Live: Minecraft Artisan SMP #25! 1.14 | Interior chaos

Live: Minecraft Artisan SMP #25! 1.14 | Interior chaos

why is the stop streaming button so much more tempting to pressed and the unmute button some reason my hand drills towards that button instead and I almost click that hello everybody how are you doing welcome back to lovely Thursday today I'm sorry I'm late alright I was supposed to do the stream yesterday and I fell asleep so I'm sorry guys I'm doing a stream today instead so this is what we're gonna do hello everybody how are you doing hey guys let's do a few little shout outs before I get them to the other stream properly here we live role gaming crossfire catch up how you doing super of a code I kill a cupcake popcorn and chills Finn buck keep black poser that girl hate doing this Kailyn there as well lovely to see you Kayla ace Hayden puffy Cal says new nice last name hey Marcus thank you so much for the doll before string by the way in this super chat what are you doing donating before stream thank you so much I did Caitlin I think I did I wake up and I'm just like well bugger I was supposed to stream but I was just tired so I do apologize hopefully have my video coming out this weekend as well I'm aiming for a Sunday for the video I hope I can get it done in time I'm not too sure how about I'm gonna do with the voice-over yet but the builds yeah can you do more with green please I'm always doing stuff with green I was talking in today as well but it's hard to say because I don't usually do it at my own channel he's doing his channel so we'll see you about that hey taco I see you man lovely to see you you did just Spanish lesson it's true linger hey you do hey bring Z how you doing lovely to see ya let me uh let me pop over to the game screen real quick just me or is that fair not Theatre kind of gotten slower moving between all the images I was fiddling with it today and it's just like it seems a lot slower it is what it is so we're gonna do the artisan today I'm done that for about a week so I'll something yeah you need to pull it in it's fun how is my volume on it let's turn this up a little bit one of my sounds like understand everything up just a little tiny bit alright this is fine see ever is well in here nobody lost dreams everybody this stream yes crazy yeah it's like 10 p.m. it is yes it is 10 p.m. that is normal stream time that's thought up like yeah I gotta love that lag it's how we go um I was on the in the game a little bit prior actually sorting out all the chests of just stuff we've left everywhere so that's all sorted properly now as you can see I do have bad omen so I came across another pillage of group and so if we walk into a village we're probably in the iterate which might be kind of fun haven't done one of those in a while so hello I'm Micah hey do you love it to see you hey shiny welcome let me just set on my thing here there we go spunky wolf and the beats master thank you for subscribing by the way guys welcome to the channel so plans for today guys I would actually love to start on the interior of this thing we've had this empty for so long it's just a big shell shell it's just a big show alright there's no creeper upstairs whatsoever but just take I think I just did the whole you know that nerf meme with it with like the kid runs down the hallway and then suddenly does a really sharp turn back down the hallway like a nope that was me that's fine you changed the thumbnail for this yeah I take closby why hey X see how you doing it hey I just killed one why was there another one are you serious alright well okay okay now look short creeper hey Dean crafter hey do it lover to see you about yep I am NOT gonna there neither can they get one jungle pike that's all I need okay so this is the show we need to do something about it now if you guys didn't see the last artisan stream day we fought the in the dragon so we now have chakra shells which I have to get for my in the chests so we can use little backpack storages technically now with the shelter boxes which is awesome it's gonna save us a lot of time and we need to clean up all of this inside but it's kind of getting there it's getting there this side is like nowhere near there it's just just nothing it's just frames everywhere but the other side is a limit multi-plate at least in some form hey Sam how you doing lovely to see you again why you new dance why no debts is this count it's kind of dancing oh god the the crash theme the new new 1.14 throws me out sometimes can I just take this that doesn't even go up there properly anymore there we go hello pigments how you doing I'm not gonna hit one of those guys again if you guys remember what happened last time we hit that hey listen how you doing lovely to see you hey papa kehte japanese listen I haven't touched you in lingo in quite some time to be honest I just don't have the time till we're not the one with the language right now hey Mona how you doing welcome to the stream let's see wait so what was they're doing here right let's make this choker boxes because that's exciting I've 37 shellfish shells which should last us for quite a while and I do have an Electra now and a dragon head and I also got a dragon egg somehow I don't know if it's new in 1.14 but i it dropped in a white robe and the dragon died and then I picked up the allatra and got a dragon egg but the dragon egg is still on the pillar in the so somehow we duplicated the dragon egg unless that was intended to happen none of us had seen that before sorry we've got two dragon eggs now basically from the one dragon it's mine I need a chest alright let's see hey Philip how you doing lovely to see you it was pretty good thing you have that yes I'm sorry I want a bit high-pitched I just need to make a whole bunch of chests so I can make some show the boxes take this how many I can make but we'll see yes that was a lot of boxes okay how could Chaka shells like make anything else right I'm gonna get some rockets to fly around I am so skeptical with a light show because I don't trust them King is like terrible I don't trust it at all are you doing by the way pitcher hey Foxley how you doing welcome lovely to see you hey lil love it see you I'm gonna die some of these so we can tell what's in each of our chests now what is it just this in this nice it's so nice to have sharks yes now I can actually store things properly while I'm out and about just hopefully you don't die and lose everything that would be ideal we can also do some n cities today I don't know if you guys want to do that let me know if you guys want me to do n cities today and we can but we'll do a bit of interior first regardless I don't know where I would actually put these to be honest maybe I'm sorry hmmm I need something to put a lease that down here good morning Jim it's so weird to see you with that that verified tag oh my god good morning Jim how you doing good that verified sack if you guys didn't know already Jim hit 100,000 a couple days ago which was insane look at a with that shiny tag I can see you now I can see you in the chat and I don't miss you it's amazing hey diamond so how you doing lovely to see you will you join the Hemet craft server I would love to but it's inviting hey you soon I haven't forgotten about you how are you doing have you been okay who's gonna put those there for now and keep these ones on us for a little look kind of backpack dealio yeah hey Pig how you doing hey Steve never to see you so shiny I feel way too important in chats now well at least I can see you I would always miss you in the chat so hard to see everybody sometimes it's good to catch halfway 200,000 yeah yeah I I don't know how that would go I don't have many expectations for anything it's a crazy have you seen Z as well Lee has almost hit 200,000 himself and I could have sworn he just hit 100,000 benzene uh right I need black look like a little gray well I'm sorry this is why I'm all over the place for the first part of the stream take some of that a famil gray wool which is amazing it'll take some terracotta let's just chuck all about terracotta in the chest and then we can just always keep that with us okay so I go that's let's just grab some woods as well do you need more spruce logs so I don't really think about that let's put that in just put that in ridge because that's like the only pulling one yeah I really need the wood that's so important okay and then we can get some of these well thank you trap doors that are pretty important okay go in there we're just gonna carry everything we need for interiors right now keep going pearl you got this can confirm it doesn't feel possible until about 80 K you went so fast what are you talking about I do have a video coming out this weekend there hopefully I'm working on it and then these got a little cool app that we're gonna be doing which is gonna be exciting where'd you get so many ideas in your builds uh actually the community can she be it's like I asked you guys what you'd like to see and that helps as well and then sometimes I'm just you know do you want the human thing and it just pops into my head sometimes in the shower sometimes you're not the place you get the idea it's sometimes I just pop in yet amazing the one I'm doing at the moment I'm quite excited I didn't bring scaffolding I'm sorry getting everything yeah the one thing at the moment we're excited to do it's being kind of cute actually in a weird way Thank You Robin Hardy for subscribing welcome to the channel what inspired you to become an excellent builder I just like reading things so not typically they both kind of go hand in hand with each other a little bit um but yeah I just love making things in general so it's just creativity is inspiring and the community of us hey how you doing lovely to see you I like destroying things do you like TNT yeah so I'm basically just finishing this roof up a little bit spotted this at some point kind of looks kind of cool from up here but double kind of just I want to try and make significant progress today be nice can I borrow your head for a minute I need some good ideas for things to build I'm pretty bad I mean we were just talking about ideas but they really like pop off in a rare occasion I can try though I can try you willing to just let me know