LIQUID PAPER ART CHALLENGE! - Can you make Art with Whiteout?

LIQUID PAPER ART CHALLENGE! – Can you make Art with Whiteout?

give allies and gentlemen welcome to draw with Gaza I'm Java and today I'm going to be challenging myself to create an artwork about as epic as possible using only liquid paper I'm going to be creating an artwork on this quite large sheet of a3 what effect it be given April because this is a4 and a3 is twice the size a4 but this is bigger than that so it's like somewhere between a3 and a2 it doesn't even matter a big piece of black paper and this stuff is a bit finicky to work with and it's usually reserved for erasing mistakes on white paper the point of liquid paper is that it dries very quickly you can apply it in bulk but to underplay it is pretty difficult this stuff dries really quickly and what I put down is down so this really will be an art challenge now why do I have three different things well this one is a pen liquid paper but it goes to its I don't know it's bit unpredictable sometimes but hopefully it'll serve me in laying down a rough design I don't have the brush kind of liquid paper which sort of spreads out a bit and then we have this this is I never really used this stuff in high school I think this is the more modern funky fancy thing oh look it's got a pen applicator on top which means I wasted money by getting this at least it's easier to grip but this thing comes off and it's this this one's more of a more of a sponge it's like a chisel sponge shape so I don't know if that will be useful or apply more evenly have no idea all I know is I'm going to create an artwork using these things it could work well and it also might not because I yeah I haven't practiced using this stuff I haven't used it since high school wish me luck so knowing the white our pens are notoriously flaky I kept a piece of cobble by my side that I could draw on and just get it going whenever it started to drive a bit and I jumped into the creation of my piece with the vision in my mind of someone adventuring in a cave and maybe coming across some sort of monster in the darkness while holding a torch alive but very quickly and pretty much this point in the creation of my piece I realized it looked like a dog's breakfast that's what you get for not planning and trying to jump straight into something without any sort of constructional reference or anything like that so deciding that I have two sides the piece of paper I figured doesn't matter what I do this one now I can do a few little rough sketches with my pen and funnily enough the first sketch I did turns out better than thing I was actually trying to draw in the first place and started to play around with the idea of a monster and then I realized that it's a bit stupid to be doing this all over the whiteout so I backtracked again and went the old-fashioned way with just paper and pencil to rough out an idea now pretty quickly came up with something I thought could work well and could be fun to use the liquid paper to bring to life but I also realized I wasn't going to be essentially working on an inverse I was going to be painting the light so I took a highlighter and I essentially colored in all of the areas that the light would be directly hitting specifically the light from the torch that this adventurer is holding this highlighted piece I kept by my side as I moved forward and flipped my black paper and created the final piece and used it as a reference which was a huge help in knowing where to put the solid white mass which was of course the light begin with project like this is to build things up incrementally I will of course be adding bigger areas of highlights and texture to things like the salad might stalactite and the big hero and monster but I made sure to start off with just the basic shapes filled in wherever I knew they would 100% be filled in for example the front of the monsters face but the rest I just kept with really simple and basic outlines once the overall structure of the piece was in place with my outline it was time to move on to a different utensil specifically my brush and my sponge to fill in large areas of mass directly in line with the light from the adventures torch most notably the front of the monsters face and then sort of tapering out but larger areas of light towards the front of the monster and slowly lessening as we get towards the back leaving the thin white outline even for the areas that are a bit darker makes sense because it sort of acts like a bit of a rim light and of course helped to outline and provide form for the overall figure but I made sure to focus specifically on the areas of the characters in the end moment that would really catch the light the surfaces the environment and the characters that were directly facing that light source and then of course the closer they were to that light source the more intense and fool that white would be next is where I started to have a bit of fun and get a little bit more tricky I wanted to start to make the shadows look more shadowy in particular the shadow being cast behind the adventurer to do this I had to have a lot of lights surrounding the shadow and as you can see working from those very very faint sketchy lines that I drew initially with my whiteout pen I painted highlights and surface textures gradient in out from the light source towards the background and leaving the black areas completely black to show that they're bathed in darkness I added a few embers and a little bit of texture to the