Learn Martial Arts Online | Lesson 1: Simple Moves & How to Defend Yourself - Roland Osborne

Learn Martial Arts Online | Lesson 1: Simple Moves & How to Defend Yourself – Roland Osborne

hey what's up I'm Roland Osborne I'm here with Hans wiggling and Marketa sonichu hyper pros for today today I'm at my favorite place in Southern California Venice Beach yeah what's up guys hope you guys already get started some good stuff we're excited today because it's gonna be your first martial arts lesson you've never taken martial arts before you're gonna be in for a treat it's awesome you learn how to punch a kick defend yourself while you're getting in shape all at the same time it's pretty awesome one of the reasons why I love martial arts is the life lessons that you learned throughout your training you learn discipline and you'll enter focus you know and that's gonna help you go very far in life all right cool well let's get started let's do it alright let's get started first things first to be a champion martial artist you have to have two things one you have to have respect too you have to have the attitude of a champion now when you have respect you want to show respect to your teachers and your instructors because they're the ones that are really going to show you the moves and techniques and how to do them to make you the best that you can be you show respect by standing up straight when they're talking you look in their eyes when they're talking to you and always bowing and saying thank you sir after class before class you want to show them you're ready to learn the second thing you want to have is a positive attitude this just means that every time you come to class you try your hardest you know the coolest thing about martial arts the harder you try the better you get every class you come to you're gonna get better so if you try a little bit get a little better if you try a lot you're gonna get a lot better in every class and that's what the H and hyper means that's why you notice there's two bars because this represents that you're climbing the ladder of success and every time you do a hard workout you're gonna get better and you're gonna reach the top you're gonna reach your goals really key show a lot of respect to your instructors they're gonna go and teach you everything and then always try your hardest in class now let's get started with your martial arts moves first things first I want you to take your hands lift them up like this roll your fingers in and lock your thumb right on top we're going to take your arm and you're going to block across your body here and across your body here if you can you want to hit with your forearm cuz you have a lot of muscle here protecting your body so we hit here cross across and a cross follow along with me hands up bringing them in and bring it in you don't want to stop here cuz obviously I could still get hit bring it all the way across now let me show you what that looks like hey Mark can you help me out real quick so basically here if somebody's coming in to try to grab you or try to punch you use that arm to block across your body here coming across he punches the other comes across here comes across here I would block if you reach didn't tried to grab me and I block across this way this is gonna protect my face and my upper body thanks man no problem okay so have your hands up make that tight fist keep your body protected the second thing we're gonna go into now is your basic strikes all right if your hands are up here in a lot of the beginning positions if you punch you're gonna have a crooked punch it's not going to be very strong we want that to be solid so what we do is we practice chamber in our hand back to what's called home position right in here that way when you punch it'll come out nice and straight one of the biggest mistakes is when we first start punches you let your elbow come out like this and then your punch does this type of motion it's really weak so what you want to do is you'll have that straight line punch so go ahead and follow me take that those hands make a tight fist pull them back into home position right here nice and tight and practice pushing your hand out out and back out and back just like that out and back now when you get that little bit stronger obviously you can put some power into it and really hit hard what you want to do with your hand if you look at my fist here and you look at the direction of it if my hand is here if I punch like this motion I would hit with this part of my hand this is pretty weak what I want to do is align my wrist so it's nice and straight and hit with these first two knuckles so that way I have a straight punch also if I'm punching this direction my hands pointing down you can hit this way you can break my hands here so we have to have that hand nice and flat nice and strong let's try it a couple times together take your hands roll them in pull it back and then punch put a little power into it and punch notice how I'm aiming with these first two knuckles in here punch punch punch excellent that's what we call a single punch if you do two in a row pop out that's what we call a double punch let's talk about your stance just for a minute with your stance if I'm on my tippy-toes I have a weak base and I'm trying to hit and block I'm gonna fall over and it's not going to be strong there's two stances you can practice from the first one is a front stance now you're like a mountain you're nice and strong so go ahead and take