what you I need that what are you doing I might be able to come up with something even the chat might be up to thank you catch up thank you very much and enjoy life how you doing by the way what's up the stream she's try doing it right it would be cool yeah I was thinking of doing a raid because I do have the effect on at the moment but it is only bad I'm in one so we need to kill more pillages to off the answer unit we got plenty of wool for this roof how nice such a shortage livestream happens find a little bit more laying around walk or okay yeah that was d fun I need your actual head nothing is popping in here I'm sorry but I can't can't let you steal my head it's a bit different Caitlyn what are you doing he gave me streams and it's nice to be watching you again I'm sorry for being a bad model not being around as much you don't need to apologize for anything Karen thank you so much for their nation thank you for the kind words as well it's lovely to see you back lovely to see you back thank you how would you rate your building skills through one to ten oh I feel like that's a bad idea to to rate because it would either seem I am really hard on myself or I'm really eager testicle so I would rather not give a number to anything so and I think I've got a long ways to go in my building so that's all that matters really to me it's just improving hey you look like two plays how you doing lovely to see you let me think how are we going to just stitch this will not properly I didn't really think about the the bridge on this side it's kind of like it's gonna meld into it some down and this doesn't really know do you remember me the how to pronounce blue with hook to be I remember that last dream that specific conversation good thank you in Tecate how is mr. log doing mr. log is sitting touch he's chilling how is everybody else doing today have you enjoyed your your weeks sometimes I was about to say weekend there right every day feels the same alright let's see good to think how this is gonna go together I just break this hmm I mean I could have a tiny little bridge I suppose coming into here this will be like a wall and this will be more like a really bad okay we're gonna work this out I didn't really plan too far ahead put this third pie octa-pie octa-pie sounds go funny I don't mm-hmm okay let's see let's just plop you in there don't know what I'm gonna do for this bit maybe I think I have to kind of just build the depth down this way there we go okay good good pick up my mom exe no worries piglet do you like sweet or savory I'm more of a sweet person I would say no do I not have my my just go okay okay that's why I scrapped a long time ago any on watching that hasn't I recommend you do I mean it would be watching right there shiny technically thank you for watching though I appreciate the support can make a window there instead good that's an idea can think how to blend these two together though that's not wrap on because this is a roof oh oh I see what I could do here can I just take that and fold that around there actually I need to go add one more I think I'm stuck I'm stuck in a roof I think this needs to go something like around here I hate all these angles there we go then this and then we can just combine the wall into this that closes it up now I need to hop back down there yeah then this piece can be here which one did I put the stairs in this one nope not that one can you make a tutorial on how to build a peacock that's pretty specific a peacock huh a small one or a big one cuz that the answer would depends based on that okay I kind of don't really like how that wool conflicts with it maybe if I have it down here instead oops nope nope I mean technically I have the same issue difference yeah I don't like how this goes up it just doesn't walk in my opinion what if I just do this no worries shiny hey little gremlin how you doing lovely to see you why do you like Minecraft because I get to be creative being creative is fun okay there we go that solves it a little bit more some reason I cannot pick these up why not give them to me minecraft I need those right okay that it's it's very complicated but it works and that's what matters can I hop over here hop skip and jump oh yeah we do it nice okay get in there this is all a mess though I don't know how to deal with this you're gonna need to stop putting in some more floors and kind of just work with it I think do rid of these I need these to be here what are your opinions on duggars though go see Keats I don't know what else opinion I could have this debris keep them hey Morgie not sure how you doing welcome to the stream do you play any other games I sure do there's a playlist on my channel for all the other games that we've been very creative doing a survival building I prefer building and creative because it's a lot easier to detail that way but it doesn't mean that I don't like the survival challenge I do like survival so just really depends what I'm building for because I'm just building to make it really cool I can build then great if I'm just feeling to have fun then see it's just get rid of some of these hey Navona how you doing hey me how you doing welcome to stream guys okay look what why is that missing is it a creeper boy that upper- blind did I just forget to feel that anything the other day I need my Ana mushroom block come here I need you and you need to go in the orange nice that works pretty gross is satisfying it is how you doing Gigi how you doing gotta get that twice finally oh my god I'm gonna see you do you know Billy Elish oh she does music yeah I haven't really listened to my music but I've seen her she is terracotta melon hype for Addison family everyone in chat is awesome amazing and wonderful people hearts to the chat thank you so much Marcus hearts indeed all the love in the chat thank you so much for the donation market can I get name it Ken you sure can right do I have see this is what I'm saying I keep forgetting things like I'm supposed to get jungle wood and I've gone and forgot it I'm sorry so I just checked the New South Wales access no I'm not from New South Wales I didn't realize New South Wales had an accident I'll be honest some people say I'm British or run low and jungle okay after your thumb some of that no that's that cook jungle where's my overall my jungle stuff like that they di maybe jungle jungle jungle stuff was s man so they really know in here am I just blinds no didn't I need the berm you a jungle wet maybe they're outside you know temptations I've heard of him haven't really probably what he does though okay I forgot about this stuff when I went to organize but still no jungle trees maybe ever in this one maybe no no saplings are usually I'm pretty organized okay hmm I am missing the sapling for some reason I do not know what hello hello no no okay well all my saplings to jump ship apparently huh well okay I know I've put them somewhere but all right I guess I don't have them we won't have to take a trip to the nether on here get some saplings cuz we're a little bit low all right well I'll leave these outside well actually I leave my here so you had saplings in the sapling chests sure see acacia earth spruce stuck oak birch and oak there's no jungle down here no down here either so we don't have jungle yeah see Celia the Koreans girlfriend you enjoy thank you for watching everybody amber how you doing hey winter flowers so I'm gonna see you there I'm gonna leave these here and we'll take one shoulder box with us I'll leave these ones here because right wait we didn't even know do I have any in here maybe no no no okay I don't know where they were where they went they've just made poops Thank You Harry he'll yell for subscribing by the way welcome to the channel we're just gonna have to go for a journey that's just in there that's let's waste no time it was the acacia ones I always twist them to her lines gotcha no worries in to glide safe use a good day hello amber how you doing hey which crops good to see you guys you will lose the shelter's to know how we lose them so good okay get my shelf boxes maybe I left them in here maybe I don't know I've got a bunch of stuff in here that I need to get should I yeah with this girl in here yeah there it is I need to do the wiggler sometime soon no more jungle saplings my that's a negatory again let's see jungle is not that way it is this way still boiling but I'm like is it hot there top family faraway jungle all right let's go love the build this and the build spell it's cool thank you so much tibia welcome to the channel I appreciate the support there do you watch any youtubers I do shiny I can't they're like can't there I just kind of like scan through and whoever's am I recommended I watch mr. beast is one of them it's kind of funny waffles stroll with waffles mice play super raid is a little green every now and then that's fit it is somewhat I'm probably forgetting hmm there we go wait up nope nope no I don't start already where's the chip I thought this was the jungle did I gave you the wrong one tell me the wrong one didn't I no thanks let it ride please don't let it right there's been a race oh it's on the right it's fine it's fine you gave it to the wrong one first time in a livestream welcome to the livestream like Nietzsche hello y-axis by the way let's see you front yeah okay I read the sign and I went left good jump me it's fine hey porcelain no need to do that thank you very much I appreciate the thought though I prefer to have instead I appreciate the support of people wanting to subscribe multiple times but it doesn't help me at all I prefer that everyone is kind of just just one account so that I can really gauge how many people actually watch my stuff I appreciate the support there appreciate it you're gonna play hightail absolutely when it comes out I'm so hard for it but that's probably not gonna be for ages amazing how you doing they'll good to see you hey good zooks first stream would love your best thank you so much 30 people you guys are crazy lovely to see you all you know what you mean up so you happy started the mafia yet the Mafia have you made consent some content lately that's kind of being my last two weeks with a little bit of work stuff on the side and doing some other creative things like