Let's Make Art Matter for Cheree & Rick - Watercolor Tutorial July 2019

Let's Make Art Matter for Cheree & Rick – Watercolor Tutorial July 2019

hi everybody it's Erica with let's make art and today we are doing our postcard tutorial for let's take art mater for July so and if you are a subscriber you should have this postcard in your subscription box it comes pre stamped pre address so all you do is just paint on it and drop it in the mail if you are not a subscriber you can absolutely still participate in this just shoot us an email at hello it let's make art calm we'll send you that address and you can do this on your own we are using just three paints from our July box so we're using maybe I'll do a little can you see right here I'm gonna do red we're gonna do black and Tahoe blue so just those three colors now for our lakes let's mix don't matter if you're not entirely sure what that is what we like to do as a company and as a community is every single month we pick a new family or individual to paint something for and send them a little bit of love in the mailbox with art it's just a really great way to show that art is a wonderful way to express yourself and express love and care for other people and I think it's really important to take the time out to think about someone else even if you don't know them you can nominate someone if you go to let's make art calm you find the let's make a matter blog post there's a forum there that's a nomination form if you think of someone that could use a little bit of love and for this month it's going to sherry and Rick and they lost their son to suicide that was related to PTSD from serving in the military which is really heartbreaking and I'm really lucky and proud to live in America but I think that those people that fight for that privilege see a lot of really hard things and we need to make sure that we support them because the battle is not over just when they get home so they started a foundation in honor of their son and I'm gonna read it so I don't get it wrong but it's called the James R Barrett foundation for PTSD awareness and education you can go to WWE are Barrett org and their favorite phrase is your battle is my battle so take the time to show sherry and Rick or anybody that they're not alone in this and we're here to support them so let's get started yes okay we're gonna do this in a few steps the first thing that we're gonna do is we're actually gonna draw our flag so there's no outline with this you're gonna freehand it I'll show you how you can make something look like it's waving then we're gonna color it in and then put in a sky maybe we should do the sky first we'll do the sky first and then we'll do our flag so let's start so I'm just gonna use a pencil for this and as you can see my flag isn't totally correct I don't think I have the correct number of stripes nor do I have any stars you can still tell that it's an American flag so don't stress about that I just want to show you how you can draw something to make it look like it has a little bit more dimension so when we did our flag project we just did it like totally flat like 2d we just did it like this right and there wasn't any depth to it and if you want it to seem like it's waving what you're gonna do is you're gonna create your like post so here's like my pole and then when you do your flag you are going to put just a wave in it like that okay now you don't want to go too crazy because if you put your wave like this that would still work but then what you would have to do is put like a back here which makes it a little bit harder to do the lines that we're gonna do so that's why I'm doing a soft curve so then I don't really have enough room to do it back on that curve does that make sense yes okay so after you do your soft curve I'm going to do a line down from where that curve starts okay and then I'm going to do the end of the flag these are gonna be the same length from your middle to your end and I'm gonna have the same curve as I do at the top sale this has kind of a soft curve I'm going to follow that same curve here okay and then when I do the bottom of this part of the flag because I want it to feel like this is kind of going in and farther away and then this is poking out it's going to come up and then curve in like that so this curves out this curves in okay so there is my flag and then what I'm going to do is I'm going to now put in my stripes and my part for the square for this star now if you want to do stars on your blue area it's a better way to shape up on the blue part the field where the stars go yes on the blue field you absolutely can there's nothing wrong with that or if you want to do dots or maybe I don't know it's your painting you can decide that for yourself I'm just gonna leave mine blue and then I'm gonna start putting in my stripes now when I start to put in my stripes you have to think of these parts of the flag as two different areas so like my stripe line is not going to match up over here because it's moving okay so it's almost like it's two separate so I'm gonna do my first stripe here and it's gonna follow the shape and then here's my first stripe on this side okay and then you just kind of keep going now try hard not to line them up like the stripes on this and this so like I want to do my next stripe and it might make sense to do another one right here but then that's gonna line up perfectly with my first stripe and throw my eye off so then you might have to do a little bit of adjustment so you can either like move it down or move it up so it just doesn't we just don't want it to line up perfect we okay and then I'll do another one well that's still lining up too much so just kind of like clay with it and it's okay if