guys do you believe in Heroes do you actually feel that we have heroes in society and when how many of you when think about heroes you imagine oh he's talking about Superman Superman like this while he's talking about Ironman maybe like this all is talking about Shakti wow that's so guys the question is that the word hero what does it mean what is the value of hero worship heroes in history false heroism and we wouldn't talk about a lot more important things and I'm sure you has been preparing very hard for the exams and let's talk about the most important thing today guys I'm going to talk about archetype theories archetype Metz in literature and here in this video I am going to talk about else to Italians Idol tragic hero then we're going to discuss setting as a false hero we will talk about car lights hero and hero worship and then we will go for joseph campbell hero with a thousand faces along with this thing as you know that very finely keeps on taking your lot of references you're going to talk about G be Shaw's Man and Superman where we have life force theory and then we're gonna discuss the artificial hero superfluous hero having the code of Heroes certainly hero Byronic hero and the most important the artificial hero they're likely to the famous writer James since you wrote play by of the western world so sit tight and let's start the topic today guys architect myths no very first thing is a behemoth has mobility to mates in literature and how these makes reappearing in society again and again have started a governing our language our dialects our mindset a lot of people those who are watching this video if they find the video very tough for the language very tough let's make it very easy that's we need find a style so let's make it easy guys archetypes up means it's old ancient Thai a particular kind of behavior which has been applied archetype is actually reappearing images in society they are the appearing and gradually they start giving you their own message friends how many of you when you drive bikes cars on the road you get scared when you find a white pony car you get scared do you white pony well maybe don't get scared but yes when I have any pan they drive my bike I find white pony car and the very first thing that comes to my mind is oh my god somebody is getting kidnapped yes sometimes I chase that sometimes I just really want to look at because nothing has been fixed in my mind that in lots of movies of 80s and 90s when I was them maximum kidnappings were done in white only car related to dance good as villains how many of you when you find those old trucks which didn't have the front face their mouth was like outside that truck was related to the killing of those you know the people those who agawa those who were supporting the heroes and all you know what I call those trucks I just say anymore anabolic truck Athena the trucks which were use to kill those evidences and people over every day in short why these things repeatedly appearing again and again have started giving your message let's make it very easy what happens when you find this Vermillion dangles then some you know lemon and some other capsicum and other things place together cherries and all so you find that it's a black vertical thing it has some message why do you understand that why it's a black magic why when you go for an exam and you prepared and you just find a black cap and you get scared oh my god I got a bad look my exam is not going to happen today why the 13 the Friday the 13 the black 13 has been related to bad things why these things they appear in society because they are architect mates yes north of Frey the Canadian writer has coined the term archetype metz and he was supported by his other writers see as junk the one who talks about unconscious philosophy and a struct who discusses the archetypal patterns in female poetry and Joseph Campbell who says a hero with a thousand faces so my concern today is the word hero what happens when you just hear the word hero who comes to your mind like when we say the word hero we have multiple heroes coming from various societies in fact sometimes student they write in my sentence are you are a hero but what kind of hero word is existing in society here we're going to talk about the hero with a thousand faces hero hero worship Carmela's concept and he falls heroism maintains Saturn the very first thing that we have to remember and we have been given multiple heroes in life so most of the cases when you talk about the word hero our hero is actually a Bollywood hero or a Hollywood hero do you even imagine that Bollywood heroes they are always introduced as the people leading their life at large what happens when the hero has to save the girl and the girl has been kidnapped just imagine if you have seen movies go for those images we just find that hero breaks the wall or he has a bike and he jumps and he just enters what happens when if the real life is there suppose hero gets a call hi your girl has been kidnapped and you must come to save her hero is dressing up because that's also the part of life he was looking for auto for Ola for bus and what if the hero is saying to the conductor hi I am a give up to say my girl and the conductor says soy we don't have change of 2000 can you wait for something else do they show you this thing no all they show you is heroic things all they show you hero's boxing kicking action heroes targets journey target and they create that image if you remember the very first movie of David when he was introducing some fool and country how does he come to his college remember Yucko college when he comes to college he's actually his two friends are riding a bike and he is on those bikes with two legs and then this bike they go like this and he stretches his legs are you a sane person when you do this when you go to the college are you insane are you cynical crack or you are hero no say so that's all you know does so in short all these things have been related to our heroism which has been given to us by Bollywood and my most important question comes to you is that do we have the same emails when we just change the gender and we use the word hero in so in most of the cases he ruin has been used for getting kidnapped showing Beauty use as glamorous or sex object in