hobbies I'm taking a bit of a break at the moment from work even though I'm doing YouTube now but yeah I just just spend my credit creates itself at the moment which is what I love doing I did more on that's that's a bird head sculpture today which is on my Twitter as well I'm quite happy with thats coming up no worries popcorn and chill you have a good day thank you for watching what do you think about hightail I didn't really have many thoughts about hightail right now I don't want to judge something that isn't yet release if I tried service what do you mean when two phones see you later the idea likes thank you so much for watching as well you have yourself a nice day is that it for the rate is the rate go on the rate is in the other spruce village but I didn't want a bigger raids though I don't want to do the level one raid it's too easy and I want to go the hardcore style I suppose we kind of should go do it now that it's technically started but you know what are some minecraft pet peeves my pet peeves ping does that count it's pink at the only reason I don't like using Elijah is because I tend to die with them because whenever I'm on servers and I lag and you get that slight lag spike well on Elektra you just crash you but crash and burn it's not safe that's about it I don't know I don't really have many pet peeves to be honest because everything in Minecraft it's like adds to the experience creep is gonna be a pain in the butt but they're also a part of the gameplay elements which challenge so I don't mind it as long as it doesn't blow up something I just spent like 30 minutes trying to detail then I hated it when it blew up on Ivar because I would do these detailed domes and then a creepy would just come along and just blow it up and I'm like seriously really hey young how you doing love it a senior I'm doing well how are you doing see you later winter thank you for watching and Cleo nur I see you – how you doing I'm sorry I didn't think I said hello et before no you've been in here for a little bit sorry I'm probably making you guys dizzy right now that would save the tops of trees okay good morning storm how you doing how you doing my friend okay real good okay hello horsey how are you doing are you doing good – I do like how crouching is actually a game mechanic now you can actually look under things and Crouch under things as well it's kind of cool right I came here early for the sapling so we just need to remember to collect those got these saplings to me tree nothing a single sapling maybe I walk too far they're just a bunch of sticks they really knew his have links from this tree what hello this one speak of the devil there's another one we need those that's important take that thank you thank you still here just lurking no worries hey the man's chicken costume how you doing love to see you hey Doku hey Mary I'm gonna see you guys welcome to the street oh you'll do him today I just broke that book when I didn't save to your goodbye still oh I still raced itself that's fine hey Cole how you doing welcome to the stream out I wasn't looking it's fine I know brightness up okay yeah I've actually been recording with my brightness on moody for a little bit it's actually kind of interesting how everything looks like maybe it brings out all the shadows and the depths in the builds I'll bet you have you guys are tried playing on me it's kind of nice I don't mind it hey can I get that thank you I don't want to leave it fleeting he leaves fleeting trees yeah shame shame on the floating trees why does that sound edgy wait what hey Sam how you doing lovely to see you how long have you been in this sp ever since we started so that was about whoa how long has this been going on for now guys I haven't even been keeping track perfectly for some months now at least it means we started in February or March hundred thirty people watching me chop jungle wood must be exciting a long time a long time I don't really know when we started it's not really something I've kept track though has it been fun it has I've quite enjoyed it there was a bit of a quiet period there for a while but life happens to a lot of us can I have you this I need you if 11 which does alright but problem is jungle saplings don't like to drop very well look there's a little bit more you got got 12 okay I still want those two but they're glitching out maybe that's a pet peeve right these ones that like yeah I'm on the grounds but no they're really up in the sky all the way up there that that's something that I'm surprised they haven't fixed honestly they need to fix this stuff that's a pet peeve that's been around for many many versions back to looking now oh good Jim can I pick it up you know okay well we'll leave it there then I think well we should have enough and that should do us for a little while in terms of wood anyway so we'll just let that go hey Daniel look it's the channel how are you doing I remember to using only what she roaming the wild for two hours is that just me going on a giant exploration I mean to be fair I was like reading treasure chest treasure yeah Jeff or something it's Betsy where March 19 I said much I said much I was right much you know that that's when I started live-streaming I think they spotted the series maybe a week before that because I found some resources before I actually started streaming sorry it's like it's little math in my monta looks like a name tag look like anyone's on lines to me hey music how you doing lovely to see ya comfortable 13 degrees Celsius 31 degrees is very help for me 31 is like an average trailing summer said in the description there was seven are they each of us well it's curling just a little bit there's a cat here a little bit lower in the description you'll find the whole list and they were still how you doing by the way nobody see ya alright so we got our jungle with now we can probably actually do our force okay I'm actually gonna take this up there okay that was one fool that's fine alright so we need to kind of section this off a little bit more I think this needs to be a four up here so we're just gonna start by sectioning this whole bit it's how we deal with messy builds just so ya come up to some conclusions right so this will also save me having to break that one more didn't even have scaffolding right yeah we got that okay do you have any travel or holiday plans I don't currently but I do have a sense there's certain someone coming down to Australia and about like 10 days 15 maybe 15 days and that'll be pretty cool so I don't care about as a holiday even though I'm not going anywhere myself hey Reese how you doing no good to see you in Finland it's hella hot for a summer I mean still on the UN chat right now mr. Finland dude saying that 21 is hot I think it really depends what kind of climate you're used to because he keeps saying that like 23 is like really hot but that's like perfect weather for Australia it really depends what you used to stall them I see you lurking it's way fuel it's so nice 23 is perfect it's perfect Willa Australia is gonna be a holiday destination for me I don't think I could live there out and outs well yeah just don't come here in the summer you'd be right thank you cast a while up to subscribe and welcome to the channel my friends I need my Terra Cotta I'm gonna left it down there it's so dark in here I need torches I also need to block that up let's grab some torches and I'll bring my shuffle box up with me as well okay so Gigi okay 17 is 17 is like chili no no I won't go 17 ain't it see well why'd you pick the name plus a moon I just liked the I like the word the and of what it meant with the different color altercations so I decided to just combine it with the object and that's what I came up with hmm just try to think how we're gonna board this up a little bit more I do love to find on so let's just tuck that in the other hand maybe that'll give me some wash off to the side I'm gonna fool downstairs in a minute that way fun okay sees that gonna collide with the window probably is that we're about to Australia are you I am in Victoria the good old Victoria are used to not saying which state I was in but I don't really mind it so much anymore I just won't say what summit state is this far so I'll go with that Thank You sergeant it soon I was pretty happy with my name tell me what the name is so hot okay we get in somewhere here this place has been such a mess for so long and I want to start using it for farms and stuff so this should be really cool if I can just manage to get its ID together a bit more now I should be in a breakthrough if so come you should be able to break through this wall into here yes I can that works okay right get some light in here so we don't have creepers trying to blow things up what's the Australia nice nice hey Daniel Ezra how you doing hey Shane welcome can I see your phone which kind of fun will you be asking about that come to pass one day maybe we'll see it hasn't really been part of my destination point because I haven't seen a lot of interesting spots I suppose then what will have you gotten past specifically because you know for Sydney you've got that Sydney upper house and everything in a lot cooljazz then for Queensland you've got all the theme parks and the beaches melvin doesn't really have much of interest so I just let my Tarricone advances come here there terracotta made you hey Marcus how you doing lovely to see you I just had a science teacher come from Australia can you take it back I hate oh no I'm sorry yes that's a shame why do you hate here is there something quite click clicking properly in terms of just the way she teaches let's see what am I doing with this bit here this bits a little bit odd isn't it I technically want a wall the cops are there but it might look a bit strange if we do that what about walls this year that guy is yeah see that goes into there which kind of might be a bit strange maybe I'm just gonna have to roll it off just a little bit come hit the terracotta and eg alright so let's just kind of roll this off a little bit by like one book then it should be fine that works out a little bit nicer I'm going to just fix the wool don't want anything spawning right there we go it's a bit cleaner hopefully fix how you doing welcome hey lip