Majin Buu spray paint art

Majin Buu spray paint art

might be blue o'kiku mother salad in that it was escape look at given s es que vamos a ser lo interspaces gonna make three pacing one one painting for three please separate okay so it's big 20 by 40 inches each one bent see what I do not por ciento those sandy metros cada uno que total that Wow Uno's even address the variable is the answer C enter those centimeters okay so forty sixty inches large tall 40 inches okay my friend so let's make it we are listening blocks aback perfect so let's make it I'm gonna say low okay oh I just want to make a picture 12 you to all my friends that making comments on my channel Grande far Sacramento idea I my second spear and of course as positive as Connie there Emma's – I love you my friends that's making comments about new things to make it that's amazing and thank you very much I'm very happy to hear I mean very happy to to read those comments thank you very much Mela mucho gusto layer closest comentarios porque messin sentir que vive became a satirical a gente que pasar por area it's Tom DeVos yeah I feel alive because of you my friends okay so let's make it direct to all of you my best bites my friend it may cause fever start also stands for some percent this okay fire but a little area la città okay follows to from a-z to all my friends with all things okay but all 12 you yeah we are okay it's good it's making we're gonna start with the first stencil this one's gonna be the number four number one stencil do know that is then the less dense is philosopher named it so let's paint those and let's take it of all this heavy metal look at simply get the metallus vientos escape Thomas illustration Wow fire yeah second extension extension supersonic risk we mix out together Greg and glue and let's put some more bread and clip meet some away mr. Thomas degrees for K this is K it's on sombras okay this is shadows about these pants of magic goop look it's amazing okay so to put those things heavy so they wouldn't SEMA yes why say que no se take a look at now wow I think it's awesome selecting great blessing are you yeah you got it okay so number four extensive same thing my friends are now let's put some more this is a little jerker access user like dark King and thing over to the black to mix all together from that makes it dirt look at that now you know most available Miss Taylor those could open it Rosa Wow so not number five extension let me get okay dinero para que es aluminum single no mirror Cinco della Stenson I just mistake this is number five Spencer my friend okay so then let's take it off and then see what happened but capacity Ella Wow yeah I think looks perfect number six six extensive Illumina say is the dispenser okay so let's make it let's paint white this is white with a lot of light gray so the hip makes those colors unclear at this time from between it's white so now let's see in the party the rasa is Blanco I mean I cut it off Wow yeah amazing impression and so now let's make it with the other one Super Mario this is like his Sam how do you say that bail bail bail see oh that's it you know you got it look at that Wow yellow and now let's make it Turkey most urban and poco de basura for Casa felt like it's nice for Sandra's this is like the shadow let's make a tempting I I lost memory from what Stacy would go okay given okay why not just watch my friend the video and you fire listo now let's make those gray dark gray sorry that it's cool that was up on it me that wow look at that easy see take it off let's see what happened oh my God look at that I think it's only just amazing okay now let's make it the light or non-performance Claire all those leases gray light gray this Claro take it off must be that oh oh wow see look at that no that last detail vamos a blue team on Italia total negative this is out the shadow this is just black my friend okay this is the last detail and you'll see what is gonna happen but cannot anyhow so let's make it fast like the Speedy Gonzales mr. fire is like on the speedy speedy speedy speedy fire yeah so let's put some more here let's touch and put something more so they move and then look at that miracle a second estás poniendo poco más de negro he came to Spears I'm the in his faith I mean yeah that's it okay look it now let's take it off all those metals wow look at that well so now it's time to make some more detail now this the moment I was not mentally I said hello the Tigers de las líneas to recharge this just relax enjoy the moment my friend you make these lines it's amazing it's fun and it's relaxed we rely on the linear I suppose dos tres so suave con Karma yester a memento from poco de musica you puts on your favorite music and then you make from these beautiful lines look at their icy simplex and see your fashion and look at that shake your hands okay relax you over okay yeah [Applause] okay Wow the worry there is plumber this one is control okay so let's make it second chance now we're gonna make my friend so let's make it okay so this one is my favorite and I wanna put something heavy over in the Bakken Tosa specialist how can awareness but it is related so so let's put this so let's put it something heavy this is heavy metal brother and we met our brothers simple planets that's great oh I'm sweating sweating sweating there's like no buts okay no worries everything is just perfect that's what this second planet I mean third planet that's it let's say right here yeah there so now yeah we're gonna make all this the bow one goes on them sure but pathani blue I told that oh there is just got it love it that's it yeah look at this Wow fantastic check this out look it Oh sup my friends let's make some yeah yeah yeah oh they're starving right here so then let's put some little – yeah let's take up and then you've got it let's see what happened most headed get my soul I know it happened something amazing your sacred vessel I don't agree with it so let's take it off okay so let's see Wow see I told you so deep it almost like a little bit seamen necks oh my god take this take this out checked it out Wow I think it blue yeah yeah looks better so the next post on it to get there let's sit right there oh look at that fire so now let's take these up I'll see if there's ammo because I know this is just amazing okay here we go yeah oh my lord look at that we're on our stuff okay though in precedent it so my friends let's sign it so to know that one day I take this painting I will sign it this part right here but video jiménez 2019 yeah so then of course we solve it oh and again in Reverse oh yeah perfect I'm that's it right here yeah holy moly I forget let's put something more on here the shadow I think I'm gonna make it this dirt good my secret okay I said look touch it and let's see what happened look it now Wow as it come tomorrow look it there's three pieces in one see and then look so yeah that's how it looks right now just one I systems like you say or another mess no nothing written para TI me gusto y'all can't get that one who's that no forgive me wow thank you to all the amazing bags my friend to all of you gracias that's how I make my art let's this communal mietek marching booth okay Oh kit boo however is that yellow Fiero okay you see it just watch it perfect so oh I forgot I'm gonna make something I'm missing kiddo and um it's um grande pineapples I just want to make a big fire one two three four yes

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  1. Padrísimos tus dibujos hermano oye has algo sobre los caballeros del zodiaco saludos y te mando buena vibra

  2. Siempre que tengo oportunidad de ver tus videos comento que me caga que grites y que estés hable y hable
    Pero bro
    Tu talento opaca todo eso y más
    Enserió haces un trabajo increíble
    Brinca y grita todo lo que quieras
    Maestro 👍

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