Make Your Watercolor Painting MORE Interesting with these TWO Techniques!

Make Your Watercolor Painting MORE Interesting with these TWO Techniques!

100 thoughts on “Make Your Watercolor Painting MORE Interesting with these TWO Techniques!

  1. Happy Saturday everyone! Today I will show you a fun technique you can use in your artwork! I really hope you like it! If you are new to the negative painting technique, check out this video where I talk about it more detail: <3

  2. Stunning dear.😱.. Kindly Atleast 15 more 😍😍😍double exposures to last my hols!! Yea… M gonna try it.. grEAt 😊😊😊👩‍❤️‍👩💝💝💝

  3. I didn't comment on this the first time I watched it yesterday, as I had to rush off my computer and try it! I loved the results! Thank you so much for inspiring me to try so many new things in watercolor!

  4. hii mako could you please help me with a gautam buddha acrylic painting….it is very urgent.
    and you are the only one who can help…pls pls pls love from india😘😘😘#lookmako#makofication squad

  5. Could you make a video about how to mix colors when we want to do the shadowing part of the paintings?should it be cold, warm, black, gray…? I never seem to get it!

  6. It looks so much fun and comfortable to draw like this. Hope you enjoy my realistic multi-stamp art, and HELLO from JAPN!!

  7. I need to try new things and find inspiration cause my mind can't take the damage of studying 💔
    My best way to get inspired 💙

  8. I love your amazing artwork, I've seen and watched a lot of youtuber artists,
    and you are the best no doubt about it
    You inspire me every day, please keep doing what you're doing. <3

  9. Hi .. cam you please give a full tutorial teaching us how to check the pigmentation opacity and all.. ☺️

  10. Mako – I just accidentally came across this video1! I'm gonna have to go to your channel as I haven't been notified for ages about any new videos from you. Grrrr….. goshdarn youtube! So, I'm unsubsribing and resubscribing straight away in case you notice your numbers jumping around. I thought youtube had this nonsense sorted out by now. This has happened to me with your channels a few times now. Everyone else I'm subscribed to that I had missed notifications of only happened to me once. If I were you I'd do what Linn in Darbin Orvar did – contact youtube admin and give them an earful. It's not fair to you. Now I better go watch the video cos I've just spent half the length of it typing this!!!

  11. I love your artworks you are an inspiration for me iam an new youtuber who want to make me first 100 subscribers 😅😅

  12. I tried it today … but it dint luk as gud as yours–:-( but I luvd d way u did..u r so creative maco

    Can I use watercolor? ? Pls reply..:-)

  13. I love your EVERYTHING!! I’m a young artist and your tips help me a loooootttt!!!!❤️❤️
    (insta: vanshika.jain.123)

  14. how do you pronounce your channel name? Is it (mac-oh-see-no)? or kind of like the word macaroon? It makes it really hard to tell others about your awesome channel.

  15. Marko I love your channel and love you so much
    I look up to you and you inspire me a lot
    Just out af curiosity, where are you from?

  16. This is so awesome, I can't wait to get back into water color painting.  This will be so convenient to watch the videos while painting.

  17. Your techniques and detailing explanations are awesome you make me want to try water colours New subscriber love your channel

  18. I really love all of your paintings.It is fabulous.i love painting.Can you please post some more tutorials in acrylic painting?

  19. I've been watching your videos for a while and I've actually noticed how your art has improved in leaps and bounds.

  20. Omg you are amazing I just started painting and found you!! I am 11 and I have always wanted to paint thank you thank you thank you💗💗💗

  21. This video is incredible! I’ve had a wonderful experience trying negative painting based on a previous video and I look forward to trying this technique out. Thank you so much for all of your instruction!

  22. Why do u make it so hard to see the outline by moving it around so much there was no time to look at a stop time I don't have a computer to print the thing out and I really can't sketch it out without having a Minit I only use the vidio to paint along with u I gave up 🌸🌹

  23. This piece of yours is so inspiring! I love how you created the lady’s features (eye, nose) & gave an impression of the flower in her hair…. so nice! Good job. Keep sharing these videos. I love this technique that you’re sharing here.

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