gamers welcome lover to see you everyone was streaming on March 19 oh nice so I guess that's more of the official day I suppose okay maybe we will just wall this pot off here is this outside it is okay we'll just pull this off like a little corridor our space right we have something going for this that it's a little bit awkward so we still need to figure that out we're getting somewhere hold that off then we've got this little attic type area which is kind of cute I need this laughs in that window I need mushroom blocks I need more Papa's crash everybody else what even Anna ladies more exciting for the wine I mean it's a pensive trio wine I suppose but really like morning I personally haven't really had one hey drawing of bean how you doing okay so this is kind of like more of a cute little attic now which is coming along don't know about what I'm gonna do with that bridge yet that's written thank you most fun subscribe much appreciated welcome to the chin hey guys just looking a bit nicer than it okay let's just look this one up a bit more then add this little archway to it it's bit nicer then we can add some jungle with Slap so I'm here to kind of bring it all together everyone do you like cats I love cats I have one cat in my family at the moment which is like she feels like my best friend at the minute I swear it absolutely adorable I don't know why she's sucking up to me so much but she is like my little stress ball she's absolutely adorable and she sleeps on my bed when I'm working she's too cute just take you take this it's your favorite chubby minecraft mine see Oh favorite mob in Minecraft um it's interesting that you say the Phantom because so many people have like expressed their hates that phantom my favorite mob that's probably gonna have to be the cat the Ocelot which is kind of gives off what I meant basically just mentioned a space I do like it well bug out what's gonna maybe I can't have the slabs there as I thought or I could bring it along the edge like this that kind of works still we need to get rid of these barrels like I do have stuff in them okay dudes my mushroom duck which is in the orange I believe yes mushroom duck oops not there can I get the sometimes they don't like have the mushroom block uprights nice if they fix that a little bit more here and then down here does this have to be okay yeah I just drop that good job me good job I don't have anything to replace it popcorn it's fine play any other any other games than Minecraft so I wanted to ask a bit earlier I've got a playlist on my channel of all the other games I played but I do I just I don't usually play them on the channel just because it's my channel is more minecraft forests and if I play all the games and people don't really seem as interested so I usually keep that to twitch oh hey welcome to the channel how you do it thank you so much for picking up what I want for subscribing as well look at the channel thank you doing well I'm gonna have to actually get some granite actually a while I'm here can we just check a whole bunch of kind of check all this stuff in here for now cuz we'll leave that for building anyway I'm just gonna kind of get rid of all these if I can yeah slowly getting rid of those welcome back piglet hey Davey hey dude is that a server or a vanilla survival this is a server but it is still vanilla survival we don't have plugins on this except for the sleeping one so that only one person has to sleep instead of everybody that's it welcome back a diamond sole hope you do know we're all right just getting rid of all these trying to stay organized instead of chucking it to too many places cooks imp I don't have a salmon box wait oh okay yeah that's fine Brookline you go in there plenty of real good and then took the coat down there that's fine hey good there we go getting some way thank you so much good file are you doing by the way welcome to the stream see you later portal gun thank you so much for watching and hillard represent as well look hey CLA well how about yourself I'm just doing a little bit of stuff here yes originally I was doing my homework but I saw you alive so I'm doing it as I'm watching the stream a MOLLE multitasking that's where it's at I'm doing well thank you hey do y'all fish how you doing over to see you no worries peeking out you have a lovely day oh I forgot my flip my granite main reason I went down there in the first place take some of this back with me sorry we got granite do you prefer cold or warm my fur colds there's only so many layers you can take off before you just doesn't work for hot weather or as cold you can just rock up I got much protocol to that reason I certainly got woken up to that fact when I when I went to Japan it is so hot over there it's so hot and humid it's just poor boy you know you know just get sorry boiling and it makes me appreciate winter so much granites I need I have some polish in here actually so I don't waste any it'll do me put that there in return and bugger is my favorite one bugger what's your favorite Chinese foods don't really know it dunno i'ma try too many foods spice okay we are cleaning this up this is nice let's just chug this in here do I have that okay that's fine okay we probably actually don't want to leave that with that light do we there we go some sort of light in there let there be lights I need that's looking better and we need a terracotta for that piece think Japan thought you should come to Singapore oh I know there's definitely hotter places in the pan but Japan made me die let alone is in Egypt like super hot as well I don't know which one's hotter Egypt or Singapore just any any of those countries that live in the desert that is gonna be absolutely boiling we can probably get rid of this pole like what is this Paul anyway what is your existence Paul I'm relieving you from existence tell you okay do we need this job here can I just get rid of this it's important I don't think it's a point let's get rid of it there we go okay it's a bit better can I get rid of that – yes I can no I cannot terracotta all right we'll leave that for now that's fine actually maybe I could just encase this cuz we're gonna have a roof piece there anyway which we don't really want seen so just cover it up okay clean it up now I can actually start putting phones and stuff in here it's actually little space that's a nice and lit I live in Florida ice Florida that sounds pretty good Phillip chocolate boxes or barrels well shucks boxes you can carry anywhere so if we fill the boxes in that case but barrels are quite nice for decoration can I actually put all that stuff in here for now this is the the salty out shorty bot the Shocker box it's the one that I gonna put away later okay wait can I actually get rid of this I need this yes I cannot get rid of this and then we're gonna have to carry a keep carrying around the mushroom block I can actually look actually that would be great see you later thank you thank you for watching you have a lovely day what's your favorite book in Minecraft um mine was chisel quartz but with the new texture it looks less cool I would probably say terracotta odd to be honest just the regular terracotta it's just you know it's it's such a nice and soft block it's not too harsh and you can kind of make it work with a lot of things if you really wanted to so probably terracotta to be honest it used to be spruce I mean spruce and terracotta they're pretty easy to work with so you're probably so I need to edit a room around this well let's just go around the whole building and adding our mushroom back I don't have any middle-click so dude hey Christian father how you doing over to seat what phones are you playing you're putting in I don't actually know it to be honest Reds probably redstone site farms though at least I just need to work out what kind of farms automatic ones because we've got so much room for it I'm just gonna work out what kinds I do want to do an iron farm but that's of course a lot bigger than my bases so that one can't happen in here but hopefully at least like all the other fruits and vegetables we can do those farms in here at the moment I've only got aesthetic ones that I have to keep collecting by hand out there all those ones goodbye that's it I don't have any melon farms either so yeah and this side is a complete mess so I'm just gonna avoid that side for now and I'll do that later on okay sorry now this is where we start sectioning it off so we need like a bedroom and all that kind of cool stuff you know all the funky stuff that people would like to do this is all kind of elevator section so I don't know if I want to make this into a room or what could be could be nice as a room can you show your Minecraft a shortcut in just some moments I'll pop outside how many of you guys have seen this house are you completely new how many of you guys are new and haven't seen it sometimes I usually just keep building and I forget that some people haven't it's a little bit of a room I suppose I've seen it but not for a while fair enough fair enough make sense see wearing my keys in bridge I knew quite a few people in ooh okay so people haven't seen it all right well go outside and just move yes just realize I'm mr. birthday happy very played a birthday Caitlyn you didn't have to do that thank you thank you so much Satine you didn't have to do that Thank You Caitlin daddy I you spoiling me today and thinking crazy cat as well subscribe and I think I'm mister before I apologize I hope you're doing well the chin friendly seeing the interior and I'm confused oh gosh I've probably confused so many of you guys then watching this because my base is a little bit weird where did I put the I do want some barrels just so I can kind of stick him on here a bit I just stay there that's there you go just that's a little bit of a depth to it so much now let me pop it out all right let me go sleep first cuz it's in that time what was the scariest nightmare you've ever had uh-huh that's a hard choice I got many from anywhere from being eaten by an alien to falling down a giant hole to getting eaten by a t-rex to driving a car and crashing it and dying to being eaten because I was a kangaroo and someone thought it was a good idea to eat me yeah choice what's your most fun G fun jingle