flame and then went on to the cave wall to try and do the same thing that I did with the ground but it started to feel like it was being less effective and starting to sort of muddy up the image a bit and make it look a little more flat remove some of the depth and definition that divided the characters and the environment to combat this and create a bit of a blending effect while also enabling the various parts of the scene to be separate from one another I had one final trick up my sleeve using scotch magic tape which is a kind of sticky tape that's easier to remove from paper than normal sticky tape and it doesn't rip up the page as easily as normal tape I cut little pieces and cover up the adventurer character and a few other small areas including the shadow behind him and some of the shadow under the monster and then I pour some of the correction liquid onto the piece of cardboard and use a chopped-up piece of sponge I literally had lying in the trash can next to me and dipped the sponge into this liquid thinned it out and slowly added a gradient and a bit of a light burst emanating out from that flame without worrying about covering up the areas of shadow and I really wanted to protect this does a few really cool things and one of them is it creates a very obvious point of interest that being the flame and everything sort of emanating out from that and this being a really clear side of that but it also helped flatten the environment a little bit also set to monster further back into the environment and then lastly and most importantly and of course the thing that provides the most impact when the scotch tape was removed we have a clear distinction between the very solid black mass of the shadow behind our main character and the spooky environment is in and the monster he is facing and there you go ladies and gentlemen that brings me to the end of my video the result of my liquid paper challenge considering how hard this stuff is to work with and how fast it dries I really like the way that turned out and I am very happy with the results I'll give my final thoughts and I suppose you could say review on creating artwork with liquid paper the pen is by far the most useful because you can be a little bit more details and stuff however having a container to open up and spill out and use to create that sort of glowing effect ended up serving the piece really well and creating one of the coolest most contrasting parts of the piece which I wouldn't have been able to do otherwise because this stuff dries so fast the the sponge and the actual brush on these things tends to get really clogged II very quickly honestly if you're trying to create something substantial with these you won't really be able to use them after that one session maybe two if you're really persistent they don't tend to hold their refined shape very long and that's because they're actually made to use for about half a second and then put away but usually when you work on something for a longer period of time you tend to have them open and exposed to the air for longer periods of time too so keep that in mind if you have them for some reason you decide to do this challenge or work with liquid pen for art all that aside I really hope you enjoyed this video and enjoy the result make sure to LIKE this video if you enjoyed the result and subscribe if you're new to drawing jazz check out my challenges playlist I'll put a link of the card I love to take those parameters put them around my artistic process and see what I end up with and it's usually something that I wouldn't have come up with on my own how'd I not have challenged myself in the way that I did today anyway thank you so much for watching ladies and gentlemen and until next time I'll see you later make sure to subscribe to my channel to see more of my videos and while you're at it check out my shop where I sell ebooks brushes photo references video courses and more there's another video you might enjoy from my channel over there and you can also check out my behind-the-scenes daily vlog channel daily Jazza that's it for now and until next time I'll see you later

24 thoughts on “LIQUID PAPER ART CHALLENGE! – Can you make Art with Whiteout?

  1. I used to love the smell of this stuff, more than any other dank smelling markers ever! Jazza, could you find some of the Scentsy markers? They used to be like fruity scents. Also, could you please invent smell-evision?

  2. Jazza sais i never used this stuff a bit later i dont know how this will go because i havent used this stuff sins high school

  3. Wow! These art challenges are awesome – never would have imagined something like this was possible with ONE color and ONE material… Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jazza: I put a thin lining on the back half of the creature so that you'd still see it but it would be clear the light isn't touching it

    Also Jazza: Fills in half the tail with nothiing but liquid paper

    I love your artwork and i really like the piece that resulted, but to me i dont think you should have done the tail.. its just so far from the light that it took away just a little bit of the depth you were trying to go for in my opinion.

    Still really cool though!!

  5. Did you know that Liquid Paper was invented by Michael Nesmith's mother, Michael Nesmith was a member of Monkees

  6. Jazza: hasnt used it since highschool
    Me: use it everyday and still struggle to use it for what it's made for…

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