you erase okay that is looking better now your stripes might not be perfect that's okay maybe I like I think I liked how thick I made these see how these are turning out thinner I'm gonna make them thicker if you want to do your center or do the exact number of stripes feel free to do so just don't be mad at me for not okay so let's try this again let's try that yeah and you might have to like add a stripe if I do red white red white red white I'm gonna have to add an extra stripe because I don't want it to end on a white or start with the white all right why don't you want it to end on the red and start with a little or white I said that backwards I don't know oh I just don't want it to okay let me look at a picture of American flag really quick perfect I guess originally well it starts on a red and ends on a red on our actual American flag and also if you leave your background white then you wouldn't see that last stripe but since we're doing like a background you probably would still see a white stripe at the end I just wanted mine to start with the red and end with the red it just wouldn't look as good if it was a white yeah I think so but you guys can prove me wrong it's your painting okay so there's my flag so now we're ready to paint and I'm gonna start with the sky make sure you have a paper towel handy to soak up extra colors for our clouds so do we have a good close-up is that a good angle okay so I'm gonna grab a little Tahoe blue and mix some water into there to get it a nice light blue and then I'm just going to start putting in my sky and I'm gonna avoid some white sections so they can be clouds okay and then also around those white sections I'm going to do the paper towel trick we're right after you put some paper towel on there and then after I lift up from the paper towel I'm gonna go along the edge of where that cloud was and just kind of darken it up and define it a little bit more now this is really really light you can make it if you want to do a sunset here that would actually be really beautiful you guys could do a sunset yeah I would look awesome if you want to do like fireworks you can do fart like you can do anything in this area I'm just doing like a nice blue sky with some clouds and you can put your clouds anywhere they don't have to match mine now even on your clouds you don't want to leave them just totally white because if you look at clouds in the sky they have dimension to them they have value on them so it's okay to do like a little bit of blue and then just take your paper towel and lift it up and it just gives it like a hint of shape and again you can make it as dark as you want or as light as you want there have been some truly beautiful clouds lately in the sky yes midday not so much when the Sun is setting when I have time to get some cool pictures okay so there's our sky and now we're gonna put in our flag so I'm gonna start with putting in its do the red let's start with the red you want to make sure the blue is dry I think it's dry enough that I can start so I'm gonna switch to my round two I'm gonna grab red can you hear that it's just a truck backing up okay so I'm just going to put in red on my first stripe here now in order for us to kind of get the feel that this is curved and it's moving and there's depth to it when we get to this second part I'm going to use dark red at the edges on either side and then I'm going to use water and blend and by switching up the value and having there be a highlight in the middle part it's going to feel like it's coming out at you it's kind of like if you guys did our honeybee tutorial I talked about how to because the body is round you kind of leave a highlight in the middle and transition to a darker value and that's going to make it feel this way roundish and then we're just going to keep on doing it section by section okay didn't do my next red stripe and if you need to make like even if you draw it out and you're starting to paint it you're like wow that area is way thicker than I anticipated it's okay to make adjustments as you're painting it don't be afraid to do that also I know that when we paint things for other people we want them to be perfect and we're afraid that if we paint something and it doesn't look great that they won't appreciate it and from someone who actually has received postcards from you guys I can tell you from experience it does not matter it really does not matter if it's perfect or not just just the thought that somebody would take time out of their day to make something for someone else that they don't even know personally I mean that's all that matters that's really all that matters so please don't let imperfections stop you from taking the time out to do something kind for somebody else oh my mine started to get really thin down here so I'm gonna thicken them up and I'm kind of still following I'm mimicking the lines that we have on the top and the bottom you see that same angle remember to use water to lighten up your values if you want a lighter red you're going to use water and my hand is shaking can you see that it's like okay and then I'm gonna squeeze one more register right though it wouldn't look right if you just left it yeah you gotta you gotta close it up snot is aesthetically pleasing great word Kenan yes well thank you so I'm going into my blue a little bit kind of grateful I left it a lighter blue or else you would see that blue underneath now another trick that we can do to give this a little bit more dimension is on this back part right here in this area like right before it changes you can put a darker red there so if I take a tiny tiny tiny bit of black and mix with my red or if you're using like a really light red and you can just use like a lot of