Lugia (Pokemon) & Ocean Water Effect – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Lugia (Pokemon) & Ocean Water Effect – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay tutorial! Today we will create the Pokemon Lugia! Normally, I share some information about the Pokemon which I’m going to create, but to be honest guys I don’t know anything about Lugia. Well I found some images of Lugia flying with Ash and also flying over the ocean. This is why I I decided because there were quite a lot of pictures of Lugia flying over the Ocean and this is why I decided to create a part of the Ocean and also Lugia flying above. This is where we will attach the wings. OK! So no interesting facts about Lugia in this tutorial, but I have some news for you which I really think you will like, but let’s jump in, let’s focus on the creation first because it is about a very good skeleton, a skeleton made out of aluminium wire to get a quite stable structure. And after that we can start using some white clay and just coat the whole structure of aluminum wire. Lugia was the big winner of the last poll. Here we go! And because my wife is playing Pokemon Go, still playing, well I stopped a few months ago, she told me that there is Lugia in the game itself that you can fight against it. I don’t think that you can actually catch it, but at least you can fight against Lugia. This is pretty great. Maybe I will start playing Pokemon Go again, because there were few changes. I’m still waiting for the opportunity to fight against my friends like in the good old Gameboy days, so this would be pretty amazing. But let’s focus on the creation right now. This is quite difficult. The eyes are as always the most important part of the creation because it makes the creation alive, so just be careful about the eyes of Lugia. We will place them right onto the head and the head will actually go right onto our creation. This is the lower part of the mouth and now we can also work on the mouth details as well. For example this is the inner part of the mouth the red the flesh. And this is the tongue, the tiny tongue and if you also like you can add some tiny teeth as well. Okay, here we go. Now we will place the head we created before right under the creation. I think it looks nice. We will work on the wings right now, but let me tell some more information about polls in general. Well normally you know that I’m making these polls for example in this Pokemon tutorial would be a poll about the next Pokemon creation which I’m doing. So you can decide which one is next. But as I’m not uploading one Pokemon tutorial after another there are also the Clash Royale tutorials and I started Adventure Time tutorials This is a bit confusing so I thought it would be greater for all of us if the poll will just be the announcement for the next tutorial which will be coming. So that I’m not confused, you’re not confused so for the future this means in this tutorial there will be no poll, but in the next tutorial which is the Sparky from Clash Royale because you decided in the poll, there, I will create a poll for the next tutorial which would be a tutorial about Adventure Time. So to make it short I really hope this makes sense to you and it’s way more easy for me and also for you guys. Yeah, we will see, let’s try out. We are all creative, we will find out pretty soon. Some of you asked me is it possible to meet me in person. Yes, it is next week I will be on the European video days which will be in Köln on Thursday and Friday in Germany and it would be an honor for me as well to speak to you in person. Now we will focus on the ocean, on the water effect and I will take my beloved mug I have this Turtles mug since I was in kindergarten And I just love it so much. It’s a great tool for getting circles as I already did. Just a size comparison for Lugia. and now we will start using the pointing tool to create nice waves and water effects. First with the bigger side and after we finished this kind of pattern just make it round again. We will also work on the tiny details with the thin part of the pointing tool, as well. And you can already feel the water floating around. All we have to do right now is to slice it open and place Lugia right above the water, above the ocean effect. Okay, place it onto a table, a plate. I mean plate, sorry. And we are almost done We will just place this Liquid Clay over the blue clay and this will make it more water-like and just yeah looks more liquid Okay, I think we are ready to go into the oven! Freshly baked Lugia and freshly baked ocean! I take some acrylic paints. Most of the color I’m using is just a tiny bit of blue. We start a bit darker with his bright blue mixture of bright blue and after that you can just begin to become brighter and brighter until we will even take just some white for these tiny details and it really should look like as if the water is bubbling. After the color is dry you can use our beloved transparent polish and just add some more shiny details to the water itself. And I really like the effect on this water, on this ocean. I haven’t done this before so please let me know in the comments how you like it I’m taking just some glue and… You will laugh! The wool found its way into the tutorial again for this splashing, bubbling effect because Lugia is putting one foot into the water while flying above and I really like this effect. One last announcement: There will be a new tutorial each Friday from now on starting today. I really hope you appreciate this. I’m just looking forward to create on a more regular base. OK I guess that’s it! Thanks a lot for watching! I really hope you enjoyed this whole tutorial where I created Lugia and also the water effect of the ocean. Please check out the tutorial of Abomasnow. I created this Pokemon in the snow in the Alps. I know that some of you haven’t seen it so check it out and leave me a comment how you like this outdoor tutorial. OK I guess that’s it for today. Thanks for watching and hope to see you next Friday! Take care. Bye! ‘Okay, so you’re in water’ – ‘And you’re snow, right?’ ‘This is quite similar.’ – ‘Is it?’ ‘Yes, because water is frozen!’ No, this would be ice. It’s crystallized snow, is it? Oh!

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