Lily’s Art Class 10 ~ MIMI /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ ❤

Lily’s Art Class 10 ~ MIMI /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\ ❤

FFFFFFFFirst You draw a circle And then you draw 2 two doritos on top…OK? Just just go with me here ok? (Flying Doritos surprise attack) Draw some little fluffier and then draw her legs coming out Imagine if Mimi is like a potato right? so you follow that potato line right it would be like here right? (so many rights) and then finish the potato And then draw her fluffy tail, her tail is like really fluffy it’s look like she’s like pooping out stuff doesn’t it? O_O all right wherever I’m going to try super fluffy, you wanna draw smaller doritos inside the bigger doritos ok? Ah that’s just one way to do a cat, another way you draw a hot dog basically this is the worst..This is the worst So this is a really nice way to circumvent your lack of anatomy skills you just draw a bean on her and then draw the tail coming out So now if anyone asks you you’re just being artsy you know what I mean? that’s it….that’s a cat Very curvy cat :3 That’s how ok this is actually just how I draw it It’s not really cat Cat but you know I’m ok with it but also the important thing about drawing Mimi is you gotta give her the right color its a grey tips so its her tail maybe make the smaller doritos pink this one is a little bit aah…Fatter Same color scheme And another way to draw cats hamhajsmwhatIthought? At least get the coloring right ok? just try your best and I believe in you you can do it I’m very exited, this is so exiting Cats are pretty easy you know I think it was pretty simple So I’m very confident that today’s submissions are going to be excellent OK I tell you what I do like about this You were the first ONe to summit You know this is surely the best one I seen so far so I’m gonna give you a 67 You did try, It’s 5 am I completely understand So I’m gonna give you an extra 5 points for that You’re obviously very sleepy in this picture like no doubt about it you were you were TIRED um i like your…coloring…. attempts…..yeah I like the little wavy lines you put like as to know like yeah Mimi is very fluffy You Know! with the 5 points I give you a 69 percent, how about that? please go get some sleep I’m in the middle of a CS:GO game wait what is that? is that snapchat or something? o-o I see the cat shape like you try your best and you were in the middle of a CS:GO game So that means you drew this while shooting people, which is really cool I MEAN LIKE SHOOTING PEOPLE IN GAME, PLEASE DON’T BAN ME 73.82 He included his IRL cat! that’s amazing and he drew on a friking index card THAT’S EVEN MORE AMAZING I’m gonna give you a 80 percent, good job (clap clap) the way, actually drew an actual cat it’s 92, 92 that’s really good WTF is this grading?? LISTEN YOU DON’T WANT TO TAKE MY CLASS GO DROP OUT I DON’T CARE I PHONE YOUR PARENTS 87 that’s pretty good the 20% as if your low balling yourself So I don’t think like less of you So you wont be disappointed, I like that tactic a lot I think this is a solid 80..80% drawing mmmm 78% LISTEN IF YOU DON’T LIKE MY GRADING GO TAKE ANOTHER ART CLASS (questionable noises) I DON’T WANNA SEE POOR REVIEWS ON RATE MY PROFESSOR AGAIN I’M A VERY GOOD TEACHER really good job We went from this to THIS You didn’t draw any of this So I don’t think I can really grade you, you know This is an N/A from me See me after class ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Yeah you- you are getting a teacher parent confrence THIS IS SO CUUTEEEE WOOOW! I give this 99.99999999% This is a 67 *breath in* What?! That’s lewd! I don’t wanna get banned Listen, I don’t want no cat buttholes in my stream OK? You need to start giving out worse grades? Do you guys want me to grade harsher? I can be reallyyy harsh I just don’t wanna discourage anyone cause i feel like everyone has to start somewhere, you know? OK HARSH!! I give this an 80% *GASP* Is that a bee uniform? 85 HARSH Next one I’m gonna be like the meanest person ever OHMYGOSHHH Your cat is .. 82% that’s adorable okok next one for real, I’m gonna be HARSH uh…heh.. uh. I don- I can’t do this I can’t do this x2 I can’t do this x3 It’s a harsh world out there I’m sorry, it’s gonna be a 69% ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Wow this one’s EZ to grade woah fed7 If her legs are this long here how come it’s this long over here?? I’m gonna have to give you a 61% Still better than Fed’s I’m gonna give an 88% It’s super cute Being harsh is too hard OK Except on Fed, Fed is the only one I feel comfortable being harsh with Meanwhile, yall if I give you anything less than 60% your parents are gonna call me and be like WHY DID MY CHILD GET LESS THAN A 60 MY CHILd is pErFecT I don’t wanna deal with no helicopter parents in my you know, conference. So that’s why I’m not a harsh grader OK this is Mimi jumping into a pool I haven’t seen that one before This is an 82 I’d actually give this a 99% Can I give you like 99.999999 alright just fuck it take the 100 Take the 100, it’s really good This cat looks like he sees some shit I love it *^* I would give this a 92 Yo I fucking love this this is so good OH I LOVE IT HE’S SO THICCC ohmigod this is amazing it doesn’t even look like a cat but it’s so majestic I’m going to give this a 97 I actually love this so much, GJ a 95 I’ll give you 83 *sh00k* oh my god pls give me a better grade than Fed? uh I don’t know, this looks like a booger that’s come to life Fedmyster sent a photo, oh yeah If ur a mutual on twitter, you can just dm me ur submission uhhhgkjm my god Hey, what’s up? you didn’t nope You did not I’m gonna have to host another parent teacher conference, Fed Well, get another mom then Cus I need to talk to an adult, Fed, OK? I am so SICK of you spending money in my class and not taking it seriously F: Listen
L: I AM A VERY WELL RESPECTED PROFESSOR AND I REFUSE TO LET MY STUDENTS DISRESPECT ME SEE ME AFTER CLASS I love this! This is a 98 too I give this a 91 (chuckle) well since ur a scam artist Excuse me? Moe’s too young to take my class, OK? I wouldn’t accept him anyway. ohhhhh no this is, oh my heart omg, no, this is this is actually what they do everydaaay I love it, it’s so cute! Maybe a 99. OK u know what? U drew Temmie I’m gonna give you a 100 *sniff* omgosh u drew Temmie too oh nooo, I mean u know what? What’s another 100, right? You gotta balance out the class average somehow, right? I actually admire the effort behind this one Look at this effort I give this a 94 Holy shit, this is probably a 100 omg you even drew me Dude have you tried Lily’s art class? She’s a scam – Do you have to pay?
– Yeah – How much did you pay?
– Like $400, for each class. *generally pissed* Yeah, she makes BANK! That’s crazy – That legitimate, or you trolling?
– No, it’s a legitimate thing. You should try it LilyPichu is a scam artist – It actually costs $400
– That makes sense Alright Fed, that doesn’t help your grade at all but alright! And by the way, it’s not $400 it’s $450 I gave a discount to Fed bc I felt so bad he failed my class 3 times in a row but I might have to bump him back to the original price I’m so disappointed *le sigh* *ouchie our ears*

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