Literature Podcast - Episode 3 - Identity in Literature

Literature Podcast – Episode 3 – Identity in Literature

hello and welcome to literature podcast I'm your host karna Ewing and today's topic is the theme of identity in literature the book though you've chosen today to represent the theme identity is the Great Gatsby but first let's hear a word from our sponsors Dollar Shave Club is a subscription service that gives you a box filled everything that is needed to get that silky smooth face you get a new box every month with razors shea butter and much more you just called literature at checkout for 25% off your next order fashion Nova is a luxury clothing brand that comes in an affordable price from hats to underwear they've got at all great materials at a great price and he can use go literature 1 2 3 at checkout for 15% off your next order now back to regular schedule podcast The Great Gatsby was a book written by talented author f scott Fitzgerald and was published on April 10th 1925 The Great Gatsby was a story told in the perspective of Nick Carraway about eccentric millionaire Jay Gatsby Jay Gatsby dated a woman by the name of Daisy butch in prior to him going to serve for the US Army he then went through many obstacles to get her back while that was happening Tom butch in was happening affair with Myrtle Wilson while Daisy had feelings for Gatsby Nick throughout the story was trying to make Gatsby happy because he really cared for her so we tried everything to have Daisy to be with Jay instead of Tom then while Gatsby was getting really close to Daisy Jay took the wheel from Daisy while they were driving and killed Myrtle he was later killed by George Wilson for killing his wife Tom and Daisy stayed together after date Gatsby's death and nickel with his on-and-off relationship with Jordan Baker and he left back to his hometown because he couldn't serve there with all the memories the Great Gatsby thesis is about people trying to fall into an identity they don't fit in with multiple characters throughout the story were trying to become some that they weren't or trying to live an unrealistic identity and they weren't able to realize it until the very end or it was too late the first evidence that I found of proving this thesis is in relation to day gee butch in it Daisy was first described early on by Nick as a woman that had a charming and conscientious attitude it was later found out that her identity was settled in her being extremely wealthy and she spoke as if her voice was full of money her identity is also described near the end in comparison with Tom and how they fit so perfectly together as Nick said Tom and Daisy they smash things up and they retreated back to their money or their vast carelessness and let other people clean up the mess they had made after that Daisy then tried to be with Gatsby someone who was a polar opposite to her identity Gatsby was a Carrie caring and thoughtful man while Daisy was narcissistic and careless Daisy tried to shape herself into a fake identity that she never could have been it and that's why she fits so well with Tom because she can be yourself now on to Jay Gatsby and his unrealistic expectations the last piece of evidence that I found preventing this thesis is in relation with Jay Gatsby Gatsby held the identity that he was a man of many riches and held extremely lavish party with as described by Nick five crates of oranges and lemons arriving for a future fruit ER in New York they had Muffit Tales and Orchestra truthfully Gatsby's just like ever normal person but a little excessive he is a man yearning for love and his dream lover and he has a passion to get Daisy and is willing to risk everything to get her Gatsby was real and authentic but he tried to fit into an unrealistic identity that he was not fit for he risked too much for Daisy killing Myrtle whether it would have been accident it was done and it was done because he was trying to be someone he wasn't in conclusion the book had some characters there were setting goals the way out of reach and some even tried to fake who they were so they could be who they could become so that they could be so that they could become something they aren't Jay Gatsby wanted to live the American dream identity so bad that he pushed everything out of the way for death Daisy Daisy Butch Annan wanted to be with Gatsby so bad but she didn't realize that she already had it so good with Tom so she faked her true identity to try and be with Gatsby the Great Gatsby was a great story that got you to think and set your goals high but not too high to the point where I end up dead thank you for listening to literature podcast and we'll see you in our next episode next Friday

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