Lyrics Explained: Half Alive "Pure Gold" | Very Confusing and VERY Deep

Lyrics Explained: Half Alive "Pure Gold" | Very Confusing and VERY Deep

everybody I'm Clifford sent me the pop sign professor welcome to my channel where we make English class awesome by talking about song lyrics and today we're going to talk about a song that is pure gold literally pure gold I just made that joke and so did just about every single youtube comment on the video for the official audio for pure gold anyway so we're gonna move right on past that the song is called pure gold by half alive and I have to say that it's probably one of the most confused I'm such a dork guys I'm sorry about all that it is probably one of the most confusing songs that I have looked at in the last year it might be the most confusing song of the last year for me there's not a lot to go on there's no research very few theories online anywhere the band is said almost nothing as far as I've been able to see and so yeah we got to figure it out all of that being said this is probably gonna end up sounding more like a theory video than an explanation but let's go ahead and jump into what we've got here and the first verse breathe what defines and describes your words climb measure the height by the winds discern wait for the tides of change will come and reach for the site of being undone there are four maybe five key words here that I think are really important we've gotta breathe climb wait and reach and then there's a possibility that discern is one of those as well but if you look at those breathe climb wait reach discern they are all I don't know they're like growth centered words I had to ask for a prose help on this particular explanation and she agreed with me that it really sounds like it could be about personal growth so you know when you learn to just breathe and then figure things out you grow when you when you climb and keep moving towards something better you're growing when you discern and make wise choices you're growing same with with waiting and reaching but then you look at the rest of these breathe what defines and describes your words it's a fair question who are you basically climb measure hiked by the winds and that seems to be about you know how the your success can be measured by the amount of difficulties you come into contact with the more difficult the windier the harder it is perhaps wait for the tides of change will come reach for the site of being undone and MAPE and I both were very confused by that last line in particular but the sight of being undone and a lot of this song is about looking at something beautiful the sight of being undone seems to be the goal it seems to be the pure gold it seems like like you and everything that you represent being taken back down into pieces and then no longer mattering seems to be the pure golden if that sounds weird – it is because it is kind of weird but maybe we'll be able to understand more in the chorus keep in mind – that Josh Taylor the lead singer of the band as price I know is a Christian so I'm applying some of what I know of Christian theology to this as well oh no oh no a beauty to hold and that that sight I think is the beauty so close so close I'm recognizing so as a pro player this is something he's seen before maybe forgotten but now he's seen it again I've been like where'd that where was that the whole time culture unfold and order restored the culture maybe was messed up maybe it was only half of what it could be now it's been unfolded and then the order has been restored oh Lord oh Lord I'm recognizing then he goes on to say gold gold gold a lot and that oh Lord oh Lord really makes it sound like you know there could be some Christian theology being put into this and I'm recognizing so close it's that beauty to hold and it seems to me like if I'm gonna go full theory you put my feet to the fire and I had to theorize something here I would say that it's almost like he is anticipating and and I think April kind of agreed with me on this as well it seems like he's anticipating the moment when maybe he meets God face to face and it's kind it's less about you know him and who he is he is undone and it's just this beauty – to hold him to be a part of this thing that he's recognized in his soul remembered from long ago perhaps or whatever you want to put that and now he feels like he's coming home that's that's one theory okay and it's pretty crazy pretty big theory it's definitely deeper than most songs you would get so that's why I feel like I'm going out with a little bit of a limb here but verse two stop when the waves take your name beneath I move with the grace of your value redeemed and April thought this meant that you know when people are piling on you and you feel like everybody's being unfair to you pardon the Thunder and the dog in the background she says you know she thought that maybe with the grace of your value redeemed means that you have value beyond what other people are saying on what's going on around you and I think that that could be a very strong interpretation I think the grace of your value redeemed to sounds like if you know he's a Christian and he's saying O Lord O Lord and the chorus that it could be referring to you know finding value one's own value in God rather than and you know how the waves treat your name on a given day the bridge something's got to give in when you hide and we don't know what he's saying there because the the vocals are really unclear in the mix but it could be a boulder or a problem he says something's got to give in when you hide something and so you've got a you've got to find what's true you got to go for that the core the second chorus wrapped up in pure gold tenfold Oh Lord I know it's the beauty to hold wrapped up in pure gold tenfold Oh Lord I know now I'm recognizing gold etc etc and this one the wrapped up in pure gold I don't know exactly what is wrapped up in pure gold it could be that you know he's been undone and now you know he finds out that his soul was gold all along or something or that had that value that his soul had was basically gold given by God or it could mean he's talking about the experience with God kind of metaphorically being wrapped up in gold tenfold it could be God being gold tenfold yeah but I think what's really important here is that in verse one we see this story of personal growth the choruses are all about kind of interacting with this thing of beauty that leaves whatever he was in the in the verse kind of in the dust and then in the bridge we know that there's some kind of a pressure that's not supposed to be there currently and something's got to give in but yeah so there's a lot going on in this song that is deep and crazy as it's very beautifully worded put together song Josh Taylor if you're watching this you know I'd love to interview you about the song of what it means and the rest of you guys please tell me what your theories are about pure gold by half-alive obviously the song has plenty more to be talked about in the meantime you guys can go and check out this video where I explain runaway by half alive but I honestly would go with this video it's seven facts about half alive and it's really good for people who are either new to the band or wanting to get to know them better that's all I've got for you guys thanks for watching

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  1. I think that "The sight of being undone" bit meant to be broken down to peices and understanding each part separately to learn more about yourself and bringing these parts together in a different way.