the movies friends you remember 2014 June there was a question who has little pleasures of narrative cinema it was written by Laura Mulvey naanum always one of the famous writers and deals with fourth wave feminism she talks about women their role and women in media she says that women has been introduced in media as a sex object for glamour so our hero means are not that hero needs to go and beat those villains and they come back is it happening in any book any movie if you have walls or read that he will goes kidnapped and the villain ask that he doing to call the hero hero him said hi don't worry I'm just coming and the hearing started beating those villains and then she came back no she's tired she's shown a weakness the concept is that do we have this hero let's make it very easy that why they have been given the heroic task what will happen if you are hanging on a wall with just one hand and you're going to fail down we are going to fall down and Superman is flying by Superman up capacity or towers are Superman finds you that you are hanging it with just one hand and you are at risk what will Superman do you will say sir Superman will save me Superman will try to loosen why so why he has been given this job why he has to save you because we have expectations then you say that hero hero is abdul kalam equally hero is captain become but 'no and he knew there are teachers here are our fathers our parents our mothers so hero with a thousand faces there are people those who are leading their life and do not have heroic qualities like idol tragic hero like a distorted concept that do not come from the top good commanding families kingship royal class but they are you remember Christopher Marlowe was the first man to discuss the common man tragedy doctor forces is a common man he doesn't come from any royal class any standard class or upper class he talks about normal things says another character G of Malta and then the King tamerlane he is a shepherd who rises to the leader on the level of the King so common man Treasuries has been introduced what kind of hero is Willy Loman in the famous book Death of a Salesman what kind of a hero is doing introduced in in custody these guys are NP heros so when NP heros equally there and they are also reading their stories they are also leading their life why they have not been taken in a positive way our parents they do not enter in the houses by breaking windows and gates they are cultured they are mannered they knock so they have kind of values they have moralities they have not been taken in a positive way they are not heroes but if somebody does something extreme something comes something like different we have the word hero now the question comes that then if we have those moral kind of you know then what is certainly q secondly hero is who is having heroic heroic qualities he has heroic qualities to be leader to fight back to lead to cooperate to take responsibilities but for a wrong reason so what if you are a person like doubt or some of it Noddy you have all those heroic qualities but you're doing it for the wrong reason you become Zednik hero and then we find Byronic hero in your listener it has been asked for many times what is Bionic hero so what is Byronic hero Byronic hero is actually a social outcast remember this thing Byronic hero is not a model hero hero based on a story in concept my own hero is actually a guilt-stricken man means he has done something wrong he knows that he's guilty of something and he's punishing himself for that his social outcast he doesn't want to be the part of society even the society doesn't respect him and then remember the most important quality of Bionic hero is he is a womanizer and contemptuous of law he will break the law he is women Iser he is totally different and you can relate Byronic heroes to the Russian hero superfluous man remember friends in net there are three questions which were asked repeatedly again and again that what is superfluous man concept or the books related to superfluous man so remember that a 1000 a road the Diary of a superfluous man which talks about Byronic hero actually so russian concept of superfluous man is the same thing outcasts Remini's or contemptuous of law but why these heroes are directed and then we have a different hero handy code of hero he is 99% people they don't know what is having the code of people understanding you lived his life at large he won Nobel award 1954 what is it about 1953 and was actually a person who loved life he started going for expeditions adventurous para jumping paragliding he did everything including bullfighting his code of hero is who just wants to enjoy like a hero romancing with life our hero romancing with nature that is called Hemingway code of hero now the question comes from how the profits have been taken let me talk about thought Thomas Carlyle's hero and hero worship they talk about different different types of heroes saying that Pauline was in Rio in Norse mythology then prophet muhammad sahib is hero Shakespeare is hero Napoleon is zero we have these zeroes but in multiple ways and multiple point of view but then we have the soldiers the famous work written by Richard Eddington death of a hero they talk about the multiple heroes who come from the various society but guys the question comes that are we actually imposed with those heroic concept the famous book you must be knowing that the red beds of Courage the red base of care is here we have a hero he is coward he's so scared he runs away from the war but when he realizes that running away from the war has brought him shame he wants to go back to war to just get one small injury a wound in the body which will be called the Red Badge of Courage so why to go for that false heroism that false glamorization now if you must be knowing that James Saints wrote the Playboy of the Western world where Christine Mahan is a character christine man is a disobedient person he never obeys his father he never works and one day when his father is beating him kissing man gets a spin and hits his father on the head thinking that father is dead he runs away Christine man goes to a new village where people when they question him that who are you why are you in the toilet he says I killed a tyrant my father was a bad man I got those