it's hard to remember the good ones I roll the bad ones right um let me just grab my little scaffolding so I have anyone let me grab some scaffolding from here real quick there we go one of those nightmare sounds are with because they are they are weird that I cannot deny that they are extremely weird mostly my childhood dreams hey everyone Carrie are you guys doing a lot of them have you been eating yeah I don't know I guess dying by getting eaten by a monster is probably one of my wife's is apparently the t-rex was probably the worst one it's it's the whole fact of like you hear it coming you have to hide so I hid under a bed and then this t-rex like stormed into the house basically and I was hiding and next thing I know I see this giant t-rex head in front of my face and then he ate me and then the dream light red I'm okay anyway back on topic this is my house so far it's a little bit lacking in detail on the outside but I'll fix it eventually no we are we are still working on that so yeah we've got this nice little this lake wasn't here at the start it was kind of like a river that came in here and stopped so I made giant lake house built that used to actually be like a little cliff a giant cliff or hill and I just dug the whole thing out and made a house from it bridge was recent you know and all the bridges cool farms off the side and we're kind of working through it slowly we've also got some turret array and stuff over there that I did that I haven't worked on in a little while but I'll show you guys around sorry this is a that's what we're doing so far thank you guys I've been having a little fun with this it's been taking a while good survival but it's worth it mines let me help over here and I'll show you guys the other side of the lake okay so I pretty much we have to dig this out and this is the that was the episode where we just got a bunch of isin't and it was useless so we did what we did so we've added that little cliff thing and there's another one over there so having a bouncy day hello we see you hi okay but yeah this is what we've been doing I have the little cliff thing and then we got the giant bridge so we're doing like a steampunk slash industrial type vibe to it so I've got the coke wheels and the kind of weird jumbled house together too many Jurassic Park movies maybe to be honest Navy I grew up on those labyrinth effects make sense now yeah it is pretty much a labyrinth it's as much of a labyrinth as it looks and it's the back of it still quite messy we've been slowly working through it so I can show you guys what we've kind of got in the base this is the bridge off to the sides which was a recent one let me pull through this side as well so I can show you kind of show you guys each angle let me just kill that creeper he's on my viewing island oops I missed him completely good job the see the rest of the slides are kind of bland because I haven't really been able to work on them too much what has changed since I was last here he has it sorry that it's a little bit messy but I'm trying to get all these cool angle stuff going on and the back extension was quite a recent one so it's all just shell and frame for now basically I'm trying to get the whole shape of it done so we can just go around in detail it all at once such a long prison if we go around the back let me do this any wonder how you doing welcome to the stream I'm good the polar bear how was I the murderer he could tax me first I see if he's come from drowning alright I didn't even kill that pole of it I don't think I killed it but hey respawn how you doing I'm gonna see you so the back is a bit mediocre as well so you've extended this piece out we just think it's kind of fill it all in and detail it properly all this needs to be done as well I need my Gardens in I made my animals properly penned away we get sixty and my side is pretty plain as well see on here is like just ignore that but it's just fine because no one ever comes from the back I come from the front so you know the back does it matter alright took care of those guys so yeah this it's pretty messy around the other side's just the front do you like enemy I do evil Rajon how you doing by the way hey blue tree Riley welcome hey Pilar how you doing hey Andre welcome to the stream guys the front is where it's at you know that's a whole lot matters right like I'm getting myself stuck gotcha can I get this one over here too yes I can you did boy alright I can show you guys to brew the inside so it makes a little bit more sense I suppose now I hate this attack system okay there we go this creep is my god yeah they like to creep around you know yeah yeah good my place is like a danger zone it's like a minefield that creeper version Hayden and Ellen how you doing guys welcome to the stream honey I'm sorry this is a whitelisted service I apologize okay so you basically when I first did this I didn't have a little top floors done so I pretty much went down so first floor is just all my basic summary storage and then we go down again I'm sort of going on with these bulk items because if I make it any bigger it's that's the way I get the server so unfortunately I couldn't make that any bigger but there's this little chest here that I can chuck things into don't have anything that it can take right now because all my bulk items the other stuff in here we got a really messy room because I haven't done interior properly yet but portals elevate another wall enchanting all that kind of stuff we can't take the elevator up as well I haven't got one going down yet but I will come across here I need to eat like is crazy it's probably because of all the other hoppers is it buffering I'm sorry I'm sorry gonna plug you guys code Allah is it really bad is it really good it's probably because of all the hope is to be honest to be honest YouTube is showing red for me for some reason if I could go green that would be nice it's bad it's fine now I think it was because I was looking around I think I do have a little help is around me sorry guys apologies for that should be okay now I think not really some people say yes some people no toes the Mambo partisan no no I just follow tutorials um it's probably because of all the hoppers I might have to actually replace them all to be honest because basically I have every banister is these are these hoppers and someone told me last stream that they probably contributing system like so I might have to actually replace all of those with something else I'm not sure what though it might be able to do it what should we use to replace the helpers because they're probably causing a lot of like I sorry for that guys by the way I think it is these I think it's the hopeless so we might have to replace them all with something which is a shame to nvo schools like um an appeals are super expensive though three blocks for one three iron blocks and what is it five or is it full or four ingots and three iron blocks it's a little bit expensive for what I need to do blocks on top that was the fix pride I 1.14 hmm see blocks would make it too big though and just defeat the banister feel yeah and those are expensive see I was doing the hoppers to avoid the anvils so hurt we're kind of a sucky we need to get the iron phone off and going I think I emboss I think they're a bit too light gray but we could try them cauldrons cold is children's like Oh like it'll they might work cauldrons might work let's uh I'll try and see hopefully this doesn't lag when I'm running down here but let's um let's get coaching to go okay I'm sorry I'm gonna yeah and good stuff maybe okay I'll try them I don't have any iron left I literally use all of it on my helpers sorry case your fences hmm we could try a few things let's see what I have in my little storage here cuz we've also got duct fence as well we can try because that adds a nice contrast I'll grab some of these right we'll make some make some gates as well and we'll see how it goes at the dock Eric and maybe that might be able to replace them I'm gonna have so many hoppers that after all this telling you I know what I'm gonna do with them all you could sell them little be my shop pals Hut the shop all right that's what I'm gonna be known for I'll go do the other way around come here show the box you don't belong there okay so I once it's right let's just start let's just sleep first because that's nighttime I don't like the use of texture packs because then people viewing with who don't have texture packs we're gonna start thinking that my design choices are weird so I don't like using a texture packs for that reason I got your life and how you doing leva see ya oh the item frames I didn't have many item frames there it's I mean I guess there is Louise and there is these but no there's not that many I'm really got 160 and city is Danny and then up here see I've got 190 if I start looking up I think the hoppers are contributing to this some somehow walls you think walls we don't have any good colors of walls yet though walls look kind of fit too thick my opinion I think we can try hmm I'm just getting at an observational view let me just hop up here all right might be skaffa what do you know scaffolding is fine I think that takes my all spruced trapdoors aren't gonna be enough of a contrast see because we feel this it kind of breaks everything off too much Bruce is gonna just clutter everything if I just think about how the doctor might fit in there it might work because if we do at a show that's gonna be too lights it's not going to be contrasting enough to break it up we don't want to use solar blocks because we still need air in between everything I think dr. keyes gonna be our solution right now cuz and visit too expensive right now and so I can get an iron phone off and going at least that's a little bamboo I do have a lot of bamboo else inside it I think nothing can replace the color Ed's yeah I like the I like the hump is because the gray it helps split it up and it matches with the roof as well so it's kind of unfortunate that I have to replace them we'll try doc Eric and we'll see how that goes so we'll try replacing you on that first level there and I will see how it goes hey Jeffy the minion how you doing another to see you super smelter I mean that would be the same problem one that