    P.S Awesome video!!

  2. I think he's calling the grace that gives one redeemed value, "pure gold." I also think that there is dual meaning to "recognizing": one being his remembering seeing something before as in birth to rebirth or redemption to redemption, and two being his giving honor to the one whom he calls Lord.

  3. I think the song as a whole is about meeting someone, a significant other, and finding their soul is just like your own, that you're cut from the same cloth and being ecstatic and realising how precious they are to you and what you have together with them is, and it forces you to question everything that came before.

  4. 2:20 the sight of being undone. Undone by something, or perhaps someone, who forces to you question all the ways in which you've grown and developed, the very essence of who you are and what you believe in, to tear it all down and start again, look at yourself and your life from a new perspective, or perhaps life in general. Coming undone, is usually a metaphor for weakness where you felt strong previously, or at least sure of yourself and now you're uncertain.

  5. also, a lil suggestion, in my opinion I think your videos will be even more great if you break down the lyrics while playing the song as the reactions videos people do because this way it will give a chance to people to discover the songs if they don't know them and also it will grap people's attention even more

    or if you worried about the copyright part maybe have a cool edit where you show the lyrics on the screen as you explain them, because I really believe your channel is very helpful to learn more about lyrics and English and enjoy the songs more so thank you very much man

  6. please please check out Matt Maeson music, he's very good with the sound and lyrics and also I would like for you to break down his lyrics because they get complicated sometimes
    songs like "straight razor" "grave digger" and couple others

  7. Please explain a brand new album from Bastille – Doom Days. I wanna hear your explaination and opinion.

  8. I always thought that this song was about struggling to stand out and be successful. When he says “pure gold, ten fold” I see that as him describing who he is trying to become as successful as and they’re so perfect that he wants to be just like them. I think the verses describe his struggle of standing out. The words in the first verse “Breathe”, “Climb”, “Wait”, and “Reach” are him telling himself the steps on how to become successful and stand out. However, in the second verse he explains that he can’t accomplish the success he wants due to the big amount of attention on mainstream music playing on the radio with the lyrics “when the waves take your name beneath”, but tells himself to stand up and try again with the lyrics “then move with the grace of your value redeems”. I think the chorus is him telling himself that standing out and becoming successful may not be so good with the lyrics “oh no, oh no”, “the beauty to hold so close, so close”, and “I’m recognizing culture unfold”.

    Sorry if this is confusing! I’m not usually very good at explaining things, but I gave it a try! 😀

  9. It seems to me that maybe he's kind of talking about the death and new life of the self that comes with being a Christian. In the beginning he talks about the undoing of self, making it something beautiful. This could mean repentance, or realization of sin. This also is kind of the first step to redemption. The turning point may be when he says "move with the grace of your value redeemed." When God saves you, He gives you value as His child and you leave the old places you found your value behind. Then, when he says he's "wrapped up in pure gold" he could mean that now he's claimed and covered by God's grace. (????)

  10. The title of the album “Now, Not Yet,” refers to a repeated theology concept of the already, not yet, the idea that humanity has been restored to the perfection of Eden through Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection while still needing to be made new and perfect every day. We are perfect now but also not yet. Still Feel explores the idea that we are still saved even at our worst. Arrow explores the idea that we are free to take our time growing up, making mistakes, and learning to follow the arrow in our heart. Runaway established the idea most definitively by saying “everything I am is everything I should be”. Pure Gold continues that train of thought. If I am already made right with God and where I am right is where I am supposed to be, I don’t need to runaway because of shame. I am wrapped in pure gold. God made me beautiful and this song is about recognizing that

  11. I think it may be he is wrapped in gold meaning God has given him certain gifts. As he continues to grow and mature he is able to see the "gold" as it unfolds. He is able to see what gifts he has through the challenges he has faced. In regards to cultue he sees his true purpose and how he fits into society. He is able to see how his gifts are able to affect his cultue and he sees beauty in his purpose.

  12. If I had to guess, I'd say the song is about recognizing the beauty, perhaps inside yourself, but I'd be more inclined to say it's finding beauty in society through all it's faults.

  13. Can you maybe explain Behind the Sea by Panic! At The Disco? Trust me. The lyrics make no sense. But it's one of my favorite songs.

  14. Also just wanna day that your second video on The Hype is my favorite video you have every made. I love your longer more philosophical videos! This one is no exception. 👍🏻

  15. The New Jerusalem
    “The wall was built of jasper, while the city was pure gold, like clear glass.”
    ‭‭Revelation‬ ‭21:18‬ ‭

  16. Oof I'm kind of late, but I'm going to see one of their concerts in September!! and I'm looking forward to it more than anything else that's happening the rest of the year. 😅

  17. Hey I’m here just to recommend a song called Emperors New Clothes by P!ATD you might have already heard it but I wanted you to say what you think ♥️

  18. i really hope this video does well, i would love to see more half alive on your channel! i think they have a lot of interesting, meaningful lyrics, and i'm excited to see more from them. it would be so cool to see you explain them more 🙂

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