Living With Murals in Artist Izhar Patkin's East Village Loft

Living With Murals in Artist Izhar Patkin's East Village Loft

what's there to talk about what costumes [Laughter] this wasn't all school that a city and installed two manufacturers and then they got all and a group of us bought the building and renovated it you have to really like somebody's work to give them that canvas and I liked scooters work before I met him and I thought let's give it a shot it started with the room behind the veil that was the first room hit scooter painted here and the theme was dictated by the Kirtland name so this room is something that happens behind the curtain a little bit naughty a little bit secretive the room next to it was painted in there is a oversaturated deep orange reminded me a bit of the orange and you see on the ancient Greek vases so it kind of feels like you walked inside of an inverted Grecian vase but the paintings are turned inside out it's something very transgress about painting on the wall it changes the scale of the room when I used to sit here before I'd look out the window to the garden now I sit here and I look at the painting this painting back here is based on one of my all-time favorite paintings it's called creation of the animals the paintings from 1551 and it's by Tim Toretto so here that's my version of God is the head coming down but anyways this was hanging in a show in the East Village and he started to love the painting and then he asked me to hang it in his house and then he was sitting here one day and he told me to expand the painting so we put the vision and he put the birds flying in and some of my creatures that I love to paint and we did a rainstorm over here Assad painted that part and Assad painted the cherries on the tree over there yeah those are the two best which reminded a favorite part this is the only room in the house that you could actually assign maybe a function or a name to I don't have a living room I don't I don't know why people do nobody ever gets there unless some guests arrive what's to deal with that so I mean here wherever the food is that's what people are gonna sit we painted the Egyptian room which is like going into an Egyptian tomb and it's not one of that and I love Egypt I miss you say we paint who you painted most of it well yeah to me it's collaboration because they were really Assad I just sit there telling stories yeah and he watches me paint and he stays up until 5:00 in the morning which I'm really amazed at I'm like don't you want to go to bed he's like no this brings me enjoyment I discovered the Max Ernst piece in a side street in Venice and they had some other Glass Works in the windows and then the shopkeeper said well you know I've got another one in brown and she brought this one out and this is a max occurrence she knew it was my experience but some reason it was not expensive so I got it you know the whole thing everywhere is basically storytelling one thing connects to another there's a wall there of a Egyptian drawing of the feeling of the ball and then scooter continued painting Big Bird just caught a golden fish and then I had that Walter Robinson Bunny and I thought well that's another wall how come we have so many animals here love animals right and that was kind of subconscious in the same way that we didn't plan wearing these animal outfits right it's just oh the bathroom kind of grew into Garden of Eden gone you have a stream of consciousness on the Nile as part which he does all the time I mean not to be disrespectful but I thought it was funny to have the penny there right above the throne that's good or extended that into the story of pennies from heaven which is golden showers your environment is kind of a diary of your life and how you grow and what you bring in for me is very specific is the things that I want to learn from or things that mean something and you know it's always up for change why not people often say that their house is a work in progress and when you see a house of an artist like use our patents you'll really understand what that means because every single room is storytelling and it's very most vibrant especially when you invite a friend as either has done with scooter Lafarge to come in and paint different scenarios in different rooms a lot of people are shy about paint and about color but when you look at a project like this it kind of gets you over

15 thoughts on “Living With Murals in Artist Izhar Patkin's East Village Loft

  1. Usually even if something isn't necessarily my taste, I can still appreciate it. This one though makes me think of the kind of place I would see when I opened my eyes after being kidnapped. However not all art is supposed to make you comfortable, some is supposed to just make you feel something so mission accomplished!

  2. Thank the Universe for Us Eccentrics. without us Your World would be Kohl's Old Navy Target

    the host is cringing in her skin, you can feel her wanting to run screaming from the place. LOL

  3. I understand their concept and what they wanted to create, but I am not fun of the style. It looks like a child had painted it.

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