Leatherface is the main villain of the famous
horror franchise The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It was created by screenwriter Kim Henkel
and director Tobe Hooper, and appeared for the first time in the film of the same name
in 1974. Jedidiah ‘Jed’ Sawyer, Jackson Sawyer or Thomas
Hewitt, is known for making masks with the skin of his victims that serve to hide his
deformity. His life story, childhood traumas and cannibalistic
nature vary depending on whether it is the original film or its remakes. A Member of the dysfunctional Sawyer family,
his siblings run a desolate gas station in Texas that victims pass through before reaching
the family home. The Sawyers capture young people who bump
into them, grill them and serve them on the table. He is a tall, stocky and very resistant man who expresses himself through gestures and shouts. Following family orders, with his mythical
chainsaw he is in charge of killing teenagers, cutting them up and storing them for his brother
to cook them later. He also uses the bones to make furniture. With some mental retardation, he is under
the control of his family. He is afraid of them and does practically
everything they tell him. After suffering a childhood full of abuse
and humiliation, and unlike other killers in film series, Leatherface is not sadistic
in nature. He doesn’t enjoy watching his victims die,
he does it on impulse and almost always under orders. He is simply a child locked in the body of
a bloodthirsty monster. In the 2003 remake, trying to make the character
more terrifying, Leatherface acquires more personality and decides to kill on his own. In this film, one more member of the family
appears, Jed’s youngest daughter, who has been taken from her mother’s arms, a previous
victim of Leatherface. In the original version there were only three
masks: the killing mask and two women’s masks, one of an old lady and another of a younger
woman. According to the director himself, the masks are changed according to the personality he adopts at that moment of the day. The character is largely based on Wisconsin
serial killer Ed Gein, who in real life also made human skin masks with the faces of his
victims, and furniture and crockery with bones. In addition, great directors such as Hitchcock
in Psycho and Jonathan Demme were inspired by this killer to create Hannibal Lecter in
The Silence of the Lambs. They were also based on Alexander “Sawney”
Bean, a Scotsman who committed mass murders during the reign of James VI of Scotland,
who was accused of incest and cannibalism. The horror saga has seven films to date, plus
a prequel to the original 1974 film, which is based on the protagonist’s childhood and
premiered in October 2017. Leatherface first appeared in the 1983 video
game The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, created by Wizard Video for the Atari 2600. He is also a downloadable character for the
fighting video game Mortal Kombat X. Leatherface has still a long way to go. The rumbling sound of his chainsaw that kills
his victims still echoes in our nightmares…

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  1. Leather face is very scary because of the chainsaw he should be number one cereal killer in the world well he is dead

  2. Leather face is a fictional character because the real leather face was ed gein he wear every they with his human skin

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    Are you copying them or do you just are part of the same family of youtubers?

  4. Me : i want to get scared…HOI Its Tuesday! Scary Tuesday! Yay

    Also me after watches video: i can’t sleep… i want to live..

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  9. Leatherface is kind of like a human and all of his victims are animals. He wears their skin like how we make coats and hats out of the leather of animals he eats them like we do with animals also

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