Making a Double-Torus Wood Art Sculpture

Making a Double-Torus Wood Art Sculpture

Well, this turned out alright. This is made from a reclaimed futon frame
and some walnut I bought recently at a local hardware store. Big thanks to my in-laws for the gift certificate
that allowed me to buy this walnut and some other wood as well. While I like how this turned out overall,
once I got these together… and you can see where the seam is. I never intended that these were going to
line up. Now that they are together, and not lined
up, it looks odd. I sort of breaks the illusion, I think. Those ones are pretty close. Obviously, this is inspired by Kyle Toth’s
double-torus. Although, I certainly simplified it. I tried an oil-based finish that I did not
actually like on this wood. It looked good on the walnut, but not on this
futon wood. I have no idea what kind of wood it is; light
coloured and tight grain. I do not think it is maple though. Like I keep saying, I am not good at identifying
wood, unless it is a species I have dealt with a lot already. I hope you enjoyed this build. I hope it inspires you to try something new
and fun. Thanks a lot for watching and I hope you will
loop back to Cammie’s Garage.

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  1. Since I discovered your videos for the first time, I am always full of excitement what you will show us next. Your videos are great and inspire me again and again. Many thanks for that.

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