Making More Art from Walnut Wood – Woodworking, Woodturning

Making More Art from Walnut Wood – Woodworking, Woodturning

Those of you that watched my previous walnut
loops video will know that I had a few rings left over. One of them was damaged when it flew off the
lathe. Despite the fact that I glued it back together,
it still had some torn grain. I was not actually finished before it flew
off the lathe. I decided to make a piece out of the three
rings I had left over. I filed and sanded off the inside of the ring
that was not finished. After that, I started gluing the rings back
together. I put it in the vise just to hold it. Then, I aligned the faces of the ring I wanted
to glue together with the top of my bench. I could easily just set the other half-ring
on top, press it down for a minute, then just let it dry. Thankfully, the rings were pretty well balanced. This was an easy glue-up. I am using some painter’s tape to hold this
half-ring in place while the glue dries. The weight of the wood itself would kind of
hold it down. I aligned it with the other piece and let
it dry. I turned it over and glued on the last piece. I noticed a slight gap. I sanded the faces so it lined up better. Once the glue dried, I smoothed the joints
with the rotary tool, then hand-sanded it. It is going to be a free-standing piece, so
I sanded the bottom flat. I finished it with wipe-on varnish. Not a bad recovery. If you made it this far, thanks a lot for
watching. Hopefully, you will come back next time to
Cammie’s Garage.

5 thoughts on “Making More Art from Walnut Wood – Woodworking, Woodturning

  1. I love these ring pieces. Not sure what to call them, but it's really making me want to try to make one.

  2. Watching you evolve gives me hope. LOL! Your technique is great and now that your materials have upgraded I think your sales will be more eventful than last year. Nice save!

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