Make a Picture Frame…With a Twist! Scrap Wood Christmas Gift Idea.

Make a Picture Frame…With a Twist! Scrap Wood Christmas Gift Idea.

– Righto, listen up, folks, this is a very important
and timely message. (power tool whirring) I’m about to say six words that trust me, you don’t want to hear,
are you ready for this? It’s only seven weeks till Christmas. What? Seven weeks? With that in mind, I think
now is the perfect time to get in early for once and get organised with some awesome handmade
Christmas gift giving ideas. Kicking off with a quirky little
picture frame with a twist. G’day, folks, Uncle Knackers here from “DIY For Knuckleheads.” Now if you wanna see more
super simple DIY projects, that anybody can do and easily knock over in a day or even a weekend, start now by clicking
that subscribe button and then hit the notification bell, so you don’t miss anything. Alrighty, on with the project. Now for this project, what do we need in regard to materials? I’m glad you asked and if
I can make a suggestion, if you’ve got an old scrap
wood pile like I have here, just rummage through that
until you find something that is appropriate or
suitable for the picture frame, that you’re about to make. Luckily for me, I stumbled
across this old stick of pine, it’s a bit beaten up, but
it should do the trick, it’s 55 millimetres by 19 millimetres. Now I also came across
this section of moulding, I’m not quite sure what I used this for, but I think this will jazz
up the frame quite nicely and for the backing board, which goes behind the picture frame, I’m just using this scrap
piece of seven millimetre ply, which I used previously, when I made these cool,
little phone holders. Alrighty, I think we’re good to go. (light melodic music) Now before we get too excited
and start cutting timber, we’ll need to grab a router and cut a rebate down the
entire length of that pine (melodic upbeat music) and all the cuts for today’s project will be done on my mitre saw, which will be set at 45 degrees. With that rebate now cut, just
simply turn the piece over, so the rebate faces the fence and then just simply
cut a 45 degree angle. Beautiful. And now this is where
that tricky little twist comes into play, because
we now need to cut the pieces of the picture frame to size and for the top and the bottom, from long point to long point, I’m cutting those at 330 millimetres. For one side, I’m cutting
that at 420 millimetres from long point to long point and the other side, I’m
cutting that at 380 millimetres from long point to long point. Seem odd? Stick around, it will
all make sense shortly. (melodic upbeat music) And this is how the picture
frame looks from behind after all those pieces have been cut, ignore that gap and now’s the perfect time to cut that plywood to
fit inside that rebate. So grab your tape measure and measure across the top and then also down the side and then cut the plywood to size. Now don’t be too tight with it, give yourself a millimetre on either side and on the bottom and on the top and that will give you a bit of breathing space to work with. Oh, just a quick side note and while we’re talking
about measuring things, have you ever wondered why tradesmen always seem to have fresh breath, hm? It’s because they’re always
taking measure mints. Mm, delicious. Alrighty, you know the score, Dad joke scale out of 10,
let me know down below. Mm, minty fresh. (melodic upbeat music) Beautiful! Now I’ve got some paint left over from a project I did last week and if you haven’t seen
that, do yourself a favour, I’ll leave a link to
it up there somewhere, so make sure you check that one out. But what I thought I’d
do is with the dark grey, I’ll paint the face and the side and with the white I will
just go over the insides here, so it’ll be a two-tone effect, but if we paint this now
once the backing goes on, we won’t need to cut in
with that white paint. (melodic upbeat music) Okay, time to glue the
picture frame together. Now this is a bit unorthodox, because we haven’t got
all sides meeting up, so you can’t get that compression to hold the joint together, so we’ll just try something
out, I’ve got some tape here, I’ll run some glue on those joins, lay the pieces on the tape, fold it up and we’ll see how we go from there. Don’t be shy with the
glue, plenty of glue. (melodic upbeat music) Now that seems pretty
good, but what I’ll do, I’ll also put one across
the face like this and hopefully that will
keep things nice and flat. So even if you don’t have clamps, you can always get around things. There you go, so what I’m going to do is I’ll let this dry and
I’ll come back tomorrow, put that back board on and then do what we have
to do to finish it off. Alrighty, it’s Friday afternoon, I think it’s time for a beer. Catch ya! Okay, we’re back, I hope
you had a good weekend, it’s now time to remove this tape. Now we just need to be a bit careful, because these two pieces aren’t joined, these two corners will
be a bit vulnerable, so just be a little bit
careful and see how we go. So far, so good. Alrighty, didn’t hold up too bad. Now this is looking really good, so all we need to do now is to fix this backing board in place with a series of nails,
which will be really good, ’cause that will help
hold that frame together. To fix the backing board in place, first of all I’m going to pre-nail it, that way all the banging won’t vibrate loose those
mitres on the picture frame and you might also notice that I’ve placed it face down on some ply, that way it won’t get damaged
during the nailing process. Now also check these out, these are the little
nails that we’ll be using and it can be a bit fiddly
trying to nail them in, so a good trick when using small nails is just to get some pliers and hold the nail just like that and then all you need to do, put it in place and nail away, how cool is that? (melodic upbeat music) To finish the job off and to give the picture frame
a bit of depth, I went out, got that pine moulding,
which you saw earlier and cut it to size using my mitre saw and I reckon that once this is in place, it’s going to add a little bit of class. Ooh la la! I likey. (melodic upbeat music) And just to get ready for the painting, I’m going to patch up these holes, then we’ll give it a quick
sand followed by a paint. (melodic upbeat music) It’s always a good idea after
you’ve patched and sanded to give the project a
hit with an undercoat prior to applying the
finished coat of paint. Now this image transfer
method is really simple, if you wanna see how it’s done, click on the link above and I
think the explanation starts around the five minute 40
second mark, check it out. Alright, beautiful! And now I just wanna give this
a really light little sand just to give a bit of life to it. Now once this has been sanded, I’ll then apply a couple of
coats of a clear satin varnish. (melodic upbeat music) Alrighty, to finish this off, I’m just going to give it
a quick couple of coats with this clear satin varnish, it’s just an old tin that I had
floating around in the shed, but it should do the job nicely. (melodic upbeat music) And there you have it! How good does that look? Now all we need to do is to drive in a couple of screws into
the back of that frame, so we can attach some picture wire to. Perfect! And to drive home the message
of measure twice, cut once, been there, done that and let’s face it, who hasn’t done that in the past? I’m going to superglue in
place this little tape measure. So what do you reckon? I think it’s an absolute
cracking little project and would make a fantastic Christmas gift for the DIY enthusiast in the family. You know what? I haven’t said this in a while, but great tip, Knackerzah! Now if you wanna see more super simple DIY upcycling projects, just
like the one you’ve seen today, make sure you click on
my playlist over there. Alrighty, thanks for watching, as per usual a big thumbs up
is always greatly appreciated, until next time, be safe
and I’m out of here, cheers.

