Making Art with COLOR CHANGING PENS?! | Mystery Art Box | Scrawrlbox Unboxing | Rainbow Renaissance

Making Art with COLOR CHANGING PENS?! | Mystery Art Box | Scrawrlbox Unboxing | Rainbow Renaissance

Today we’re going to be making some art with the.. August Scrawlrbox. we’re gonna need to find out what’s inside. ♪ We have a Mars Lumagraph 4H pencil. [Smack] A Pilot drawing pen, it looks like it might be 0.5. [Smack] A candy! Looks like a lemon Fruit-tella. [Smack] aaaaand… Oh, what are these? I’ve heard of chameleon, like, markers. This say’s it’s a chameleon pen. I don’t know, I’m curious. Fine-liners that come with instructions. (My favorite) so many ways to use! Well, it looks like there are three ways to use them. If there’s a way to do this wrong, I’m sure I’ll figure that one out. So they are color changing fine-liners. so this one looks like it’s the color cool gray 8. YL2, BG3, BV4, PK5, and RD3. [Smack] We have a menu listing all the supplies in the August Scrawlrbox, as well as a prompt word, which is ‘rainbow renaissance.’ Basically, we’re going to draw something and hopefully this prompt word will inspire us. I don’t know. This month’s
Scrawlrbox sticker is this fun scribbly rainbow. Needs more pink. [Laughs] [Smack] That’s everything in the tissue paper. There’s also a little sketchbook, The crok book, got a cool raised embellishment. A pretty thick paper. Only one way to find out. [Paper wobbling] Sounds good. 24 sheets of 160 gram blank paper! Thank goodness there’s a leaf there. This is actually really kind of cool. He’s not even looking at the bird. David, look at the bird! Look at the bird. Look at him! I really like how the hue just shifts but it seems natural. This illustration is by the artist Jonathan Knight and you can find his social media right there! Now this illustration actually kind of makes me realize what I think this prompt word was trying to say. Which is “Rainbow Renaissance’ kind of like a… recreation of an old art museum quality piece. But obviously Jonathan made it and brought some like new life to it in a way. Definitely
inspires me and that, in hand with the prompt word, Makes a lot more sense to me about maybe where we can take that prompt word. Look at the bird. What I definitely want to do first. I’m gonna go to the back of the book, and I’m just gonna swatch out the art supplies and
kind of play around with this color-changing fine-liner. Whoa, okay, that cap is massive. [Laughs] The cap’s almost the same size as the marker. If
we do that and then then I don’t know, mix it with a color so I can take a cap, (Am I doing this right?) [Mouth kissing] Do you have to like shake it? [Tap, tap, tap, tap] I don’t understand! It says after one second there should be a change… [hums a lord of the rings theme knockoff.] [Crash, smack] That’s not gonna do me any good, so I’m gonna take this blue pen, stick it in this pink cap, Do you hold it like this? Okay, we’ll see . Come on. Come on! Hey it worked this time! Oh, maybe I overdid it. Still pink. Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, uh oh. I mean that wasn’t even close to 30 seconds. Yeah, it’s still pink. Looks like the key is to hold it up right like this. Still not seeing that like gradient. So, let’s do it for what, one second? One. [Marker cap clicks] Hey! There we go. [Laughs] That’s really pretty. I’m trying to figure out the practicality of these. They definitely hold on to color a lot longer than this little diagram suggests. A little trial and error. One, two, three. So it starts pink and it slowly becomes a gray and now it’s green! Hey, I did it! These are kind of fun. I’m a little overwhelmed by how I’m going to use them in like, creating an art piece though. Good old pencil. This just needs to be disrupted it’s too… interesting. [Giggles] ♪ Now what if I use pencil to add a little shading around it. ♪ I think that’s all the art supplies they included. So we have a fine-liner, a pencil and then these like magic color-changing fine-liners. So I guess you could try and like [Fingers tapping] make something in like this sorta style. The question is… Does this erase well enough, to be able to use like the fine-liners on top of it? ♪ So if we like, I take my kneaded eraser… and erase this. Does it interfere with the way the fine-liners work? Here you can kind of see the pencil underneath of it still. Mix it with a little blue. ♪ One and two and three. Don’t want to go overboard again. ♪ Now it says you can leave the caps off for two days, so I think I’m gonna go ahead and uncapped all of them. Keep the caps maybe over here. Bodies over here. [Crash, smack] And then I can just mix them as I need and I don’t
have to worry about putting the caps on the wrong one because I’m not putting the caps on any of them. Trying to figure out how I want to use these colors like. Johnathan’s, they just kind of like switch hues willy-nilly I don’t know if there’s like a rhyme or a reason to it. Definitely,
there’s some colors layered for the darker shadows, but the color choices don’t seem to be that purposeful. I mean, maybe they aren’t I’m just not getting it. Little grumpy girl here. The yellow is nice and bright, so you can’t really see the strokes as well. So it works nice for like filling in areas. Could almost do the sketching in the yellow and then layer the other pens on top. Then darken up the colors as we go. I’m gonna try and imitate this drawing. If I can figure out what I like about it, it looks like it’s purple at the top. So that means I need to mix pink with the blue. [Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.] That’s kind of interesting. It’s more blue up at the top as the color was running out. So if I want to go back up at the top you should add a little bit more blue! I’m trying
to decide what the benefit is mixing directly with the cap versus mixing just directly on the paper and seems more familiar to me. [Tap, tap, tap, tap] Well, it does – It definitely helps if you want to get one color for a longer amount of time. You can’t mix the colors to directly get that purple color. ♪ Good luck getting that purple color by mixing them directly on there, you know. Then you gotta be careful when it starts turning into blue. I don’t quite have the grasp of tones, quite like this illustration, but getting closer, maybe. I feel like I want to draw a little bit bigger, than the limitations of this sketchbook. Just gonna grab a piece of paper, so that maybe I can take advantage of like, the shapes of the actual pen. I’m gonna try and be very, very light with this pencil. I don’t think