you know what I'm saying like if your value is really light you can just use a light the full red instead of adding black to it that would work too yes is it saturated is that yes so by just taking a little bit of darker value right here it's pushing this part back and showing that this is sticking out see how much more dimension that brings could have that value in mm-hmm oh yeah pretty darn good and then if you just want to clean up your corners or tighten things up sharpen them up nothing wrong with that I have some pencil marks here I'm not gonna race him just yet I'll probably erase them after this is totally dry or maybe not at all because you know what I don't mind a pencil mark doesn't bother me okay now we can do our blue part so if you still want to use your around – you can if you want to see around six you absolutely can do that – I'm gonna use a lot of Tahoe blue to make it a darker value blue so it doesn't match my sky and also because our American flag has a dark blue on it I mean it's not maybe but it's a strong blue it's not like a baby blue it's a good blue it's a good blue and if you want to do hints of stars but don't want to actually make stars you can do circles let's just see what that looks like okay just like white dots because guess what you can always paint over it hmm doesn't look too bad let me keep going with it what do you think Keenan do you like the white dots are no white dots I do like the white dots I I noticed when you drew them you did offs offset mm-hmm but it's kind of interesting that you even though you did offset those top two still lined up yeah I'm trying to do them offset because if you look at the stars on the American flag they are offset from each other yeah they've got that pattern at a nice diagonal pattern where those spaces are if you have some bleed proof light you can always go back over or if you have masking fluid you can use masking fluid to mark off the spaces it's multiple ways you can do this and none of them are wrong okay it's good a little hand of stars I like that okay and the very last thing is just putting in our pull I'm gonna just use black just do a black now whenever you're doing black lines or lines and you want to keep them kind of thinner you want to get your paintbrush with paint I like to kind of squish my paintbrush back and forth so then the excess paint gets rubbed off and it also pinches my brush and then I'm gonna do a vertical hold so it's basically up and down and just lightly light pressure put in your pool if you want to do that a couple of times to thicken it up you can if you want to do a little ball at the top right don't sit there like a little ball at the top of the pulse yeah because usually the poles like a brass color yeah and they have the brass topper well we're gonna do black there we go and that's it that's it for our postcard tutorials so and I didn't mention this before you don't have to paint this for them you can paint whatever you want this is just something that we put out there to give you an idea if you're not entirely sure what to paint again this is the best thing out of our box it's the best thing that you can do for somebody and it really does make a difference I know that for our let's make art matter for June that we just had for Connie she recently passed away but her family did this post about how getting these postcards in the mail was such a positive experience for them and it really made Connie's last days on this earth it's just so beautiful and filled with love and filled with art and it meant so much to their entire family and to Connie and they look forward to going to the mail every day and seeing what was there and seeing the sweet messages so I urge you to take time out to do this this is a great activity you can do as a family or with friends and let's just show sharing Rick that we support them and we love them let's get involved let's be aware of post-traumatic stress disorder and let's support our military is there anything you want to add cumin kind of yeah so you actually painted 21 stars uh-huh and it's one number shy of how many veterans commit suicide every day Wow yeah I'm a little emotional we had a briefing this weekend on drill the statistics for how many people decide not to kill themselves if you're just direct and tell them that you love them or tell them that you've noticed they've changed is drastic they they immediately they latch on and they talk to you and they tell you they'll be direct with you that they've been having those thoughts or feeling lonely and it's just a simple yeah I've noticed I see you that's really all it takes oh thank you so take the time out to show support to show people that you care because it makes difference you can help people and then for those who maybe didn't get that opportunity or it just wasn't what they needed but still show them and their family that we love and support them and that they are not forgotten and

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  1. I love this. I will paint my card this week.  I love gifting a post card and hope that like you and Keenan say it helps to cheer up or show support. Thank you Keenan for your service and thoughts.  Hugs

  2. This is a very moving post. Thank you Sarah for painting guiding us to paint this AND Thank you Keenan for sharing your thoughts on this. <3

  3. Thank you for this lovely program. And thank you Keenan for your thoughts on supporting PTSD and for serving.

  4. So special, Sarah. I am proud to be a part of the LMA family and look forward to creating this postcard 💙❣️

  5. I love your vids!!! I have followed some of the tutorials and they are so fun to do!! And they turned out great!

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