I'll start lagging everything out again right sorry it might be laggy let's see that's up up yeah and then just try not to lose any of these I'm gonna lose ice blocks I okay because that's still so much iron that I've used here I'm breaking the box again come on come here the hoppers thank you alright so let's try this probably get three how much is that that's an eye to it maybe we will just go to between all right right let's just see how this goes right we'll hook down that girl Susie I don't think it's gonna have the same effect really I mean you can't see through it now people just kind of nice dragging and floating on top of your house I've been tempted to make a dragon like a mecha dragon that would be pretty cool I'm not too sure yet though there's some shops on the SP there ah yes we do have like we've got this big dark mansion that we ended up reading and clearing out so we've got a lot of server shops in there I don't think I like it the brown is a little bit weird the gray was kind of like a nice addition to it Thank You Reggie my prayer rajat del and hell hound me Wow thank you very much for subscribing guys you guys are challenging me with the names today thank you so much for subscribing walk the channel yeah I don't like that the brown looks weird looks too weird hmm hmm stirring balls are gonna be too great great we need to go dark not light that's the problem hmm it's a contrast but it's not the right contrasts because it's too much brown the see the the hoppers went well with the roof but the dark does not it stands out way too much there's a dark grey fence this would be easier way easier rear would be the day when we have grey fences that aren't like great hmm what do we do ideally I want a great book but I don't with start I don't want to fool luck either I don't have enough irons my coaches give me a second to think about it I'm just gonna sit here pondering yeah like that think of statue yeah you know like that the composters cause like cuz what I can probably do is decorate with hope isn't some other way just not as many keep it how do I see we're changing it because it's too laggy at the end of life because if the way hoppers process items it causes a lag issue which is why always trying to change it otherwise I would keep it I think your hex studios for subscribe welcome to the gym keep the hoppers we got leg leg glitch oh that's the problem this is what this is why we're changing it in the first place otherwise that would just keep it hey Cisco dis good how you doing welcome to the channel leaves and society not leaves and decides to live so you guys think I should just break the the item frame we'll see how we go stirring cutters stern cutters everything could work is that too light as well fossum should be about as lying skeletons okay we'll try taking away the item frames and safe that kind of alleviate some of the way because I don't really I really don't want to change the puppies right now it might be the item frames we're just uh we'll take them off replacing with some signs but now I think see if that helps at all hey I hate signs that's the thing it's so dull compared to other frames maybe that's something that that's my nitpick right the amount of lag this stuff causes I wish minecraft could change it so that it wouldn't that would be nice I would appreciate that minecraft can you hear minecraft I have new sticks left either I'm gonna hear a place they stop this traffic yet it's the item frames yeah we'll have to give it a go and we'll see because I don't want to let me get rid of these I like how long did it take to make this house I haven't really been counting the hours I suppose if he can vine like oldest dreams together and then add some sort of hours to it then he would get NASA but even then I just lost this lovely even then I spent hours offline doing it so it's kind of hard to tell my computer can handle it but the stream can't because I'm running it really quite smoothly on my ass but when it comes to streaming content it does get a lot more like if you guys into this for me say otherwise I'm perfectly fine oh no I've lost three hoofers at some point oh man okay losing items got a dick have a good one let's unless in his new where's Tim you thank you for watching today you have yourself a good day okay is up some hair lost three well alright I've lost three some out I don't know when gonna weigh it but I did okay how much longer you streaming for about 36 minutes an hour and 24 minutes already wow that's gone fast that's gone really fast that's go super fast oh look three husband's exactly I'm at these ones the three missing there we just happen to have the exact amount it's amazing my hell for splitting items we haven't got they went there there that's fine okay let's go try and break these items down here I can just put these away but now I've decided Thank You Copeland something Dublin slant subscribe welcome to the channel different let's get rid of here okay few guys just hop in there it's funny cuz you can just put shelter box in she'll go box and show up the box it's just the maxi of endless just show the box and shuffle box it's such an ear piece already in it Thank You diamonds I guess for subscribers as well alright so actually kind of signs that you want I'll just want spruce and we need some sticks actually so I'll take those out again make some signals make some signs and then we can just get rid of these autumn frames and see if this helps our case there it was his seats nope oh my god trashy so it's the seats there is just need to make sure we're naming it correctly nope were hats it's what happened yeah all right it's not wait it's a hot hunk in this chair of yours I'm really enjoying it though welcome to the street it's George I'm glad you're enjoying it hello for Miss Julie oh he'll be back it's back to Australia thank you crazy cat you can't put your box in another struck a box you can't good maybe not maybe I'm mistaken okay I am mistaken never mind it's been a long time since I've use a stroker box see you later Morgan thank you so much George hey miss oh my god challenging me with these names I swear hey you're doing mellow carrots we're gonna have to dye these sign as well what I want is the ability to edit science that would be amazing see you later nature thank you for sticking around you have yourself a good oh that doesn't work it on here just have a good day apparently I was in unfortunately sorry I need thank you get white die because that's just to get a little bit more I think not great no that didn't do anything my go is that seriously white that doesn't look white that looks great why is it great it looks so great it's not white at all the colors gonna stick out against that looks terrible it looks terrible look do we have any other colors we can use okay all right today I lent the three signs look terrible I got orange orange to get take your daughter back no no that's okay which car we don't want too many mods on here we only accept the sleeping one because it was quite important oh no you can't even read that all right just gonna have to go with black Reds I don't think Reds just gonna be tea Bernie but I'll give it a go take the insects just in case hey crazy gamer how you doing man hello my king how you doing as well now Reds really hard to read as well I just know Larry dye is gonna work on spree signs apparently looks terrible but put those back to black again there we go well it's a shame barista hides a terrible okay cactus cocoa bean just trying to get rid of all these signs help I made all the other frames I feel really sure at the moment let's just kind of get rid of all this stuff seeds okay well I have way too many seats hey how you doing lovely to see you colors tend to make it harder to see the white lines do better on like the darker signs like white die but you you think that I should work better on signs not not worse wheats potato bun apples pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin melon carrot there we go alright in other words I'm going down again anyone else feel like they have to capitalize land see this makes it so much harder to just go through straight dirt you straight away oh hey Fred Groot how you doing Love Lucy yeah I've been up all night writing some stories and I want to sleep but I want to write more point out this hey revelant gods like how you doing welcome hey sue house welcome little to see you guys k hyper look at the stream guys see you later I like prejudice you have a good day thank you very much for subscribing again you have yourself a good day yep done down there we go flowers sorry I'm just doing a quick renaming of all these just we can kind of just get rid of all this stuff selling then we could kind of just test out the leg a little bit okay – oh thank you very much tonight receive a four subscribe welcome to the channel yeah she'll not nautilus shell do I have to time kept rising it no it'll Nautilus say hey you spell it little shell it was right nice run flesh clownfish like your and then puffer fish sorry I'm getting really focused on this trying to test this lag what is this cod cod bo2 blackops2 how you wrote that salmon egg eggs yeah hopefully this will be better okay hey Jenny how you doing welcome to the stream love it uh see ya hey hey I do likes how you doing how old are you pal I am 23 George have you heard of undertale I have waffles I have I haven't really played it there seen it that I haven't played it and all their souls in here just to finish him up and then another brick there we go that should do it I think hopefully this hopefully it's better everybody what happened let's just the like how many entities have we got now 94 that's a lot better than it was no better than it was I think it's still a bit laggy isn't it it's a little bit like that's about it thanks for a wonderful stream the stream is always amazing happy play-doh birthday thank you Marcus thank you so much for donation and you leavin I appreciate you watching today you have yourself a good night thank you thank you very much Marcus if you choose streaming your full-time job I know it is a quest boy it's just my hobby all their worries redlynx you didn't have to worry about donating that's all right I want to just get rid of this like I know