MACKENZIE ZIEGLER | Draw My Life | Dance Moms

MACKENZIE ZIEGLER | Draw My Life | Dance Moms

Mackenzie Ziegler is a dancer, actress, singer
and model from the US. She was born on June 4th 2004, in Pittsburg,
Pennsylvania. Daughter of Melissa Gisoni and Kurt Ziegler,
her parents got divorced in 2011. She has an older sister, also a dancer, Maddie
Ziegler. She also has two half brothers, Tyler and
Ryan, from a previous marriage of her dad. Mackenzie lives now in Los Angeles with her
family. Following her sister Maddie’s steps, Kenzie
started dancing when she was only 2, joining the prestigious Abby Lee Dance Company, where
she started winning dance titles. She first appeared on TV in 2011. Along with her mom and her sister, she entered
the casting for the Lifetime’s show, “Dance Moms”. This show shares with the audience the day
to day of the young dancers from Abby Lee. Mackenzie was the youngest dancer of all,
and her speciality was jazz and acrobatics. The spectators soon fell in love with Kenzie
and Maddie, and their fame started growing like weeds. In mid 2016, Mackenzie, Maddie and her mom
decided to say goodbye to Dance Moms, after 6 seasons, to chase other projects. For Kenzie, her older sister has always been
a great inspiration. Totally focused on her art, since Dance Moms,
the Ziegler sisters study at home and practise for many hours every week. Despite her sister’s fame, Mackenzie was
able to shine with her own light. Apart from dancing, Mack loves music and acting. She’s taken singing and acting lessons since
she was 6, and her hard work has given her results a lot sooner than it’s usual for
most of human beings. She was even nominated for the Teen Choice
Awards last year. In 2014, her first album came out, Mack Z
(zii). With it, she made it to the top of iTunes
lists. The music video of the song “It’s a Girl
Party” made it to the top of the lists in the US, UK and Australia. In 2015, she appeared in the Nickelodeon series
Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn. She also participated in several famous shows
on the US tv, such as The Today Show or The View. Also, along with her sister, she was the face
of Clean&Clear. Her career as a model has also started on
the right foot. For some years now, Mackenzie has been the
face of the Polo Ralph Lauren’s children’s collection. She has walked the runway and has starred
in several magazine covers. She also works as a mánequien for her sis’s
clothes collection. Mackenzie likes playing football, she loves
pink and watching Keeping Up with the Kardáshians. Pitch Perfect movies are her favorites. As any other girl of her age, she loves social
networks. Her favorites are Instagram and,
where she has millions of followers. She also has her own Youtube channel, with
more than one million subscribers. There, she uploads tutorials, videos of her
daily life, tags with Maddie… The Ziegler sisters are also known for their
implication in different solidary work. With her mom and her sister, she collaborates
with several associations and ngos. In the begining of 2017, the two sisters went
on a tour around Australia. Kenzie is working on her second album and
releasing songs. It is obvious that Mackenzie Ziegler still
has an amazing career ahead of her. Whether it is singing, dancing or acting,
her future as a great artist is guaranteed.

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  1. Love the video keep up the awesome work & also her birthday is 06/04/2004(P.S. have a good day).

  2. 90% of the comment: draw Annie Leblanc.
    5% of the comments: we have the same b-day or we have close b-days.
    3% of the comments: other.
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  4. Guys so if u don’t know we are being fooled, this isn’t her drawing this if u notice she sounds like she only speaks English but if you read everything it says in this video you would see it’s in Spanish

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