35 thoughts on “Make a Picture Frame…With a Twist! Scrap Wood Christmas Gift Idea.

  1. 🤣🤣bwahahahaha🤣🤣
    Man, you're rocking those dad jokes! 10/10👌🏽
    Nice gag frame build too.👍🏽
    Looks great, well in an unfinished kinda way…😆

  2. The finished frame shows a different tape measure, does that mean this is a video twice, show once presentation or is the video over exposed, as the 2M tape grew into a 3M tape and went from black to yellow. lol Sorry, just being silly.
    I think I would have stuck the tape on with velcro so I could use it.The frame is really cool though, thanks for another great tip.

  3. Hey Uncle Knackers, ill give you an 8/10 for the dad joke for equal parts laughing and groaning. Has to be more groaning than laughing for a full 10. Love the project, i might make one for the ol man but i watched your other video about printing on the wood and sorry mate but i didn't quite follow, unless, all you had to do was print it backwards on a laser jet printer on to adhesive paper, stick it down and rub the ink into the wood and it's done like a dinner?! Is that the gist of it?!

  4. Awesome tip Knackers 👍👍👍, I was asleep at the wheel wondering why the one corner was cut shorter 😳😮🧐 but then it dawned 😁 & Dad joke is in for review lol, says me (worlds worst joke teller lol )😉🍺🍺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  5. Great to see you again Uncle Knackers ! It's been a while between cuppers mate, good to see you're still going well. Also very cool project, take it easy and i'll cop ya ron.

  6. My good ole grandad used to say " measure thrice, check twice, and cut once!" Sadly I didn't always stick to his rule lol

  7. Great project! Dad Joke Scale… Uhm.. Well, uhh. Let's see… a 7 because you look so good in the Santa hat… just a little more gray hair. LOL Another entertaining, yet informational video Uncle Knackerzzzzzahh!

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