I've got all these here to which I can get rid of these as many as it can okay hopefully it's a bit better I subscribed a week or so ago not regretting a moment of it thanks pal well thank you very much too much welcome to the channel as well that's awesome what's your favorite food it's jelly count I like jelly jelly it's a good stuff I admit I am gonna check all this stuff in here for now because I don't you guys sit through me trying to sort at all which I will do later on it's only the I have small things I need those okay have you played hypixel sky look I have I have my little island on there joyful love your stream finally caught up to my knees Sammy's Jones how you doing welcome to the strength I thank you Freddie the Spartan as well for subscribing welcomes the channel we are good to go now let's keep decorating our interior yeah let's get back to it alright sir we do need a staircase of some sort going up the top here I need you thank you out of its now I kind of like I can leave that like that this is like an attic which could be like prep a storage area up here what I'd like a this we can make in the lives like another separate attic until it is put this book have you heard of Delta read the sequel to on the tale I've heard of them but I just haven't played them did you guys make it to the end we did so we fought the end the dragon was it last week or the week before I think might have been the week before this I love my jungle woods underrated okay hmm now we can kind of just transition the wall into the fall which could work and then up here could be just a little we can add a staircase in properly but for now I'm just gonna skip out hopes and do you play with green depends what you define is play because we tend to do work together reasonably often okay it's a bit laggy placing scaffolding down it's alright okay well I do need is more wool but I don't really have much of that left let's go see some sheep do you still stream on Twitch um I haven't in a while but I do intend to be pretty soon with my ps4 welcome back Dean okay get my shoes Lahey McGee coming down here nice let's just grab some of that wolf it's your favorite maybe I really have one hey Sega Molly how you doing never to see you thank you so much daddy clay for subscribing welcome to the channel it's making a lot of manic sheets here I should I have I made one yet I'll probably make one in the mansion to be honest just haven't got around that can be a she be it's I'll take all of your world thank you very much mm-hmm I don't want black dick all right I don't know someone like gray either that's fine I'll take it I heard somebody uh-huh stealing you thank you all right what do we get from that 51 not bad not bad can I ask you something good for it's our family are you a marvel fan I love to maybe sing it hey ski your fate how you doing never to see you mask looking at intensifies indeed indeed my mouse clicking comes through the mic quite quite a lot it's nots gonna miss that for a second there my gosh Sophie it's a wino feed it yeah it's good but more phones aren't a better thing you know we just had to get some wool that's why I stopped sorry good we have some third reason short the boxes said all my friends so I have my torches in here oh did I put them away back so I do yeah I just leave my torches what's your favorite video game ever probably the Tomb Raider series to be honest do you like the Tomb Raider games especially the news any very mas it was good well just take their ease but I thought I had a whole bunch of my inventory well is it true if your nametag a sheep Jeb it will change color yes that is Chris can we join you I no apologies this is a whitelist apparently Steel Co live with mumbo-jumbo I think he's too busy to pay me the time of day we'll do a favorite music I've got a mixture I don't really have any particular I suppose it's just a little bit more yeah problem is we do have a piece there neaten it all up the bits what are you putting in all this empty space still gonna figure that out they're gonna figure that out we have a lot of room so he founds it's gonna be the top of my lists so they'll figure out what types of farms you know get a little attic space yeah thank you very much I'll be 32 whitey three books to subscribe it and stay cute another up the channel guys when's your next dream it'll be on the Saturday Saturday at 10:00 p.m. Australian Eastern Standard Time is the next stream you teach manga how to build and pick and teach you redstone I don't think I want to learn redstone to be honest I'm just I have too many things I'm already learning sir lighting redstone would be oh my god that would be crazy okay they bring this kind of around the side of it make this look like a roof without having them make it look a little quit admission is my shoes hmm what if it kind of just this piece is a piece of wool that's it's not too bad at the same time this this spot is awkward I still don't know what to do with that yet maybe I can just like continue this over this channel do that maybe this can just reach it just that looks a bit clean up bad over change that to jungle road see you later game in our cards up thank you for watching today and you have a lovely day possible which goes to my favorite minecraft builds do you mean out of mana like everything would you build your dream house in Minecraft I don't really have a dream house spruce I kinda want to add some spruce planks along the top there just add a bit of contrast a nice breeze planks this is probably bothering some people so I'm gonna fix it up any ideas I'm starting on my cross-check right now this piece here we can just block it all up now we have a clean room to deal with that's how we roll Thank You yellow stuff for subscribing welcome to the channel a friend do my favorite thing you've built in Minecraft probably either my wolf or my major stag thanks for fixing that sofa box it was bothering me see I thought sorry I thought someone was like thinking can you fix that please please I would be saying the same thing if I was watching someone and then fix that shoulder box alright let me grab a crafting table real quick and so I have my I probably shall lift that there oopsies come back right that can see there just gonna to to push this out a little bit so it kind of stands out from the root up a bit more so it doesn't look like it's just flush when it's not supposed to be I know that doesn't really make a lot of sense but I swear it's just it looks a little bit better I want it sticking out of it more this piece we can kind of just hmm maybe we can kind of leave that for now it's not too bad I could get some run its gonna blocks let's see how is this okay what I can do is break these and just replace them with the blocks instead barely okay same effect but just poking out a little bit more that's in one us because it would be rude for that yeah it's fine hey penny Kela how you doing a little bit uh see you your favorite heinen's dragon that's mythical of course hey crazy spectacular how you doing alright just looking a bit nicer in here we could through is actually add barrel here just a little bit of a pillow there go look a little bit neater neater not bad getting me this could be fixed two points what if we just someone huh just make it look a little bit more like a roof in some cases we could even go so far as to just expand this wall out to match the other side hey Pookie pick a tree how you doing welcome back what sort of update do you want 1.15 to be I want a boss I want a new boss the new boss would be nice but that's probably not gonna happen in the next one I know they're doing a combat update does S&P mean survival multiplayer do everything tips for building depends what kind of tips you want bends or dips hey at least Cox how you doing another to see you okay so this is gonna be a bit nicer than what we could also do is grab some oak alright and we could it border it a little bit yeah maybe maybe not so no if this works I mean it kind of does it's not fun what I could grab is a spruce this and then just do this so the pillars looked like they're at least attached to something there this could be like some sort of uh I don't know I know it's gonna be it'll be some sort of like storage room I suppose what's your dream exotic pets dragons what question did you greet an indoor garden or a Satou Isis I was actually thinking at one point I'd be really cool we could do like a little garden up here and it looks out onto like this this view it's quite a nice view actually yeah super there that's some sort of light going off over there I might be lava pool I can see everything Rivia so we go FC DS Bay base over there we're kind of like really close neighbors I want to add like another structure on get that little mounds here so the bridge is actually connected to something about we haven't spotted that yet so getting there are using cheap snaring their Chiefs full survival my friends all right we'll leave that up there for now that's great stuff would you rather play tennis or football tennis do you like the how to train your dragon books and all movies I like the movie so I haven't read the books thank you pretty killer and rathia vixen for subscribing much appreciate I guess all right so we're getting somewhere so what we could also do just add another pillar off to the side here kind of just need to bring it all together really and give it context see the problem I found with these staircases as well is that it really fits kind of just join me I need a proper staircase of some sort to get dark in here hmm I want to do something with this day guys it's done or what yet it's the problem this is the problem oops I've done that too public there we go I think it's not family subscribe much appreciate it make it big Avery and have a lot of beds inside it that could be cool I could think up really got a pet I love trigons but you know a really exotic panel hmm good question it was uh does a novel do I lose account thank you thank you k subscribe welcome to the channel I'm not really sure J so I'm not been working on this since March I believe with the SMP strings do I have any barrels in here left at all something nice to me when I mess around in Minecraft it's fun or is that just me depends on how you mr. Minnis