39 thoughts on “Leonard Cohen – Bird on the Wire 1979

  1. I knew this song but not much about Leonard…now I will investigate his iconic talent.
    Kool that Kristofferson wants the first 3 lines to be on his gravestone!

  2. I miss you so much dear Leonard Norman Cohen, so much but well you are not gone , never will be gone…

  3. Great! This is not a song only, but deep literature, wisdom , psychotherapy….Thanks, RIP, LC

  4. I will and shall remember thing song as a fond memory of a friendship that had been gone and lost but will always stay in that special place in my heart…

  5. This Music has been my music since a long time ago and anyone who knows me knows I love this music since a long time ago 😋

  6. i have learnt it on guitar. his influence on me is great. please join me in a quest to keep his songs alive.

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