Making Handmade Paper : Handmade Paper Making Supplies

Making Handmade Paper : Handmade Paper Making Supplies

Paper making is very simple. You don’t need
a whole lot of supplies, nothing very expensive. You need your paper of course but you can
recycle your junk mail. You need a good tub like these bus tubs which they sell at Sam’s.
The most important piece though is what is called your mold and dackle. This is your
mold, it is basically a screen attached to a frame and then your mold, I mean your is
the other side of the frame and you can buy these in a kit or you can make your own. This
one I made myself, I made with a little bit coarser screen. The coarser the screen the
more texture you are going to have in your paper. It is a little harder to work with.
For beginners I highly recommend a much finer, finer screen but once you get the hang of
it you may want to experiment so that you get different textures to your paper.

2 thoughts on “Making Handmade Paper : Handmade Paper Making Supplies

  1. You can lay the paper on a very smooth surface, and it will retain the smooth texture.
    You can buy them online, try Arnold Grummer's website.

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