that stance for me fall along just take your feet they're about shoulder-width apart step forward here like this bend your front knee so it's nice and strong take that hand and bring it across your face block block block now let's try some of your punches punch punch punch just like that another stance that you'll see going way back into martial arts is your traditional horse stance a lot of times we practice this stance to build the power up in your legs to make them strong and you don't have to worry about your base because it's solid then you could practice all your martial arts moves from here so when you see this in martial arts movies or you see it on TV you see it in class this is the old traditional horse stance and the lower you go the more your instructors are gonna like that shows that your legs are stronger it shows that you are better martial artists so you want to practice that this way when you go to class you're gonna look like a pro alright let's review real quick we have our horse stance here let's try a couple blocks we bring that block in notice my hands coming back to home position now we got our punches straight ahead try a couple of those alright so those are your basic moves there let's go into some cool kicks all right so you learn some basic blocks you learn some basic punches and strikes and how to stand correctly let's learn some cool kicks the first kick I want you to work on is always call front snapping kick alright your guard is up here it's like this we're kind of in our natural stance a little bit in our forward stance I'm going to chamber the leg snap it out and bring it back down now the key to kicks is really three things one you want to have a nice chamber okay the better your chamber the better – you want have a nice kick make sure you kick properly and three you always want to bring it back if you kick and leave your leg out you're gonna fall off balance somebody could grab your leg plus when you get really good you kick and chamber you'll be able to do a lot more kicks and hit people different moves so chambering is important so from this position we're gonna chamber the leg snap it out and right back down let's try that together go and just kind of put your your right leg back or your favorite leg doesn't really matter your hands go up in front of you here you're gonna lift the knee up snap it out and put it right back down with good balance we'll try two more times ready leg up snap it out and back down one more time lift it up snap it out and back down let's try a couple fast so when I say kick boom you're gonna snap it out ready kick down good two more ready kick boom one more time ready kick home snap it out and back noticed I kept my hands up and I had my back straight okay that's really key if you lean over like this you're not gonna kick very high you want to arch your back you want to keep your hands up it's really natural when you walk your hands do this so when you kick your hands under like this and then what happens we start spinning twisting flipping one hand goes one direction now you're gonna fall down alright so that's your first kit called your front snapping kick let's go to your first jump kick – jump snap kick alright same same kick but this time we're gonna add a little hop we're gonna lift the other leg up hop and snap it out alright let's try this together lift your left leg up kick with the same leg hop and snap it out good chamber and set back to your stance again lift it up hop up and snap it out we'll try a couple fast ready you're standing natural lift that leg up hop and kick one more time lift it up hop and kick so this is what we call a jump snap kick some of the key points here Oh keep your hands up keep your chin up this will help you to kick higher you lift that leg boom snap it up nice and sharp over your head let's go to your third kick now this is what we consider kind of like your first trick because it's a jump kick and it's a spinning kick put together and so what we call the tornado kick which is basically the same kick that we did but this time you're going to spin and jump at the same time so we had our front snapping kick we had our jump snapping kick now I spin jump and snap it out nice and fast what happens your momentum will carry you and you'll spin really quick you'll jump boom because you're spinning so fast you'll snap it and it'll keep coming across all right so that's called a tornado kick let's try together couple key secrets here is one on any spinning kick you want to turn and look the person who turns and looks the fastest is gonna have the fastest spinning kick so what I have to do is turn boom and look as fast as possible if I don't spot I'm gonna get confused spin around somewhere I don't know I could kick here here anywhere I'm gonna lose balance fall down my kicks not gonna look good I have to turn boom spot right away as soon as I spot I hop do that kick and I land with good balance so let's try it together you're gonna turn in spot jump and kick Wow turn your look spot jump kick boom the better you get the faster you get when you do it all in motion looks like this you just spin quick hop and come right around alright that's your tornado kick so let's practice all three kicks so you go to class looking like a pro kick number one front snapping kick kick number two jumps snapping kick kick number three spin jump snapping kick and set down your position have fun with those practice them obviously the more you practice the better