I’ll try and copy any specific old Renaissance artwork, but I’m just gonna try and capture like, sort of the outfits and like the… I don’t know, the style of them. So they had very realistic proportions. So maybe I should try to draw that way too. We’ll see how this goes. So like, you know an actual neck. instead of a [Laughs] finger for a neck like I usually draw. Much less stylized. Not trying to be too detailed at the beginning here. I’m going to definitely get bogged down. I’m okay with taking a few liberties. I’m gonna like, kind of make a classic old portrait sort of look. They always had really long noses. I don’t know if maybe an art historian could explain, Renaissance portraits don’t cater to like, a modern appeal of what’s attractive and I don’t know if that’s because they were kind of stylizing them in a way that they found attractive or if they were just trying to be as accurate to what they saw as they could. That be something I’d find interesting to know. Hey, hey! [Chuckles] Drew it too small though. I have this huge piece of paper [Laughs] and I ended up drawing in a size That could have fit on here. Well. Nice puff sleeves. Center part there. Gorgeous! Think I’m stylizing the face too much still. Let’s keep it nice and un-contoured. ♪ Little braid in the hair back there. Yeah, we got a pretty Renaissance lady. I wonder if I should give her some kind of massive crown just to fill the space. Could give her one of those collars. Or we could just put a rainbow behind her. Maybe we’ll see what I do with that, when we get there. Kind of just want to try start using these pens. By being a little dark with it. Maybe the eye line. Use that blue. ♪ And then have that transition into something maybe red, so that’s purple. [Tap] [Pen lid clicks off] [Smack] ♪ Just so it’s lighter. [Laughs] I think I’ll probably color in the eyes with this too. I want something significantly lighter, maybe yellow mixed with, I guess pink. Ever so slightly. [Tap, tap] you can add in… These lines we don’t want to be quite as harsh. Like wrinkles and such. Yeah, I think I’m gonna go ahead and use yellow to… Just shade some things, That don’t need to be too dark or I want to be a little bit more on the subtle side. My light source is up here, so. It’ll be a little darker to the right and I can mix in a little red anytime. [Tap, tap] To get darker. I just like to give it a little tap. Makes me feel like I’m doing something. [Laughs] Now this paper does seem to bleed with these pens. But so did this sketchbook. Although maybe it wasn’t quite as much. Oh, this paper wasn’t the best idea. But I’m committed now, [Laughs] I’m gonna grab that – Where is it? Oh this. The drawing pen and darken up the eyes a little. I’m not sure what else I’ll use this for if I don’t start using it now. Probably mix this pink with blue. [Tap, tap, tap] To darken up the edge, [More tapping] Draw those completely flat eyebrows. [Laughs] Wonder if they shaved them to look that way or if that’s just how they grew back then. You know how when you get a bad photo, See a picture like on Facebook later on and you’re like, Ooo-oo. That’s what I look like? Like, Ew. Imagine you paid someone for your portrait way back in the day and you finally get it back. Like, ew, Is that really what I look like? [Laughs] Like you can’t whip out your phone and take a flattering selfie to make yourself feel better. You’re stuck with it. Should I try to make this like really ornate? Or keep it simple? [Mouth kissing] Good question! I found this reference with this really cool outfit. It kinda reminds me of this drawing. So I’m trying to replicate it. At least I have been for that little bit. I’m gonna add these – It’s not a drawing, it’s obviously a painting. [Deep inhale] We have like a nice base. I need to start adding in those pearls. ♪ Hey! I’m really glad I decided to do this. It’s really adding something, something. I’m gonna mix this with some blue. [More tapping!] Darken up a few sections and have it like slowly blend out! Perfect. Gonna mix this with green to lighten it up a bit. [Even more tapping] That’s the blue with the green. [Smack] ♪ Hey! Well that’s one side done. [Laughs] ♪ Add these poufy sleeves in. I just want to add these little like, um… curly things everywhere. So why not? [Yet more tapping] ♪ Get that yellow back. –Oh actually pink isn’t it? So we should probably use a little pink back here. Mix it with the yellow maybe to lighten it up. [More tapping!] Oooh, perfect orange. Oh that worked – Look at that gradient! Yes! Oh, shoot I left the cap on. Well, it was sideways. That’s probably fine. I haven’t been able to get colors to mix when they’re sideways. So I’m not that concerned. [Excessive tapping…] I seem to have to hold them completely upright. ♪ A little more dimension. ♪ See it’s already fading, gotta be careful. [Tap, tap] A little blush just for my own personal taste. [Laughs] Maybe I’d be better off mixing pink with yellow instead of Yellow with pink that way it’ll fade into a lighter color as the mix fades in. ♪ Maybe gotta hold it a little longer, there we go. ♪ There’s the orange I’m looking for! [Will the tapping ever stop?] There we go. Making some difference. It’s definitely out of my art style comfort zone. I’m still trying to get to grasp… How long to hold the markers. Some of them seem to last – Like the pink cap – I don’t know if it’s a little dried out in there or something but it takes longer to mix the color onto another, even though I’m using yellow, which I feel
like should pick up other colors really, really easily. Just a thought. ♪ Gonna just add a bunch of random designs here. Squiggles. I have fine-liners so might as well try and take advantage of the detailed aspect. I kinda wanna mix this with other colors. So it’s like, hue shifting! Yeah, pretty, pretty, pretty. [More obnoxious tapping] ♪ Just add some more designs, keep the sleeves a little more interesting. I mean not that they don’t have a lot going on already. [Chuckles] I wish there was like a colorless blender one so I could like have it fade into nothing That would be really, really…[cool] I’m trying to add some design and texture to the fabric. I don’t have anything in mind. I’m just being really subtle with it. Can you tell the pink pen is my favorite so far? [Pfff] Still think it just needs something. So what I’m gonna do, is just gonna go a little extra. Add some fun, crazy… I don’t know. Not so much a pattern, kind of supposed to be part of the outfit. But I’m just going to find a center point and draw straight lines coming off of it. ♪ And maybe it’s part of the dress, I don’t know how to make it part of the dress. It would have to start curling down. It’s kinda like a spider-web. Alright, I think… My ability to improve upon this is reaching an end. I can try using some yellow just as light shading. Maybe variation. Other than that, I don’t really know what else I could do to this, except start over again. [Laughs] It kind of sense when your journey with a piece of art is coming to an end. ♪ Simplest puzzle ever. ♪ Part of me wants to like, cut this. Yeah, just picture it like this. [Laughs] My personal art style, I like to like, mix flat colors. So using only fine-liners was definitely a challenge. That challenged
me in a way that flat colors definitely don’t. [Laughs] and then also the fact that they were all rainbow colors, was really really interesting and outside of my comfort zone as well. Oh and then on top of that, trying to draw in a bit of a more “Renaissance art style”. Obviously, there’s still influences of my own art style, I try. [Laughs] Thank you guys for watching. Let me know what you drew if you are drawing along. As always thank you guys for watching, if you’d like to find out more information about Scrawlrbox, I will have a link in the description. I wanna send a big thank you to Scrawlrbox for sending me this box to just try out and share with you guys. Anyway, I’ll see you guys all next week. I hope you have a delicious evening full of waffles. Bye! Look at the bird! ♪

