21 thoughts on “Lee Malia Epiphone Explorer Custom Artisan Outfit | Review

  1. Zzsoudns has them for $500, not sure how much are in stock but mines just shipped today.


  2. Makes me wonder the people that dislike this video. Ok I got it, it's because they can't fucking afford this 🎸.

  3. Love this guy. Nice and chilled, but also enthusiastic. Would genuinely not mind having breakfast with him and letting him read the back of a cereal box for me. In other news, this guitar is on sale near me, so I'm tempted to go for it, depending on how this video pans out. Erm, best carry on…

  4. ''Not a great deal more hum than the bridge pickup'' Who the fuck is he trying to fool? Dummy coil seems to not be worth shit. Isn't it supposed to eliminate hum? Didn't do a good job..

  5. It's a good looking guitar, but I ESPECIALLY like that they used the 76' re-issue body like the Gibbies instead of the '58 style that Epi explorers usually use.

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