48 thoughts on “Lil Wayne – I Feel Like Dying (Lyrics)

  1. Been up 4 days gettin it….. And my dealer aint got no more…… You know what that means……. I can hear them perkys callin 😵😵😵

  2. This is why addiction is real bc once sober you be feeling like you want to die. This song is so relatable!!!

  3. Well I take drugs and still feel like dying. I take LSD searching for bad trips, I love it when I feel like dying so much my eyes close while they are open and my heart stops beating. I hate it when the lights turn back on and I see the hallucinations again, I just want the pure black.
    Cardiac arrest before I get arrested again fuck life.

  4. Surely you WONT die Weezy. I love you too much
    you got me thru some tough shit. I will never forget you
    so there for In my univers anyways, you will live on forever ever. Respect!!!

  5. I use to listen to this song back in 07 , was just a kid.
    Now at 2019 I listen to it again after along time.

    Only once the drug are done, I feel like dying…
    It hits me sooo hard in the soul because I'm an addict that's failed at stopping and it hits me in the heart because it's so true.

    After the drugs are done and the withdrawals come in I can't handle them and feel like taking my life because it'll be better than suffer.
    Also that line if my dealer have no more than I feel like dying because I can't handle the withdrawals :/

  6. I used to be a meth addict been clean for about 11 months and this song and Joyner Lucas I’m sorry really hit me deep it was a struggle to stop selling and burn my bridges to the esse’s aka Tango blast they didn’t like me leaving but I did what I had to to I can say now I’m clean my girl saved me from 16 to q4 I was a addict she helped me I used to cry every time I heard this song man

  7. I cannot wait to fulfill my rendezvous with death. Katie Rose Kranz I wasn’t ready to love somebody then loose them.
    My heart is deteriorating from the stress and sadness, the medication isn’t helping. I will be traveling to the north to rest. You’ll never read this or see it. But to the only person I ever I loved, I love you forever Baby Bear. ✌🏼

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