Welcome to draw my life with me,
Lionel Messigician And as Ron Burgundy once said:
“I’m kind of a big deal” Nice play on words!
Go away, Cristiano… I was born on June 24th, 1987
My dad was a steel worker …And my mom was a part-time Cleaner Hiii-HOOOOOOOOOO!
Oh, go away, Cristiano! I was born in Rosario, Argentina I joined the Newell’s Old Boys
at the age of 6 I did okay, I guess… Scoring nearly 500 GOALS! We were nicknamed the
“Machine of ’87” At 11, I was diagnosed with “GHD”
Haha! Not “ghd’s” I meant “Growth Hormone Deficiency” really Hey! I didn’t give you permission to use
my image! …You’ll be hearing from my
LAWYEEEERS! I took hormone supplements
like Cristiano, my dad didn’t have… A problem getting outside help to
grow his son …You’ll be hearing from my
LAWYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERS! …But hormones were expensive!
through luckily Barcelona watched a video of me Juggling oranges and tennis-balls
And I was invited for a try. They’ve offered me a contract
on a napkin as there was no paper …Let me type this up I was a Barça player.
I’ve made my Barça debut on October 16 ’04 Against El Espanyol.
I was the 2nd youngest Barça debutant ever 7 and a half months later…
I’ve scored my first goal By the way…
My goal celebration is a tribute to my grandma …Who took me to training and matches
as a child. In 2004, I turned down a chance to play
for the Spain’s Number #20 Just think. I maybe could be as bad…
I-I-I mean as good as Torres My debut for Argentina could’ve got better I was sent off 44 seconds after coming on
as a substitute! After that by start I’ve became the youngest
Argentinian to play and score …In the World Cup.
I was nicknamed “Messidonna” …And even scored a goal featuring
a “Maradonna” against Espanyol in 2007 And then I became kind of a”Big Deal”
winning all kinds of trophies… 7 La Liga’s, 4 Champions league
3 Copas Del Rey, 3 UEFA’s super cups 3 FIFA’s World Club Cups …And 5 gooolden things! …Did you hear me Cristiano?
I’ve said 5! And one day you’ll hopefully win something
with your country club. …Says you. What’s next?
Who Knows But it’s going to include lots of medals
and a Bucket-load of records! Subtitles by the community

100 thoughts on “Lionel Messi – DRAW MY LIFE PARODY

  1. Ronaldo: and maybe you will win something with your country too
    Messi: says you
    Ronaldo: proceeds to win euro 2016 and the nations league 2019

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