LOREN GRAY | Draw My Life

LOREN GRAY | Draw My Life

LOREN GRAY BEECH, better known as Loren Gray,
is an internet star from the US. Only 16 years old and she is already a model,
a singer and a dancer. She was born on April 19th 2002, in Pennsylvania. When she was a little girl, her parents split
up and Loren went to live with her mother. She still has a good relationship with her
father, who has an Instagram account, where he keeps us updated about Loren’s news,
who he, affectionately, calls Squig. On her dad’s side, she has an older half-sister,
but they dont really keep contact. She’s been active on social networks since
2013. Her popularity arrived with the lip-syncing
app Musical.ly, where she became a total star. She was one of the first muser to be sucessfull
on the platform. She started uploading her videos in 2015,
and right now she has more than 25 million followers. After her career’s take off she moved to
Los Angeles, where she lives nowadays, in order to have bigger opportunities. Same as many musers, she has her own youtube
channel, with 2 million subscribers. She published her first video on January 5th
2016, a present unboxing, everything sent by her fans. Now, she has make up tutorials, challenges
and vlogs about her routine. She usually collaborates with other youtubers
such as Lele Pons, in her comedy sketches. In 2017, she was part of the festival of social
networks and music DigiTour, with others artists such as Tyler Brown, Blake Gray and the British
singer Harvey. (hárvi) Loren also loves music. In November 2017 she appeared with Baby Ariel
in the videoclip “Personal”, by Harvey. In the video, she does the background singing,
and she shows her dancing skills. Also, in that same year, she did her first
cover of the song “New Rules” by Dua Lipa. Loren is interested in the fashion world. Since she was a kid, she has always liked
putting on make up, and she is always up to date about new products. Many times, we can see her in her videos wearing
JIMO71 clothes, by the german twins, also musically stars, Lisa and Lena. She signed a contract with the model agency
Women 360 Management, and she also appears on magazines such as Teen Vogue or Seventeen. She is such an influencer, apart from Musical.ly
she is also famous in other social networks. he has 2 Instagram accounts, where she has
a total of 14 million followers. She is also on Snapchat, YouNow, Twitter and
Facebook. She was nominated to the Teen Choice Awards
and to the Shorty Awards as Muser of the year. This year, she’s been working on new projects
in the fashion world and show business. In March, she signed a contract with the record
company Virgin Records, to produce her own music. Loren Gray is a sweet and charming girl. She always thanks her family and fans for
all the support they always give her, and for being her inspiration to bring out the
best of herself. When she is not posting about her day to day,
in her free time she studies attending online classes – her favorite subject is science
and she hates maths. She likes painting and sports. She did track&field, all star cheerleading,
school cheerleading, dance and also gymnastics. Even tho she doesnt practise any sports now,
she still keeps fit at the gym. Her favorite animal is the elephant, and she
also loves dogs. She has 3 puppies, Hercules the chihuaha and
2 pomeranians, Angel Pom and Smudge. She also has a cat named Steve French. Loren doesnt really like TV, she’d rather
spend time watching videos on youtube. Some of her favorite youtubers are Shane Dawson,
Jenna Marbles, Miranda Sing and PewDiePie. Loren Gray is such a phenomenon on social
networks, and an inspiration to her fans. Her key to success is her self confidence
and her perseverance at work. We are sure she has a great future as an artist
ahead of her, and she will keep surprising us with the projects still to come!

100 thoughts on “LOREN GRAY | Draw My Life

  1. Omg she is just like me my favorite is science and am good at science I hate maths and am bad in maths I love painting all day oo I love sports ⚽🏀🏈⚾

  2. How it should have been :

    Loren Gray was born and that was ANOTHER spoiled little brat being put in this world like, come on the worlds too small.
    Anyway, then she grew up and started musically where she did ABSOLUTELY nothing except lip-sync to songs and SHE GOT FAMOUS !? Excuse me?
    Anyway, then she thought she was big and hard so started cyber-bullying INNOCENT people. I don’t think so honey…so she then LIED to her fans that she DIDN’T get lip fillers. HON….IT’S OBVIOUS.
    Now she’s gone off musically because she’s obviously TOO FAMOUS for that sh*t .

    The end.

  3. I am a big fan of Loren but it’s pissing me off. You’re saying that she is doing background singing, while only saying “personal”, and as for the dance moves, she only moves her hands two times and that’s it! 😡

  4. Well now she has a song
    She is so talented now she is so beautiful and I was there science 2013 I loved seeing her grow😭💘💖

  5. i am was 1 and half years old when my parents broke up now i live with one week with mom next week with dad and next next week with mom again and like this

  6. Lauren gray is not sweet she has anger issues go look at just destiny and look at the video he made about her you will see the real Lauren gray

  7. Some ppl say Loren Gray COPIED Billie Eilish, which is kinda true, Like " queen " is so similar to " See me in a crown "

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