Maddox’s Life | Draw My Story | HiHo Kids

Maddox’s Life | Draw My Story | HiHo Kids

– Hey I’m Maddox from Hiho Kids. You ready for a draw my story? Maddox’s life. Boom. Let’s do this thing. My full name is Maddox Jiang Lai Weddle. Now Jiang Lai means strong
and quick in Chinese. Today I’m gonna be telling my life story with the help of my friend Kogi. He is the best artist I know. Many years ago I was
born in Swedish Hospital. (baby crying) No not in Sweden, but in a
Swedish Hospital is Seattle. Tricky isn’t it? I was born on June 14, two thousand nine. Same year Michael Jackson died. – [Michael Jackson] Ow. – [Maddox] Master piece. – [Michael Jackson] Yeah.
– I was two weeks late, and it’s probably
because I was so comfortable I didn’t even want to get out of there. – [Maddox] Yeah that’s true. Floating around in space. Aaaaaaah. And the moment that I came out… wa wa. I’m the only kid in my family,
that’s the way I like it. Poppers, Mommers, I love you. My mom, Jet, is from China. And my dad, James, is well from Seattle. Not that original. When I was born my dad always
spoke to me in English. And my mom would only
talk to me in Chinese. Qǐ lai, qǐ lai, qǐ lai. – [Maddox] Get up. (horn blaring) And my grandma would only
talk to me in Spanish. Te amo Grandma. And that’s why I’m able
to speak three languages. I love to hang out at the Hiho studio. We do the funnest videos. My favorite I’ve ever
done was Maddox versus Maria doggie doo. Ah, I got a point, I got a
green slimy poo, I got a point. In school I started a
club called Panda Club. It’s an English club where
I teach my friends Chinese. Wanna learn something? Shay-shay means thank you. Now there are no parents in the
club, but I wish there were. I really love to read. And I started a book club
on my own YouTube channel. Currently I’m reading
Civil War books because I’m interested in American History. Fire in the hole. Reading is fun. I know I’m sounding like a geek right now, but it’s true. – Maybe a few thousand. Yeah, a few thousand. I’m on a swim team and I love
to rock climb after school. I love to travel. Lucky for me, my mom is a flight attendant so I get to travel a lot. I’ve been to China 10 times. I’ve been to Mexico,
Coasta Rica, Argentina, England, Ireland. The favorite place I
traveled to is London. Hello old chap, hope you don’t
mind if I drink your tea. (laughing) The city’s beautiful
and the food is so good. Seriously. It’s good. I even has escargot there. You hear that right,
escargot, like snails. Man is it delicious. First I regretted it, but then…. Eh, not so bad at all. When my mom flies, me
and my dad are buddies. We have to keep each other company. Play football, go fishing. Ah gat, get over here you bass. Get, oh yeah got it. And we eat a lot of B.S. together. (lips smacking) B.S. stands fro bad stuff, like fast food, McDonalds, Burger King, all of the junk food you could imagine. (slurping) Sugar rush. My mom hates it, but
hey, that’s why we do it when she’s not home. My mom is the most
awesome mom of all time. And do you know, my mom also
cuts and styles in my hair? (laughing) Thanks mom. When I grow up, I wanna be an
astronomer, a space scientist, or maybe an entomologist,
an insect scientist. Or maybe I could do both,
and discover bugs in space. Did you know there actually
bugs found in mars? – Yeah martians. Thank you for watching my life story. Hope you learned something. You want more of my people? Check out my Hiho videos
and my family vlog channel. See ya later. Thank you Kogi, you rock. And don’t forget to subscribe.

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  2. I was born in June 24th,2009 MICHEAL JACKSON DIED AT THAT TIME WHAT THE MICHAEL JACKSON? We both are 10 years old Yay!! My height is “5,1”

  3. Maddox:like a few thousand…
    Maddox:yeah,a few thousand
    Me:bruh so many BOOKS,WHAT THE HELL
    My brother:lol he must be smart

    :/ :3)

  4. Ireland is were I was born and were I like and I will tell u what we say when we say hello we say…!!!! How are ya lad

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