guts to kill my own father and people instead of knowing the truth now start celebrating him oh my god we were looking for a hero my god somebody has come to the city he's different he's new and here we have the post-colonial concept stranger King Theory stranger things simply means that if you're a stranger and you come with a great story at all people start accepting you because they have been living in a conventional society that they really don't want to take anybody a hero from their own guys it's simple you are in the classroom and one of you starts teaching you you will never accept but a person he comes out of the class and says I want to teach you you will have assumption that maybe he is better than the same thing Christine Mahan goes to the village they start celebrating him Christine Mahan becomes the love interest of Widow cream and one more girl and one day his father comes and he sees that kristymatt is not a hero he just hit me and ran away because he knew that that when I wake up I'll come back to my consciousness I'll beat him and his all repetition is inserted remember this one friend that in Ireland when James st. published this book it resulted in riots which are called doubling riots and doubling people started doing Sabbath days which was hated and contained by WB Yeats there will be each said that you prove to the world that you people Irish people are not ready for the Irish genius so the message was that Jameson simply made fun of that fake heroism for heroism now the concept here comes that what is the difference between a common man and a Superman how you become a hero the moment you become Superman people they start respecting you people they are start following you taking you as a leader but how do you become Superman GB Shaw jaws but not show the noble award in 1925 and one of the best writer of it's 52 best-selling books he talks about life force theory in his famous work man Superman when the third act is called Don's one inhale nice the concept of life for theory is I asked you a question I'll give you 10 second to answer me how many of you are pure vegetarians they'd be like yes yes how many of you really don't want to eat knowledge you will say sir we don't only eat knowledge okay what if a pure vegetarian has been locked in a room with no food at all and after five days we give him an option do you want to eat chicken what will the person say yes yes give me or maybe after ten days so if in a particular extreme condition you are ready to eat that thing it means it was not impossible for you so it was just that you did not stretch your limit let's make it very easy for all the students come on girls many of you are mothers you have kids tell me is there any reason that a lady a girl will choose to fight a tiger no sir no sir it's not Tiger my pet actually it's Tiger no sir no no no I don't want to find the tiger you know Tiger is very ferocious you will never try to fight it right ladies now what is let's go for an imaginary situation that you and Tiger are facing each other and between you guys it's your kid it's your younger brother it's a hospital will you face the tiger or not and you will say sir yes we won't even think about that he's a tiger we don't even care we'll face it it means that courage was in you only it was already there but you did not try to explode it so the moment you will be get ready to face the tiger you'll become Superman remember friends courage is not absence of fear it's just adjustment then something is more important than that fair so remember we all have courage one more example can you jump from 10 feet of 15 feet loose you know you don't take this what if it's a fire and you just have to jump you will do that so extreme situation they make you explode you and it makes you Superman better than others and you become hero the next course of being here I have is that all these heroes and heroes how they have been taken in a social society you go to a young IPS boy and say hi sir I'm really inspired and you are my hero they'll be like okay thank you and what if you go to a young IPS female optimally Louie no you are my annoying I am sure that I person slap you why so you go to young professor the one who is qualified Natan jrf in free force again and you just say hi so I am also GFS pilot and you are my hero the personal like yeah good good and if you go to a girl who has qualified junior that when you say hi ma'am and you wanna be able you say hi matter you are my hero me you yourself are laughing I know are you smiling why because this is social construct he know it has been taken in a very different way negatives shade negative like and heroes they have been putted in a very different light so that's what I'm talking about that why these archetypes are given why shaktimaan will always save you many of you are 19th kids you have seen shaktimaan why it's all about that we say are you Salman Khan when somebody's trying to lift something somebody is trying to show you muscles like this and you say alright do you want to leave Salman Khan why if you are trying to do good in gym is it only Salman Khan who is done but yes he's the first man who to do those these things so he has not elected to archetypes there are multiple archetypes Mother India Parthian re the great wise man those colours water so in short when you prepare for archetype meds remember 90% people will have no idea about hero hero worship heroism false heroism and make sure you remember all these points whenever you want to have a chest of things extra knowledge you can simply call me on what set me on my number eight five eight seven zero three five eight two seven and here Springs if you are liking these lectures I must tell you that we have online classes in this match particularly we have nine patches so nice batch will start from first of June we have started taking admissions and they get thousands of the lecture like this so if I make these things easy for the you in just one video you can imagine how they get advanced knowledge in the audios so I suggest you just do not waste your time even if it is just one month like hurry up takes us from eight five eight seven zero three five eight to seven until then enjoy the heroes of life thank you

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