that I can use for the background that is very close to the skin tone I don’t
think I even used this – – I could try using this I’m gonna add a border around her
with this Posca pen kind of interesting I probably should have used more of a yellow color
for the background but I’ll take it let’s use this and write her name here we go okay
this one turned out a lot better than the last one I am very glad that I decided to
take a break and that’s okay you can always take a break guys! so here we have
our three artists trading cards – let me know what
you think! let me know if you drew along in your sketchbook or made your own
artist trading cards thank you guys for watching I’ll see you guys all next week
and I hope you have a delicious evening full of waffles!!! bye! (Can you believe I used
all of these markers for these three little things..?) ♪ [holy crap…this sounds like Fortnite music…what was I thinking?!] ♪

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