Making a Six-Sided Wood Art Sculpture

Making a Six-Sided Wood Art Sculpture

I was working on two projects simultaneously. Both of them I was trying to do a specific
shape. In my head, I envisioned this as a hexagon,
so I knew this had to be sixty degrees. I made a little template that had the right
angle that I basically eyeballed. Clearly, I did not do a very good job at it,
because these angles were a degree or two off. It made it difficult to line them up when
I was gluing them up. I was able to smooth these out once I got
them glued up. Of course, I scorched it with a torch as well
before finishing it with spray lacquer. This is made from a reclaimed oak bed frame. I have lots more of this wood, so you can
be sure there will be more projects like this one coming out of Cammie’s Garage.

8 thoughts on “Making a Six-Sided Wood Art Sculpture

  1. Really great execution. Lathe is great tool and that chop saw is super nice for holdong straight cuts. 1 or 2 degrees off is actually not bad at all. Thanks for showing us. Again.

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