Making Art from Reclaimed Wood – Sculpture

Making Art from Reclaimed Wood – Sculpture

Well, this ended up turning out pretty cool. I initially tried an oil-based finish that
I had not tried before. I did not like how it was turning out, so
I ended up spraying it with lacquer. I am still not convinced about these bases
though. Because they only have one screw in them,
they have the potential to rotate or turn. I think I am going to end up putting one solid
piece on the bottom here for a base. I think the cedar provides a nice contrast. The light-coloured wood is actually a reclaimed
futon frame thrown out by my neighbour. Again, the red cedar is reclaimed from a neighbour
as well. People just throw stuff out in the trash for
the weekly yard waste pick-up. That is where I get most of my wood, actually. Thanks a lot for watching. Rock with you next time in Cammie’s Garage.

16 thoughts on “Making Art from Reclaimed Wood – Sculpture

  1. Тhis is a great idea! perpetual motion! Infinity of the universe! Beautiful!👍

  2. Oh my gosh, that is a beautiful piece of art well done!

    Will you do more animals like a giraffe or another turtle? I loved those

  3. Hey I really like the wood shavings “Twisted Sister” big hair look. Trying to hold back laughing 😂. I am going to susbscribe

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