Making a Wood and Resin Dragon Egg – #5 Deep Sea Trench

Making a Wood and Resin Dragon Egg – #5 Deep Sea Trench

Hey everybody, for today’s project I wanted
to make an egg that had a deep sea trench feel to it with burled wood on both ends and
resin in the middle I started with a large piece of maple burl
and cut out two square pieces on the band saw I secured the wood pieces in the mold with
popsicle sticks so they wouldn’t float out Then I combined the 2 halves of the resin
and thoroughly mixed them I colored the resin with blue dye and black
and blue powders. I added a little glitter as well. The resin was a little darker than I wanted
so I added more resin to lighten it Then I poured it into the mold I put the mold in a pressure pot for a few
hours to eliminte air bubbles Once the resin had cured, I took the mold
out of the pot I removed both sides of the mold and used
a hammer to knock the blank out I cleaned up the blank on the belt sander
so it would mount more safely At the lathe, I glued the blank onto a scrap
piece of wood held in the chuck Once the glue set, I started by using a roughing
gouge to round the square blank down to a cylinder shape. Then I switched to a bowl gouge to start forming
the egg shape I used a cup center to stabilize the egg while
I was working on the base which worked really well For this egg, I really wanted to have a fully
rounded base rather than a flat one like I usually do, so I cut as far into the base
as I could without the egg breaking off I noticed a little hole in the wood so I filled
it with some superglue I started sanding with 100 grit sandpaper
and worked up to 400 grit. Then I removed the sawdust with some mineral
spirits I used sanding sealer on the wood portions
of the egg which will help me get a better finish Once that dried, I continued sanding using
wet sandpaper all the way up to 2,500 grit then dried the egg off I polished the egg with triple E compound
which really makes the wood grain stand out Then it was time for the scary part, parting
the egg off the lathe. I cut the base down to a small nubbin then
used a saw to remove it. I didn’t have any way to hold the egg in the
lathe to finish the bottom, so I used my drill sanding attachment to smooth the bottom. Then I repeated the sanding process I used
on the rest of the egg so it would match Finally, I buffed the egg with blue tripoli
compound to get rid of any remaining scratch marks Here is the finished egg in all its glory. It was a fun challenge and I’m really pleased
with how it turned out. Thanks so much for watching and let me know
what you’d like to see next!

31 thoughts on “Making a Wood and Resin Dragon Egg – #5 Deep Sea Trench

  1. Love the Ocean effect. Do you ever have problems using water during sanding? Does the burl ever pull away, or separate from the resin? Or is the sanding sealer able to prevent any problems? Thanks for any help.

  2. @Stephen Joiner. Probably the best dragon egg out of all 5. Jeep up the amazing work man. Will always support you and your content. R u selling that type of dragon egg on your website right now?

  3. Can you make an ender dragon egg from Minecraft please. Or do eggs from other video games

  4. It's beautiful.
    But… It looks more like a sea cave. If its a deep sea trench, wouldn't the wooden parts be on the sides instead of top and bottom?

  5. Oh…yes please. I need to hold this, to feel the cool and the warmth and be transported from my bed/room, into a whole other pain free world.
    Is it possible to purchase this? Soon if at all, I am running out of time.

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