Making Art that’s You

Making Art that’s You

Well, it’s a pretty cold autumn morning and I’m on my way to my mother’s house to see how she’s doing and to see what she is up to. This is her basement workshop. A few years ago, she started to make art, mixed media art, but she didn’t use rubber stamps or stencils and she didn’t decoupage old steel engravings. My mum invented an art form all of her own. Her mixed medium is … … leaves. Big leaves, beautiful leaves, exotic leaves. She presses them and dries them and combines them with calligraphy. She calls it “Leafages”. She collects all kinds of leaves wherever she travels, and she brings them home and combines them with quotations and poems and prayers and she turns them into … Art. My mom’s always had beautiful handwriting and a very green thumb. She just loves nature and poetry, and this art form it’s very her. She says, art making is very calming and relaxing and fun, and she can’t wait to get back to her pens and her glue and make the next one. My mum, the mixed media artist.

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  1. This is so beautiful. Love, love, love. And she lives in a magical woodland. You are so lucky Danny to have her, as is she to have you, to continually inspire one another. That is so rare.

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