Making a Credenza with Limited Tools – DIY, Woodworking

Making a Credenza with Limited Tools – DIY, Woodworking

When we moved into this house two years ago, we temporarily used this side table as a TV stand. My wife suggested, quite some time ago, that
I build a credenza. We agreed on a few things. We wanted to be able to hide the cables and
such, then put the speakers inside the credenza. We would have a couple of doors with fabric
over the front. We want it to be about two feet high. It has to be big enough for these speakers
to fit in there. They are 15 inches tall. It is about time I did something about this. My wife and I bought some plywood for this
project this week-end. We had them cut it down to a manageable size
that we could fit in the car. I made this rough drawing here. It is not to scale. It is actually going to be narrower this way
than in the drawing. It is going to be about six feet wide. The top is going to be two feet off the ground. This portion in here is going to be 16 inches. The speaker I want to fit in there is 15 inches. These measurements are all approximate. These will be about two feet wide. I want to put doors on here. I will figure it out when I have this part
built. Unfortunately, I think I have to cut them
with a jigsaw. They are too big and awkward to cut on the
bandsaw. I do not have a track saw… or a table saw. We have limited tools here in Cammie’s Garage. I am going to help myself out by putting a new blade on here. Thank you. You’re welcome. I am actually getting pretty clean cuts with
that new blade. I simply want to make an H pattern. I have these reclaimed legs off a table. I think I am simply going to cut six inches
off each one to make legs for the credenza. I was thinking about putting the doors on
here. I was thinking about the width. I basically want to make a picture frame-like
thing, because there is going to be fabric in the middle. I am thinking a three-inch border might be
alright. I could cut this with the jigsaw, as I have
already done. Because it is narrow enough now and small
enough, I can actually cut this on the… I bought some supplies at the hardware store. I got these simple metal plates to attach
these pieces of plywood together. I also got some magnetic clasps for the doors. I bought these two hinges at the same time,
thinking they were identical, but they are not. This centre part is slightly bigger on this
one than this one. That will be OK. No one will notice that. Looks good. Now that it is mostly together, I am just
going to sand off the rough edges. I have some of this iron-on edge banding that
I am going to use to cover up the edge of these pieces of plywood. I have the iron here. I am just letting it warm up. I went back to the hardware store and got
some of this wood fill. Pink goop. Before I take these inside, I need to make
a little frame to go inside this frame. What I want is the fabric to be flush with
the front. I am going to make a frame to attach to the
inside here that will basically pinch the fabric inside this hole. I am going to use some strips that I am going
to cut out of this leftover plywood. I am here in my kitchen. This is the fabric that I am going to use
to put in the doors. I wanted a place clean. That is plenty of fabric just for that. I should probably iron this fabric first. I ironed the fabric. It is still a little bit crinkly. Just pull it snug. Are you OK with going backwards? Yeah. I knew putting the hinges on would be the
most difficult part of the build, in order to get the door lined up properly with the
top edge of this. What I did was, I first took this hinge and
I bent it around like this to make it a 45 degree angle. I put it on here. Theoretically, this should be straight up
and down. Then, I drilled the holes. I did the same thing with the door. Put the hinge on there like that. I made sure I lined up the hinge with this
edge of this piece of wood. Now to install this little magnetic clasp. Oops, I stepped on the things. I think this turned out pretty nice despite
the fact that I used simple materials and simple tools. I think the edge banding worked out better
than I thought, as well as the fabric on the front of the doors. Mainly, we wanted to raise the TV up, have a little bit more room to put some art on it. Also, to conceal cables and things inside. What a mess. If you look at it pretty close, there are
some imperfections. It is good enough for me. It is probably good enough to fool anyone
that comes through the door that is not a woodworker. If you made it this far, thanks a lot for
watching. See you next time in Cammie’s Garage.

8 thoughts on “Making a Credenza with Limited Tools – DIY, Woodworking

  1. Great build, Cam, especially considering what you had to work with. You should have introduced the chairwoman of the board.

  2. Yes, that worked out well. Interesting to see that mid-20th Century furniture style is making such a big come back. Thanks mate, I enjoyed that.

  3. πŸ‘ Well done. Smart design! I know it’s been years now but I’m still amazed how the flat screen TV almost instantly rendered millions of 1980’s-90’s red oak entertainment centers obsolete. πŸ˜†

  4. That'll get 'er done, Cam. I've built several pieces of furniture using only a circular saw, corded drill and an old random orbit sander… and they're still in use today.

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