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  1. I really like your interpretations but i don't think this one is correct. In my opinion it is not about a relationship, it's rather about identity, her coming to terms of what she really wants, what she's scared of and how she stays defensive not in love, but in publicity, self-presentation. It's about imposter syndrome, there is a hint of romantic love in the way of "i present myself to the world and it's not really how it looks, im lost, come and help me"

  2. Theres dive bar in East London called The Archer…….Dive Bar on the east side where you at?….Joe and Taylor have been to the bar before.

  3. This song is more about her own anxiety and self loathing and a little bit about how others see her and her "friendships" and how a lot of her friends betrayed her and not as much about her relationships but she is still talking to Joe whenever she says anything with "you". She has liked (basically confirming) multiple posts on Tumblr expaining the meaning of the song and its basically a song about anxiety and self doubt and loathing and being hopeless and being wary in a relationship because she's so used to getting hurt that she's so scared to "hold onto him" and admit that he might actually be the one so she says to help her hold onto him. And when she's saying 'they see right through me' she means that no one ever sees her for who she actually is, and she says "I see right through me" because even she becomes so terrified that what everyone is saying about her is true, (even though she knows who she is and that it's not), she starts to overthink and not even see herself as who she actually is

  4. omg JOE ALWYN IS A CELEBRITY, an ACTOR. He just know how to understand and read Taylor unlike Calcium Hydroxide and the other crumpled papers.

  5. Any comment on the Humpty Dumpty reference? Just wondering if there’s a particular reason she would quote that other than it sounding catchy.

  6. I think the end "Combat, I'm ready for combat" is her saying that she is now ready to fight to keep her relationships. Where as at the beginning of the song she is saying that she expects to get into fights with friends and have the relationships implode and those friends to leave her and become enemies. But by the end of the song she is ready to fight not with friends but along with friends to maintain and even repair relationships.

  7. They see right through me do you see right through me I see right through me in my opinion this part is how the world always talks about her in bad untrue ways to the point where she doubts how good she is.

  8. I really agree with most of your interpretation of what I think is the most vulnerable and self reflective Taylor Swift song to this day. Sometimes it is really hard to let yourself be happy in an intimate romantic relationship because of all the baggage you unknowingly bring, the past betrayals, friends turned to enemies, it makes our outlook more suspicious with our guard up and 'ready for combat'. We often can resort to sabotaging and undermining ourselves to prevent taking that grand leap of faith in love and risk getting hurt again. Taylor has shown that she cares enough about her partner to reflect on these tendencies and literally begs in the song for him to help her overcome them so that she can hold onto him. So vulnerable and insightful about how our insecurities can make trusting hard no matter how much reassurance we get.

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  10. The Archer isn't Track 5 but she said it is about her honest feelings And close to her heart like other Albums track 5

  11. I really loved the band fun. and when I saw Jack Antonoff helped write it I knew it was going to be a great song!

  12. I think the nose has a bigger meaning… a more revealing and harder concept to grasp… I came here looking to see if you had it, the rest of the song I understood and you got… but I think the nose part was glossed over considering it’s a very specific metaphor she’s using and a strange one at that…. the nose is a very obvious part of the face, being the center and it also comes with its own connotations… one being nose-y for example… but what she said was

    “Dark side, I search for your dark side
    But what if I'm alright, right, right, right here?
    And I cut off my nose just to spite my face
    Then I hate my reflection for years and years”

    That maybe she had already stopped looking for flaws in people on principle and when it came to the end and everyone made a fool of her, with her John Mayer thing for example, she hated herself for not being nosy…. she spited her face, her image, by not being the way anyone is or can be in a relationship, and cut off that part that makes her ‘hard’ or battle-ready… a part of her that would prepare her for the worst… So it’s possible that now when she’s looking at her reflection with the nose cut off, let’s say circa the song ‘Ours’ about Mayer back in her Speak Now days when she was ignoring the many critics of her romantic partner, and partners since, and seeing now that she sort of resents that choice she made to go in strong with all her relationships and still fail?
    Or is the nose meant to signify something else entirely being that our sense of smell is highly connected to memory… maybe she wants to forget the scent of other lovers and be more pragmatic…. be more ‘ready for combat’… or opposite… not be ‘ready for combat’ with that missing nose, not remind herself so vividly via scent all that she’s gone through and to come in with Joe with a clean slate…
    My analysis isn’t too clear, and still fresh but…. I too am involved in English lit, I’m graduating this coming year and I honestly think Taylor and word choice go hand in hand… let me know if you have any theories or other ways to read this Nose metaphor…

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