but do you play any other games like overwatch I've got overwatch I really played it okay I'm really excited to start bringing you all this together because this has been empty for so long do I have where's the orange one go on – did I leave it up there oh no it's over here I have my slabs in that I do think I'm invisible to peddle you're not invisible James can you put a song called goodbye and if uh it's a copyright stuff it's not family little bitty risky do you play games on on the iPads I didn't have a knife that's right now if I get some trapdoors that might be nice this one this one no this one – okay we haven't got tools on us there why not should I leave them in here I did what's the last one not a jack okay yeah I like that I didn't like that nah see you later thought family thank you for popping in my craft scanner using haven't even been using it to G many kids um I'm actually using a new one I can't actually take off the boots but um this scan is basically a redesign of my old skin that I originally I did make one minor Italy and then when my mod centric Eliza she made this skin for me as like a revamp of my old one and then someone else maybe another version of it so I've got a few different versions I didn't make my skin originally but it's just had a few redesigns so it looks a little bit cleaner this is something a recent change to I've had that old skin for ages Samsung or any Samsung I haven't played overwatch in a while soon enough but I was I liked Messi by me and that's a typical difficult thing rather let's see you stay cases are all that's I'm kind of thinking of like what if I just make this solid instead of lighting goodnight baby you look lovely sleep thank you for watching do curves Dickies I could I could I know where it would confer that's a problem the only reason I kind of just Chuck those there cuz it was just where it was only way I would put it those thing okay they're Mississippi just face them and her up here mmm it's like it goes out into like a balcony so it would have to come up here that's not really ideal this is the thing this is my problem I have too many openings and I'm not play stupid stay yes yeah there's green control he was often doesn't seems yeah I know I was just the wasted a troll you're afk friends it wasn't really a afk anyway just gonna try looking this I think I can just remove these pillows just keep experimenting that's one thing a tip that I advise to people is to just keep experimenting because that looks terrible as well just see what you come up with thinking where I can put stairs here I can maybe chuck it in this spot I don't why that's double just need to be double do you like creative or something you layin what do you mean okay let's try opening it here there's a little bit of space in the corner let's see a problem is the wall kind of have a spiral staircase did the expiry Ileana fit in this kind of style of house it's very 90 degrees so I kind of want to keep that style unless you mean this spiral I wouldn't consider this one spiral is those problems it's too tight too tight yeah what do you say is there hook that up then what if I make it kind of come around here the only thing is it come flicks with the door on the side but it's not a big problem yeah do you oops too much okay can't get rid of that why not is this really necessary can I look at what's that yeah it's gonna block this up what's a real-life dream house I didn't really have a dream house just an average house to be honest I reach suburban house that would be nice to me what's up em hey Dawson how you doing love it to see all right I do have to read the story though don't stay there I loved a chance for that terracotta which is okay love your accent thank you very much lady is it white is it late Lonnie or is it lady I'm sorry if I pronounce your name wrong welcome to the stream by the way what's the most embarrassing thing you've done in Minecraft and I knew this if you go back through my streams there's probably like keeps embarrassing things but I honestly can't think of anything in my immediate thoughts Thank You Philippa this could be Stan we closer that's the face maybe you've actually put this up entirely just clean okay that's looking a lot nicer having a staircase there let's get rid of this one we don't need this one do you like travelling travelling at the right time then I do yes like I went to Japan and some up it was great but I could have done without a being 40 degrees good done without that and then it makes it ten times more enjoyable thank you so much jelly pumpkin I have had a cupcake yes but I haven't seen them personally that looks so much better oh my God look at it look how clean that looks that's so clean then we can just add a whole bunch of interior stuff that's nice smooth right maybe adds stay cases somewhere in Jungle I need to get some let's see if I made any for what they said that Darryl employed with the moderation today thank you okay yeah we need to make things down okay now let's just check this now it has been two hours I've gone over time and I've just gotten too involved with these stairs that is fine okay that's looking a lot better there definitely I'm sorry we didn't get as much done as I thought you would we get much done ole actually all right you tidied up a few things cleaned up the roof kind of made a little bit of progress it's just a little tidying up so I thought we'd actually do more decorating than us but um we'll do it next time hopefully I'll have just a little bit more done make things a little bit more homely but it is getting there it is making a bit more sense with this build now and proof so that even though the outside looks like a mess there is still room for improvement just to cook this needs a bit of cleanup hope out here finish the stream uh eva is over there was the final episode last year in December why does she have a hoe and hop off because I like to find I got a lot of fahman you know they need to do it I was tired of them breaking so I just made a diamond on cuz I got plenty I didn't bring any scaffolding with me that's fine it's fine I'll sit here this is okay it's a jungle planks better the old pillar ring system we start in the street I'm sorry zoo it's getting a little bit late for me and I do have a few things I need to be doing so this is the sun's going down got a lovely sunset you know we can do this as well make it all fancy stick on the shade is for the last bit of the strands on that yep oh it's too dark it's raining too apparently see this is something that annoys me with pee it's like so laggy all right I'm gonna have to reap it like that no it honestly let's get rid of the rain still minutes though oh gosh Marcus thank you so much for the dollar again my friend learnt their message there thank you so much Marcus alright let's try that again there we go okay it might feel a little bit like it's not doing too bad actually surprisingly I'll doing too bad okay there we go nice and pretty it's coming along it's getting there that window up the top needs to be a bit bigger I think that little lonely window don't think that's even in the middle that's our console what it is I think but that needs to be a bigger window anyway that's fine thank you guys so much for watching on this lovely Thursday evening I'll be back again on Saturday with another stream I'm not sure what yet it probably artisan let's be honest and hopefully I have a video on Sunday for you guys maybe showed you a teaser what are you guys reckon should I do a video teaser oh I don't know we'll see I don't know if I should do with these Oh nuts we've been having fun building them like suddenly good many stretch many Wow many stretch for you uh you know I haven't even finished building it anyway no no hold on one point fourteen point two huh join without having to reload everything let's just say I start off the soda real quick do a little teaser it was a nice perk extreme looking good with shaders Thank You glitcher much appreciated my friend oops I said disconnect backs in there I was supposed to wait until my server load it up probably they're just loading it give me a second guys thank you for watching everyone though I really appreciate the support it's been a crazy crazy month sir it's been amazing mm-hmm I hope you guys have fun I don't mind it alright it's getting there started up a little bit slow I was supposed to stay in game for a little bit more load my friend load it getting it yep yep is it done nope not yet there we go one point fourteen point three all right give me a second guys I'm just gonna change my minecraft real quick to do just for everyone that stayed till the ends I really appreciate you guys watching so I'll just give a little bit of a teaser it's what's gonna be uploaded this this weekend's it is one point fourteen point three yeah there we go it's on Java Java thank you guys well thank you for watching teen know it's all on Java tanki I did blog post though it's not one that other people can join okay okay let me just it's probably gonna start to loot actually we just closed down stop the leg alright and lakes how you doing I am ending but is a little sneak peek all right there it is so if you guys saw this guy in my little community posts probably recognize him I'm probably doing a bad just spoiling some of this but this is for all you guys I've been watching for the stream I really appreciate it and this is gonna be part of the weekends video if this is any look I'm not gonna go say exactly what it is about but this is what I've been working on it's a little bit of fun a little bit of fun I've been enjoying it filled it be bit sneaky don't let anyone take you better be fun yeah that's a little tease I'm not gonna tell you what the full video is about but that's it the dragon reminds me of greens dragon well hints I helped green with his dragon my helped him built get the concept behind his dragon yeah anyway that's gonna be it for today guys I'm gonna end it here thank you so much for watching everybody new video on Sunday hopefully I'll be back on set a with a stream thank you all skip for subscribing as well much appreciated my friend alright thank you guys alright bye guys much love I'll see you later you

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