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  5. I think the reason that the artist changes hues is because if the colors are in black and white they create shading. Idk though

  6. renaissance artists did typically paint/sketch with perfect proportions and musculature, but they still painted and sculpted the perfect idealized version of a human at the time, flaws and unrealistic stylization were not allowed by the general society. stylization only came into effect in the romanticism era in the late 1800s.

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  17. I love the style you did with the initial sketch! The outcome is also really pretty but in a different way. For some reason the designs on the clothes reminded me of traditional korean clothing

  18. Accuracy was relative during the Renaissance! You were still generally surviving on patronage, so the new anatomical understandings came second to the beauty standards of the time and ensuring your patron was pleased and would pay!

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  20. fun fact: actually the proportions in renascence aren’t realistic proportions, one of their objectives was to make it slightly disproportional so they could renew the classic art style

  21. To answer your art historian question, generally renaissance paintings were a mix of the ideals you proposed with there being a big focus on realism with themes of idealism throughout the figures. This is similar to the way the Greeks portrayed the human form. In fact a lot of Renaissance painters dissected the dead and used that for reference in their work. In short, accuracy in anatomy was important to renaissance artists but there were still cases of idealized figures throughout the period.

    If you’re interested in the dissection part of the period AskAMortician has a great video on the dead in art.

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    Most of the "old masters" excelled at work that was both idealized and individual.
    Also, regarding the long noses and eyebrow shapes and stuff, don't forget that this art isn't just old; it's from a specific place! Even now, a long, straight, high-bridged nose is considered "Roman." So some of the facial structure is just an ethnicity thing.
    If you look at art from the same time period, but in central America, for example, none of the noses or foreheads or lips share the shape language of the average Renaissance work. 🙂

    It's hard not to just think of this stuff as being "how it was back then," because our education system teaches super euro-centric history and art. I still have to be actively mindful about it, and I've taken art history courses for literal years!

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