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  1. Sir the way u explain and teach us dont ever change ur style… Its really good& helpfull…i really need these types of explanation πŸ™

  2. Ben johnson—–the term humour as used by him based on ancient phyclogical theory of form liquid found in the human body which determine a man ' temperament and mental state ….
    1.blood—hope or sucess
    2.phlegm…calm n docile
    3.choler(yellow bile )…makes 1 ill tampered
    4.melancholy (black bile)…….makes 1 dejection or sadness
    If all r balenced so its good for us bt excess of any 1 makes him abnormal and develops some kind of oddity n he becomes an object of fun.
    Stephen gosson——the school of abuse is a fiction .it was originally published in 1579 dedicated to master philip sidney .its full title is….."the school of abuse ,containing a pleasant invective (ΰ€…ΰ€ͺΰ€Άΰ€¬ΰ₯ΰ€¦)against poets,piper,player,leslers and such like caterpillars (ΰ€—ΰ₯ΰ€²ΰ₯‡ΰ€²)of a commonwealth."it has four grounds….1.self employ use full than poetry (because poet r only write or imagine they dont live in present time)
    2.mother of lies (such as a white false)
    3.nusre of abuse (it serve bad words)
    4.plato had rigidly banished poets from his ideal commonwealth.
    Poet r pipes of vanities and school of abuse ……….thnk u veer πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. Every man in his Humour is a 1598 play by English playwright Ben Johnson. Here he told about four liquids. Those r blood, phlegm, yellow bile(choler) and black bile(melancholy). Human body should balanced these 4 liquids. When properly balanced, these humours were thought to give the individual a healthy mind and body. Thanks for the nice video sir.

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  6. 1.Aristotle poetics
    2.Dryden essay of dramatic poesy
    3.coleridge biographia literary ch. XIV and ch. XVII
    4.keats letters ( from english critical tradition – Macmillan)
    5.T.S Elliot Metaphysical poets
    6. I. A. Richards for kinds of meaning
    7.Willam Empson the seventh type of ambiguity
    8.Norrhrop frye The archetypes of literature
    9.Lionel Trilling sense of the past
    10.Cleanth Brook Irony as a principal of structure
    11.Allen Tate Tension in poetry….

  7. Sir we need pg trb english literary criticism unitv10 full explanation sir… Can do for us… 2 months only remaining for our exam sir

  8. The way of talking is ΰ€¬ΰ₯‡ΰ€Ήΰ€€ΰ€°ΰ₯€ΰ€¨ 😍😍😍😍😍…. Sir

  9. 🌷THE SCHOOL OF ABUSE by STEPHEN GOSSON , published before 1923 and mischievosly dedicated it to SIR PHILIP SYDNENY who was at the time the most celebrated literary figure.
    Gosson had indicated poetry on four grounds=
    1= A man could employ his time more usefully than in poetry
    2 = Poetry is the mother of lies
    3 = poetry is the nurse of abuse
    4 = plato had rightly banished poets from his ideal commonwealth.
    In the school of abuse Gosson calls poets as theFather of lies , pipes of vanities and schools of abuse.Gosson school of abuse evokes two replies – one from Thomas lodge titled A difence of poetry, music and stage play and the other form Sidney entitled An apology for poetry.
    Sidney's apology has became a landmark in the history of english criticism.
    🌷BEN JONSON 's four humors are
    1= BLOOD – a layer of unclotted erythroytes
    2 = PHLEGM -a layer of white blood cells
    3 = BLACK BILE -a dark clot at the bottom
    4 = YELLOW BILE – a layer of clear yellow serum.
    Thank u so much sir ji.😊

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