you're gonna get and the faster you're gonna get let's go into some self-defense let's go into some self-defense so we learned how to block we learn how to punch we learn some cool kicks now we're gonna do some self-defense techniques one of the key aspects for self-defense is what we call the danger zone or critical distance no matter how strong somebody is or how big they are how much martial arts they know if they can't touch you they can't hurt you so check this out hey Mark can you come up here and help me request now Mark's crazy he can just some sick tricks he can kick it like 100 miles an hour I wouldn't want to be hit by that if I'm this close to him he's gonna hit me action is faster than reaction if I'm here all his power is gone nothing he can do to hit me so if he was to approach me I always want to keep this distance around I want to keep my hands up in here remember the blocks that we did and the strikes that we did they all come from this position so just putting my hands up like this kind of looks like I'm giving up look what I did with my leg remember that kick that we did I'm ready to just defend myself like that the technique we're going to do is called three pushes it's just real simple basically I'm gonna do this block but with my hands open to knock away his attack and I'm going to drive a move called a palm heel the palm heel uses the heel of your palm which is like the heel of your foot one of the strongest parts of your whole body what's great about this move is you don't have to make sure your fist is angled right or anything you can hit solid with this and then I'm going to strike him to a target area right into the nose no matter how strong how big he could be a size of a wdf wrestler his nose is not gonna get any stronger and as soon as you hit that nose your eyes water can break really easy he's gonna put his head down and then I can get away so the technique looks like this he comes in he punches block one I blocked two and then I Drive three as soon as I hit here look where my leg is I could then follow up with the kick to get him away so it comes out to about four moves the kick is at the end watch one more time then we'll do together so I'm here he comes in I block one block – oh my would strike here now the good thing about the palm heel move is even if he's grabbing me maybe he's even choking me and I'm not strong enough I'm trying to get away it could be younger kid I could be a female and he's really strong I can always reach up and here and push his nose I can reach under and push his nose and that is going to stop him get him back I can kick and then take off because remember self-defense is all about getting away and protecting yourself thanks man from so let's try that a couple times together you have your hands up here I want you to kind of practice standing natural and kind of just walk back like you're kind of giving up if I step back and I take a stance well they know that I know martial arts there they're gonna get their friends they might pull stick out they might grab their belt whatever they have around them they're gonna try really hard if I kind of look like this kind of look like I'm giving up boom I'm ready to explode on them to unleash alright so we're here put your hands up like this kind of just step back from here gonna take your right hand you're gonna push across one take your left hand push across – and you're gonna palm heel with that strike nice and straight ok let's try – couple more times together follow me your hands are up like this you take a step back you block one you block two you strike three alright let's try it together a little bit faster my hands are up here I step back ready block one block two strike little faster one two three you have to really get the coordination down like I told you earlier the cool thing about martial arts is every time you train every time you practice hard you always get better you get out of it will you put into it you can't expect to try and move like once or twice and you're ready to go out there and take on the street right you got to get it down think about your nerves you're scared somebody's coming to attack you it happens fast you want to practice it over and over again so you can do it like that so let's do two or three more times you just put your hands up we'll do it together ready go one two three good two more times ready hands are up go one two three last one let's add that kick in ready hands up one two three boom fire that kick in there all right so that's called three pushes with our kick at the end this is gonna help you to protect yourself if somebody ever tries to grab you or attack you you can knock their hands out away you can dry that move if they're choking you you can get out of it I would thank you for coming and training with us today I hope you had a blast we learned all the things that you need to know for your first belt in martial arts you're ready to go to class you're ready to show that instructor how awesome you are you ready to go out there and get those next levels and hopefully work up to your Bell I'm rolling Osborne I'm gonna think the hyper pros are coming out and helping me today thanks a lot have fun and check this out just for doing this lesson today I want you to print out those two free lessons print out that hyper ticket you can take that into any martial arts school and get some free lessons all right have fun with that thanks guys

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